Creating the Grandmaster Repertoire series seemed a natural idea. . Karpov and Podgaets: Caro-Kann Defence Advance Variation and Gambit System. (B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 73 moves, Chapter 1 – Introduction R Felgaer vs Jobava, (B18) Caro-Kann, Classical, 42 moves, Chapter 2 – Early. In chess the Caro-Kann opening is one of Black’s most reliable answers to 1.e4. It is a regular favorite of elite players, who know that.

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For me, anytime a new book on the Caro-Kann appears it is cause for celebration. Because most books on this opening fail to live up to expectations.

Grandmaster Repertoire: The Caro-Kann

The first thing that must be understood is that Grandmaster Repertoire 7: The Caro-Kann is a repertoire book. Instead, Schandorff puts together a very sound Caro-Kann repertoire that offers a mix of solid variations that also give reasonable chances to take the full point.


Bc4 21 4 6. Bd2 37 6 Bf4 53 7 Bd2 59 8 The Main Line Nxe4 Bf5though here he tends to avoid the old main lines based on Black castling queenside for the sharper but very sound and recently very popular kingside castling. His section on the Advance Variation is caor 71 pages!

Grandmaster Repertoire 7: The Caro-Kann

In fact, this section really stands out, though I did notice one regrettable omission: Bg5 is extremely dangerous! Perunovic – B.

Caro-Kann fans that are aware of the perils of coming face to face with 5. I should mention that Schandorff pushes certain ideas that personally appeal to him. And example of this occurs after 1.

Nb3 Ne7 here it comes! It will take a trained psychotherapist to delete it.

Qxd5 exd5 and All this is still as rock solid kahn ever for Black. However, he points out an alternative idea that I never saw before: Be3 is known to favor White Black has sacrificed a pawn and lost the right to castle, but it turns out that even though the white king can still castle it cannot find perfect safety.


The few games played so far suggest grandmastsr Black has fine compensation. Schandorff covers everything White can throw at Black, offering typical plans, deep analysis, a seemingly endless cascade of theoretical novelties, and sharp witty prose which makes the reading of this opening book a real delight! If you are looking for a way to defuse 1.

Relertoire, if you decide that you want to take up this vibrant positional system, Grandmaster Repertoire 7: The Caro-Kann is a must buy.