EPower™ est la série de gradateurs de puissance avancés d’Eurotherm®. Elle ou en 3 fois monophasé, selon la configuration définie par l’EPower. Download free 3D files & 2D drawings – Single phase Power control TE10P. Gradateur de puissance monophasé, biphasé et triphasé de 30A à A pour piloter les transformateurs. Système électronique performant, avec radiateurs sur .

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However, for the last decade, the interest in power electronic equipments raised since they can provide the solution for network optimization when traffic increases or when a difficulty is foreseen for a substation implementation. On-board electric vehicle battery charger drawing sinusoidal current at unity power factor – uses high frequency gradatuer with pulse width modulation to switch rectifier-transformer primary circuit.

The manuscript is developed through three main parts: Giuliano Raimondo 1 AuthorId: Numerical simulations using real current and voltage waveforms are presented. Triac firing gracateur circuit for inductive loads – uses supply and anode voltage sensing to control short gate pulses after zero crossings of voltages for low energy firing.

The present invention relates to a method of controlling a dimmer for resistive loads. Regulating the power delivered into resistive loads powered with alternating current is conventionally effected by means of dimmers single or three phase, generally constituted according to the distribution of the phases, by a parallel thyristors mounted head to tail or a combination thyristors and diodes.

elec. puissance

It is a 32MVA substation connected to a 90kV transmission line. Based on the step-down or gravateur functioning mode of CCIs, two topologies of reactive power compensator are presented. Each such termination generates gate pulses iG,iG’causing one complete mains voltage cycle to be applied to the load. Building security mechanical drive actuator control method, e.

Power quality improvements in 25 kV 50 Hz railways substation based on chopper controlled impedances. Control apparatus for a light radiation-type rapid heating and processing device. Means for temperaturabhaengigen electronic power control of fan motors for alternating current, in particular for heating and air conditioning.


In comparison to a control by wave trains which would provide for, in the same case, a conduction of the thyristors of 3 successive alternations followed by 4 periods of non-conduction, it is understood that the ripple of the average voltage or average current, is less. Compared to existing solutions, the new topologies show interesting features in terms of semi-conductor losses reduction and volume of reactive components.

elec. puissance

The single-phase voltage Vr across the resistor R is shown in Figure 7. The invention applies in particular to the control of heaters.

As a case study, the substation of Evron is considered. Saturday, September 29, – 3: Method and device for open-loop control of single-phase or multiphase A. Have you forgotten your login?

Controlling a mobophase converter for gfadateur automatic search of the maximum power point. It is equipped by a 60MVA single phase transformer with the primary side connected to a kV transmission line.

In early ages, due to its very simple diagram, there was no necessity to integrate power electronics in substations.

In the second part, the use of CCI structures in reactive power compensation is investigated. The present invention aims to provide a control method much simpler and less expensive from a single or three phase dimmer for supplying resistive loads, using a control syncopated by synchronized isolated alternation of the supply voltage switching circuits said loads, said method being characterized in monophade it generates a control pulse signal whose frequency is proportional to the mean power supplied to the load of a phase, said control signal causing the switching of a single alternation of the supply voltage on said phase from the zero crossing, or on the rising or falling edge of said supply voltage.

Firstly, the French railways system is introduced and the interest in installing power electronic compensators in substations is highlighted. The process according to the invention allows a control device consisting of a small number of elementary circuits, significantly less expensive than a microprocessor and peripheral devices, while providing a sufficiently reliable mode in most applications.


Furthermore, if a single-phase dimmer has no practical interest and control monophaxe the thyristor gates of a three phase dimmer, from a trigger signal as the falling edge of Vmem, is also perfectly known.

The converter design is developed on the base of a measurement campaign carried out at the substation. Device for supplying discharge lamps and automotive headlamp monopahse such a device. Wednesday, June 27, – 2: This latter voltage is used to develop, in a control circuit 4, a pulse control signal Vcom FIG.

Device for supplying a plurality of resonant circuits by means of an inverter type power generator. Let-through is controlled by successive half-cycle gate pulses iG,iG’ generated by a controller with two inputs, – a synchronising pulse-train Vsynmarking the supply voltage wave zeros, and a pulse-train from a comparator Vcomwhose frequency is proportional to the difference between the set control temp. Measurements carried out on the substation site allow gtadateur compensator design and the monophaze to consider real waveforms for current and voltage in numerical simulations.

Device for control of electromagnetic unit s with rapid action, such as electrovalve s or injector s. Static power supply device of an electrofilter for electrostatic dust precipitation.

The Vcom control signal and the synchronizing signal are VSVN driving a memory circuit 5 forming, from these two signals, a logic signal Vmem storage, whose shape is shown in Figure 4. Reactive Power compensators and Voltage Unbalance compensators. This thesis presents an investigation into new topologies based on the concept of “Chopper Controlled Impedances” CCI.

In the controller, each incoming comparator pulse initiates a memory logic pulse Vmemterminated by the next incoming synchronising pulse.