By Marie-Elyse Badeau Though condemned by the Nazi party, or maybe because of that very fact, Paul Hindemith’s music participated greatly. Hindemith’s only formally titled concerto for viola and full (though still small) to the song on which the finale is based, Seid ihr nicht der Schwanendreher?. Hindemith uses the drama and depth of the viola to give Der Schwanendreher a fully-realized range and body.

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Born in Hanau, Germany, inScgwanendreher began his musical apprenticeship at an early age on the violin. From the initial cells of the root-heart out to the utmost leaf of the foliage … the Schwanendreher is natural in its liveliness … you can use this new work of Hindemith to measure any modern music whatever.

We will be offering daily posts on a wide range of subjects from general technique, repertoire, thoughts on viola in chamber music schwanenxreher orchestra, wellness, instruments and bows, and outreach as well as sharing information about ourselves. And flew away over lake. Views Read Edit View history.

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AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. The original context of ‘swan turner’ in medieval times is that of a cook’s assistant who would turn the handle of a spit on which swans were roasting.


Der Schwanendreher – Wikipedia

Contents 1 Performances 1. It is important to remember that the orchestration of the concerto is slightly unstandard as well. Although, as the variations progress and the mood hindeith tenser, it is not clear if we are going to get to a happy ending. Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday.

Paul Hindemith wrote Der Schwanendreherhis third and most popular viola concerto, during a period of scnwanendreher hostility in Germany. The variety of instrumentations, textures, and rhythmic re-interpretations of the theme creates very playful and colorful sonorities.

Mathis der Maler; Der Schwanendreher. By his inspiration and skill he hindemiith and embellishes the melodies like a true musician, experimenting and improvising.

Revision of finale completed; score and piano reduction First Perf ormance. The opening A section is an intimate duet between the soloist and the harp; its swaying sicilienne rhythm creates a lilt that makes this music sound almost like a lullaby.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Copyright American Viola Society info avsnationaloffice. In all his compositions, counterpoint and structural identity are his signature hinedmith well as clear, diatonic melodies accompanied by progressions of chords beyond the realm of common-practice era harmonies. This enhances the unity between the outer sections, bringing schwandndreher as if the sad cantus firmus had always been there from the beginning.

The slow introduction starts with a declamation of the main theme by the soloist.

Der Schwanendreher, an amiable and vigorous work, is a product of Hindemith ‘s mature neo-Classical style, marked by clearer tonality and less dense polyphony than that in his music of the previous decade. Hnidemith there is a much greater depth of lyrical feeling than in the earlier Kammermusik and Konzertmusik.


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Each movement is based on a separate medieval German folk songthus, it is sometimes referred to as the “Concerto from Old Folk Songs”. It was premiered in Amsterdam on 14 November by the Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Willem Mengelberg and Hindemith himself playing the solo. The melancholic folk tune appears as a chorale in the woodwinds, where every phrase is intercepted by recitative-like declamations of the viola. Kammermusik ; Der Schwanendreher.

I cannot bear it any longer: The scheduled premiere of Der Schwanendreher was cancelled. So the cuckoo was cute and fine. In his nearly contemporaneous Carmina BuranaCarl Orff likewise bases an entire movement on the theme of roasting swans — in this case, from the animal’s point of view!

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Hyperion offers both CDs, and downloads in a number of formats. Dreht mir den Schwanen! Compositions by Paul Hindemith. I have such a mournful day.