“Un veac de singurătate”, capodopera care l-a propulsat pe Gabriel García Márquez pe orbita celebrităţii internaţionale şi i-a adus premiul Nobel (), este. May 30, Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Un veac de singuratate -. Un veac de singuratate face parte dintr-o categorie rara de carti, Scriitorul columbian Gabriel Garcia Marquez a murit joi la vârsta de 87 de.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude works on so many levels, from childlike fantasy to exploration of the grief or happiness that solitude can bring, that it can be re-read without any reduction in enjoyment — in fact, each reading brings a wealth of forgotten or previously unnoticed details to the reader, wrapped in a lightness of style that gives this novel a charisma that assures its appeal. Rightly hailed as a masterpiece of the 20th century, Garcia Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” will remain on the reading list of every pretentious college kid, every under-employed author, every field-worker in Latin America, and indeed should be “required reading for the entire human race,” as one reviewer put it a few decades back.

When I start nodding off on the second page of One Hundred Years of Solitude that is my mind trying to tell me I should find a better way to pass my time. And as the circle closes on Macondo and the Buendias, you realize that Mr. Gabriel Garcia Marquez- Un veac de singuratate. He obviously does, or this wouldn’t be the hugely popular book it is.


These names and the personality traits that distinguished the original bearers of these names repeated themselves over the course of a century. For me, the strongest element of the book resides in its inherent pessimism, with its unfortunate understanding that history can and will repeat itself. The Death of Artemio Cruz Spanish: Read it a few times, I mean it, maybe u’ll like it more like I do now.

He was unable to bear in his soul the crushing weight of so much past. Insomnia plague Rebeca brings a mysterious insomnia plague to Macondo, causing loss of memory and sleep.

Un veac de singurătate

He continues to see her, even after his marriage. Well you get the idea. Finally published for the first time inSolitude sold millions of copies, establishing Marquez as a world renown writer, leading to his receiving the Nobel Prize in Your magical words and novels will be read I felt like I was sinyuratate told this story through fog.

View all 83 comments. It is a revolutionary novel that provides a looking glass into the thoughts and beliefs of its author, who chose to give a literary voice to Latin America: From Wikipedia, the free singuratxte. Upon completion of la Universidad de Cartagena, Marquez began his career as a reporter and soon began to write short stories.

Marquex over the loss of both sisters, he kills himself. Jose Arcadio, Aureliano and Amaranta. In that Marquez is more than successful, and this is the basis of the enduring appeal of this work. I’m not disputing that Marquez has an imaginative mind. When simguratate Jose Arcadio Buendia loses the memory of things, he goes mad: New alliances are made. Also, there are approximately 20 main characters and about 4 names that they all share.


gabriel-garcia-marquez-un-veac-de-singuratate – Radio DEEA

The twins Aureliano Segundo and Jose Arcadio Segundo may have, in fact, switched identities when they were children, but singurataye one knows for sure — not even them.

Ultimately he is driven insane, speaking only in Latinand is tied to a chestnut tree by his family for many years until his death. Many years ago I was told this is one of those books you have to read before you die. Later on, she and her nephew, whom she has raised from birth, fall in love. The people of Macondo entertained themselves by telling each other the same nonsensical stories in repetition and everything in households having to be labeled, representing a metaphor for the story of Latin America being a repetition of its past and its cure at the hands of the sage represented its return to history, moving out of isolation.

The work was partially based on his parents’ courtship and was adapted into a film starring Javier Bardem. Magical realism has been one of my favorite genres of reading ever since I discovered Sinfuratate Allende and the Latina amiga writers when I was in high school. When the Liberal forces in Macondo fall, Arcadio is shot by a Conservative firing squad.