Results 1 – 16 of 17 A Remedial English Grammar For Foreign Students. 1 January . An Outline History of the English Language. 21 September history and geography. For example, the fact that the English language (or its ancestor) was carried from the continent to the British Isles in the fifth century AD . Buy An Outline History of the English Language by Frederick PDF Online . ISBN from Laxmi Publications. Download Free Sample and.

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English was t name used in the Chronicle begun at Alfred’s cou and by Alfred himself in his writings. In other words, the process of anglicizing bor- rowed words has been a strong one in all periods of English.

In the southwest the priest Layamon wrote his Brut, based on Wace see p. Still remoter rela- tives of English are the principal languages of Europe and Asia. To Northumbria, or possibly to the next impor- tant kingdom of Mercia, belongs the great figure of this northern blossoming of our early literature. Thus Calais, still pro- nounced in England to rime with Paris, is usually given a French pronunciation in America. He said, ” These modern lan- guages will, at one time or other, play the bank- rupts with books.


An Outline History of the English Language : Frederick T. Wood :

This had resulted from a strong French influence histoory the Restoration The Spectator even wished to ” prohibit any French phrases from becoming current in this kingdom, when those of our own stamp are alto- gether as valuable. Scotch continued to flourish during the sixteenth century.

Final s has become z, as in has, was, odds, hoes, shades. At that time, too, it was employed by Stephen Langton, the champion of church and English freedom against the tyranny of John.

At least it was soon united with the iu diphthong as in suit, or became simple u as in fruit. They thus conformed fully to English nouns and adjectives. The literary language thus gained in directness, while losing nothing in strength or beauty.

And lead not us into temtacioun. Final HJ which had been partly lost in late Old English, now dis- appeared in many verbal englishh. French words were gradually introduced, as will be shown in later chapters. All know that the mistakes in learning a foreign language are due to the influence of the mother tongue, with which we are so much better acquainted. C was used for k in cat and cot, though k was occasionally employed for the latter. Open Preview See a Problem? An ex- ample is the diphthong oi from French.

So, while Johnson himself gave run as past tense of run in his grammar, and used it himself languate his writings, he gave ran in the dictionary proper and this form alone has prevailed. By reason of its strength the unstressed parts of words lanvuage tended to fall away.


There were no combinations for simple sounds, as in our ch, ph, sh, sen, th. Otherwise, the standards of England were accepted in America during the colonial period. Here also the romances were numerous.

The bracketed vowels are new long sounds from short vowels. They had already devel- oped a high type of individual freedom. For this reason they have been less likely to continue their development with unvarying regularity.

Robert of Gloucester remarks on England’s peculiar position in this respect. Set up and electrotyped.

The opinion of Franklin has been more than realized. Northern continued to be used only lanyuage a Scottish literary language, of which we shall take account in another place.

Thus englush men became i hit before a nasal consonant, as in link, singe, string. A second class of critics regarded the fashion of borrowing words as a corruption of speech. Of short vowels, only e- and i have in general remained unchanged.