Gita Govindam, lyrical poetry in Sanskrit celebrating the love between Krishna and the gopis, specifically Radha, is authored by Jayadeva, the. Gita Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary (In Sanskrit Only). Item Code: NAD Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher: Rashtiya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. Gita Govindam In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link.

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It is time when the wives of travellers away from home feel the pangs of separation, stricken as they are by the arrows of Cupid. Thus by these two, the hero is qualified not only as a romantic hero, but a knower of all arts sarva kalaa vishaarada. Krishna is otherwise busy anyaasakta so she had to lug him along by catching his silk upper cloth. According to water management, he changed the course of her flow by digging a mammoth tunnel with his forceful plough for irrigation purposes.

With this stanza the poet is dedicating his work in i god and asking him to bear testimony for his work. Based on your browsing history. In this sweet spring time, Krishna is frolicking with a group of dancing young gopis. Srimadbhagavatam, however, does not specifically talk about a gopi named Radha though Radha is described as the very heart of Krishna in some of the other Puranas. Gita Govinda Multimedia Site. Rama Murthi Hardcover Govidam These will be in eight footed stanzas, with a repeatable stanza at their end.

It is said the Jayadeva recognised not only a dancer in his wife, but a bhaagavatii pratipatti ‘female devotee’ in her, and thus both have adored their god jointly. In the next verse, the poet is extolling his lead character Krishna and his attributes and endowments. The invocation is in next verse. But here Goddess lakSmii is the Supreme Mother and she has Divine mammae, and let millions and millions take birth, she can feed them, indefatigably.

It is spring time and Radha of tender limbs like the flowers of the spring season is worried, tormented as she is by love-fever.

How can one Krishna become many at a time, is jn sequel. Renderings can be checked in the online dictionary.

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And piita ambara and vanmaala are not just rustling ochry silks and garland of wild leaves, but those basil leaves and silken garments are also the removers of sins. I really like this website! It seems that the flowering young karuna trees are laughing at the world which has shed all shame in the spring season.

Is it not Holy? In Orissa Jayadeva probably continued to live, the Laksmanasena connection possibly arising over confusion with another poet of the same name in Bengal. She transmutes his glory into prema anandathe zenith of blissful happiness, in which alone he takes pleasure.

Pages from the book. First Song When world was water, you became a tireless vessel of the Vedas. The prabandhas contain couplets grouped into eights, called Ashtapadis. It is usual for a honeybee to sting and lacerate delicate lotuses for nectar. The act is heart pleasing because there are ten presiding deities of quarters and Ravana has ten heads, and the sacrifice is symmetrical; hence, heart pleasing to us, and even to those ten deities like Air god, Fire god, and Rain god et al.

All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. In this sweet spring time etc. Vasudeva Sastri Paperback Edition: Hail thee… for thou art the annihilator of endangering demons like Madhu, Mura, and Naraka; sitting on thine fleetly Divine Eagle Garuda thou art fleetest in attending devotees’ straits; thus to thee, the prime causer of unhindered disporting for the stock of devout divinities, O, Krishna, hail to thee… [a pa 2 4] The basic function of gods is to attend to the problems of ordinary, in time; eliminate evildoers like these demons, any time, and to enjoy living, every time.

Wonderful items and service! In those days, poetic narration about one’s own wife or about her performing arts was a taboo.

Follow him, the lord of your heart. This is locatable with keywords: Lassen in Bonn This tortoise lifted Mt. One gopi carrying govndam weight of her ample bosom embraces Krishna with manifest love and gleefully sings in panchama raga.

Jayadeva Gita Govinda

Many lines of evidence point to Jayadeva being born in Orissa, probably in Kenduli Sasan village, which lies in the Prachi valley of the Khurda district of Odisha, then under the rule of the Ganga dynasty king Chodaganga Deva. Then there is the ecstatic union of their bodies and fulfilment. Wikisource has original text related to this article: He plays his flute taking your name and giving you a signal. The moon is an enemy to the estranged couple, for his very appearance enhances their uneasy passion.


Gita Govinda – Wikipedia

Poet Umaapatidhara is verbose with prolix words and expansile meanings, hence he is a poetaster with strident and shrilly words vaagaaDambaram; poet Sharana is praiseworthy for his unpronounceable speedy wordplay, hence he is unintelligible and unexplainable; none is an antagonist to the scholarly poet Govardhana, for he prioritises romance alone, and when he is bereft of other aesthetics he is unfit to be called as a pedagogic scholar, namely aachaarya, for his treatise on alankaara shaastra named aaryaa sapta shati; poet Dhoyii, a self styled king of poets, is renowned for his parroted poetry, thus he is hardly a poet; but poet Jayadeva alone knows the situational properness of words and wordplay, hence he alone is the poet of the day Poet Umaapatidhara uses words with prolixity and with expansile meanings; poet Sharana is praiseworthy for his unpronounceable speedy wordplay; none is an antagonist to the scholarly poet Govardhana, for he inferentially prioritises romance; poet Shrutidhara is renowned as an expert wordsmith; poet Dhoyii is a king among poets; but poet Jayadeva alone knows the situational properness of words and wordplay.

Wikipedia article with many links. Once bala raama laid hold of River Yamuna to gratify his desire and when she did not yield he beleaguers her.

When this work was attempted in not a single ref. Assuming the form of a tortoise, oh, Keshava, you positioned earth on your tortoiseshell that has already became crustaceous when Mt. On the use of ultramundane word maa dhava lakSmii’s, husband Vishnu may be observed, even when Krishna is manifestly a mortal, and available just before the eye.

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