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I look around to see where this voice may have come from.

The Wisdom of Tarot – Elisabeth Haich

Exhaled air is used up air! He surrounds me, trying to force himself into my mouth … into my body. Your body and its senses are still sleeping.

Come, lay your sweet little head upon my breast! You belong to me and I belong to you. The effect of my unspoken, soundless words is terrifying!

How do you think you hacih escape from facing the fact that we also belong to each other on the earthly plane? But the power I radiate, the power of my clear and sober consciousness keeps him away.

Through these two baleful eyes, the monster now radiates all his fearful powers upon me and into me.

In spite of your efforts to do so, you belong to me anyway now! Views Read Edit View history. Why do they have to repeat it a hundred times?

It is a beautiful, noble sacrament when two living creatures love each other with absolute devotion, but elisabet with mere ekisabeth desire for possession!


At these words of mine, the handsome man recedes and begins to evaporate like a morning mist in the sunshine. How do you expect to experience the consequence before the cause. I thank them for their friendly invitation and go on. And the priestesses, elisabeh, who serve in the temple of love, fulfil their duties with a noble attitude of spiritual dedication because they know in doing so they are laying an offering upon the altar of divine love.

Nobody is left … Nothing more … only a sea of flames, devouring and consuming everything … But I stand untouched, unscathed, and I am that I am! One never finds the complementary half outside oneself.

His breath is hot, and I find it very revolting for him to be breathing into my face and down my neck. She was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. How do you expect to get the experience you absolutely need, without me? He takes on tremendous proportions, spreading throughout the whole room, devouring all these passion-drunk people in his consuming fire. But even when they are so keyed up that their whole bodies tingle and tremble with passion, they never lose their dignity … they never carry on like these people here.

You are spirit and not body! Do you feel the irresistible power of attraction that links us and draws us closer and closer together? Happiness is something one experiences in consciousness; happiness is in the self. After all, these are respected, reputable people—made in the image and likeness of God!

The silhouette clearly shows the form of horns over a long, pinched face that ends with a little goatee. I am in a spacious room illuminated by soft reddish light. These dim, black energies attack the points of light. Get on your way and let me get on mine! Seemingly he can read my thoughts, for he replies to my inner questions: Retrieved from ” https: Elisabeth Haich – original name: Why should I permit myself to be delayed by hunger and thirst on my path to God?


Wake up, do you hear? I watch these points of light and try to guess where they come from and where they are going.

The Initiation 1st part – by Elisabeth Haich

We supplement each other completely! This is hell naich. Now the cause of that expression, the being itself, without a human face, without a body, is here!

I want fresh air.

These awful eyes bore into me, and through me, through my entire being, swallowing me irresistibly into themselves as if I were being sucked into a gigantic maelstrom. How do you expect to be able to return to paradisiacal unity without me?

[PDF] Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA All – Free Download PDF

Or perhaps, are all these shapes only radiations of invisible forces? Hut the only thing I notice is how extremely unpleasant I find the close initiersa of this man.

Alive and conscious, yet locked up and immovable, grown into this tomb, with no possibility of giving so much as a sign of life … to be a heavy, dead stone! Elisabeth Haich claimed to have attained “ego-death”. And why is this man veiled in a dense mist?