June 18, – GraphicsGale became a freeware! Animation graphic editor easy to use. Powerful tool for spriting and pixel art. Would a more general editing tutorial do as long as it’s for GraphicsGale? (Not that I know of one of those either, but it’s more likely to exist.). Intro. Links. Tutorial. Blog. Shop GraphicsGale: not a bad way to learn spriting. Of the spriting-specific tools, one of the best picks is GraphicsGale, which.

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Thu Jun 30, 7: May 15, I hadn’t thought about that. Google and 17 guests. Tip for doing it this way, collect all the tutoriwl you have at the bottom of the image.

Graphics Gale tutorial HD (Getting use to the tools: Part – 1)

Now, move your mouse to the Frame window and click the small button with the three dots, on the top left of the first frame. Shite sorry I didn’t realise that there was more replies here I suppose it would help if I posted my pixel work a bit more then possibly that leads people to be interested in how I do things.

In a couple parts, you explain visuals, like this part: Extract to a Palette If you’ve already got an image with colours or less that you’d like to have a Palette made ttuorial it then this is also possible, the results may need tampering with but you’ll get what you’ve asked for.


There’s graphicwgale range of ways that you can use your Palette but we’ll start with what you get when you first start Graphics Gale. Check out my games, yo! What’s a Palette In simple terms a Palette is a collection of colours that you most use or rather all the colours you’ll ever use, so it’s something that you may not get right the first time but keep at it.

Update Log – Let me know, so I can add it to the guide. Great guide so far man. Can’t wait for the next one! It’ll not make you an instant spriter but it’ll help your learning curve.

Pixel Art Graphicsgale Tutorials

Wed Apr 28, Now, I’d like to know what people would want to see in this guide. ShineBright December 31, Did you graphicgsale your activation email? Check out Digital Ocean more details in this thread.

Now you should see by opening this image your Palette hasn’t changed, if you look at the top of the image you’ll see xx Thu Jun 30, 9: Users browsing this forum: Sat May 08, 8: Dancing on the sand.


Honestly, you should make more as this is a really good tutorial and one any pixel artist could find useful. Sorry for graphicsfale updating and making the website yet, guys!

We are an independent, not-for-profit game making community. Now hopefully you should know what the first to sets of numbers are Horizontal and Vertical dimensions the last number 24 is the colour depth. I hate opening PDFs, it really slows my firefox. Have you used GraphicsGale before, and if so, what parts did you have trouble with?

Animation Graphic Editor – GraphicsGale

Creating a Palette – Graphics Gale Tutorial. I haven’t really bothered much with the shortcuts before, might save a little time if I do. Thanks for the comments, guys. Oh, yeah, didn’t thought of that.

So far, I’ve written a few basic things you need to do to get started with Gale.