Here’s a resource for all Hunters, but especially those who are new to the Vigil. that may be useful to players and storytellers, both from Hunter: The Vigil and the other Chronicles of Darkness gamelines. SAS – Spearfinger. White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Block by Bloody Block White Wolf Publishing: Hunter: The Vigil 1 ( PDF). Blood Drive White Wolf. Blood Drive ($ PDF) is the newest installment from White Wolf’s Storytelling Adventure System. This Hunter: the Vigil adventure offers an action-oriented.

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Posted on September 6, by Monica Valentinelli. Set in and near Salem Village in the early s, the story follows a grieving husband and father who, at first glance, is the victim of a terrible crime. His wife and step-child had […].

Posted on April 30, by Flames. As the Prey Evolves…. Everywhere you turn, a vampire eats some poor factory worker. Witches curse the innocent. Serial killers devastate vugil.

In Mortal Remains, we explore the Vigil as it pertains to mummies, changelings, prometheans, demons, and sin-eaters. Posted on September 2, by spikexan. A good PDF should be more than just a scanned version of a book.

Okay, so many of vigli are laced with hyperlinks and bookmarks, which are great. Some PDF releases really explore the potential behind pure digital media. When the second edition of Vampire: They were, to me, an excuse to make sure yet another RPG had a wizard hidden within it. Posted on May 12, by Flames. Living With The Vigil. For many hunters carrying the Vigil, the hunt is only one part of their lives. Many belong to hunter organizations-the more localized compacts, or the globe-spanning conspiracies.

Joining such a group comes with varying advantages-safety in numbers, a paycheck, access to unique weapons and critical information, and camaraderie.

But it also comes replete with new problems: Posted on August 7, by spikexan. White Wolf spearfingeer to be currently composed of scientists rather than writers.

There is simply too much experimentation going on with these guys. They have released pre-generated characters for players who need that sort of thing. With Block by Bloody Blockthey release pre-generated parts of a city. No, these are the sections of any city, ready to be dropped into whatever city fancies your gaming group. The question becomes if the scientists are congratulating themselves over champagne or staring dumbfounded with charcoal-blackened faces and lab-coats.

The layout of this supplement remains true to the Hunter: Posted on August 5, by spikexan. This collection shows that none of the White Wolf lines gets special treatment as the Hunter the Vigil supplement receives its own supplementary material. In this twenty-six page no ads PDF, a five-person group of relative strangers band together after a notas- dead-as-they-thought party girl ends up fusing their lives together. The layout to the PDF is amazing.


Sometimes I feel the borders in games are a little hit and miss; however, the borders to this character collection fit perfectly. Posted on June 22, by spikexan.

Hunter The Vigil Resources – Onyx Path Forums

This adventure plays on a personal favorite of mine. The layout of the adventure offers both spdarfinger detailed story, which the Storyteller will have to go over and a collection of Scene Cards to act as Storyteller cheat sheets. Madison Games Day is a chance for gamers hunnter and around the Madison, Wisconsin area to meet new people and play new games. We invite everyone in the area or willing to make the trek to come and play some games!

There will be indie and mainstream roleplaying games, card games, and board games. Posted on May 20, by Flames. The map darkens with spreading red. And you have to cross it. It feels like a bad dream.

It is a bad dream. Posted on May 1, by spikexan. Once upon a time, my friend David ran a Delta Green game. David was a huge fan of the in-game prop, especially when it came to this particular campaign. If our clues were photographs, we generally had photographs in our paws. If the clue was a recording of some nature, then we also received that. As of this writing there are thirteen PDFs associated with this project a couple more if you count the introduction module and Horror Recognition Guide.

Posted on April 20, by Flames. Mother of All Wrong Turns is already up! Just learning about the Collection? The Collection of Horrors is an anthology of Storyteller tools inspired by the Horror Recognition Guide that you can either use in conjunction huntet the Guide or as part of your existing Hunter: Check out all of the Hunter: Posted on April 11, by Flames.

Looking for ideas for your Hunter game? Each story kit in the Collection of Horrors which you can buy individually, as a bundle or as a subscription contains variety of appropriate tools; usually an SAS scene, a character with a character sheet, and props ranging from maps and reports to print out and hand to your players, to short imbedded audio files that you can play at your gaming table.

These kits represent a collection of evocative story tools that you can write a story around, drop into an existing SAS or even string together. Posted on March 25, by Flames. White Wolf has a special place in my heart that goes both ways. As they dwindled down their successful runs only to reboot them, I found myself enjoying their releases less and less.

I took on Hunter: This monstrous tome pushes four hundred pages and yet somehow manages to enrapture the reader. There are small bits off; however, this is an exceptional book. The layout of Hunter is typical to their new lines. A cropping of artwork throughout the book lines the upper border of the book while fading into a gray border that frames each page. Posted on March 17, by Flames. I say they are tricky mainly because there always exists the tendency for them to railroad players in an attempt to make sense of the scripted adventure.


Some games find a way around this by theorizing alternate endings or sometimes not even offering a true ending though few do the latter. Posted on February 25, by Flames. Something is inside huntfr skin. Shifting, itching and scrabbling for purchase. It takes me over, pushing me down to darkness.

My voice is not my voice; my steps are not my steps. I see huner friends… it sees my friends. I cannot warn them. I am powerless and small in my own […]. Posted on February 19, by Flames. The Vigil brings no easy explanations — every night is a new mystery, a bizarre creature, an unknown terror. But hunters are humans, and humans must categorize — they take notes, keep journals, snap pictures and attempt to illustrate the horrors they meet on the hunt.


By doing so, hunter cells try to find patterns, solve enigmas, and most important of all, keep hold spaerfinger their sanity in these long, dark nights. Posted huntee January 21, by Flames. The old woman totters off to enjoy her breakfast, as tiny drops of bile patter on the street behind her. The deaths are clearly unusual and perhaps even supernatural, and when one victim dies right in front of the hunters, their involvement becomes hhe. While the hunters may at first spearifnger they are simply tracking down a monster, their investigations soon reveal a pattern to the killings, which implies some guiding intellect behind the travesties.

Posted on October 2, by JessHartley. This tale brings us a new twist on the legend of the succubus. And in the morning, she was gone. Every night, he tried to ask her about it, that raw-tipped stub at the base of her spine. It seemed somehow important that he ask. This mix of Horror and Dark Fantasy game products from large publishers and small press shows off just a few of the interesting items that were available at the convention.

So, these are first impressions and notes from playing demos at the convention. Posted spaerfinger August 15, by Flames. A Candle in the Darkness The scales have fallen from your eyes. A fire is lit: Or a roaring conflagration consuming the house in which the howling fiends wait? Things will never be the same after this.