i installed ipcop v with advanced proxy addon. i setup advanced proxy to work off port and setup a test user as well. i setup my. advproxy – Advanced Web Proxy Advanced Web Proxy Server for IPCop Administrator’s Guide. advproxy – Advanced Web Proxy. Administrator’s Guide. Advanced Proxy add-on for IPCop an advproxy – The Advanced Web Proxy addon. Documentation Online Quick Reference Frequently Asked Questions.

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Part I: Install IPCop Firewall – Advanced Proxy, URL Filter Add-On

It wasn’t to give you anything more, it was a way to test by just making a DHCP request without a whole networking restart as a means to narrow down the troubleshooting of the issues we were following.

Though the reliability of these little things still has to be proven to me? So thus the help.

Just Enter to continue installation… Step 2: We’re actually doing fairly good given the time differences, the Internet has made the world a more accessible place.

So my understanding of that says that I should move the Green into the IP range of say Choose the timezone Step IP address will be.

I can’t let the modem be off-line for very long at the moment, though perhaps in a week or more I will be able to leave it off line overnight. The box has recovered from every one of those interruptions without complaint. It appears that you don’t start the lo interface but I suppose you have a reason for that.


You might have to rerun the setup program to assign the nics to red and green. Then SSH to the box and use: I will see if I can get any help at the IPCop forum, I’ll report back on anything that comes my way from there.

I just put the following line: I’m now on Cable and still have no worries. You seem to always have more success that way, focus better and record things more clearly.

Download Ipcop Advanced Proxy | idsun

Press Proceed anyway to continued Step I then gave the IPCop box the reboot command, it took a good 15 minutes or so with lots of disk activity before it eventually did do a reboot? Anyway it is not proxu much of a problem, though I’m sure there is a solution.

BB code is On. Yes, so simple, one character can bring down an entire system, thankfully that wasn’t having devastating effects.

You’ve probably already learned a vast amount of new information. I run Ubuntu 8.

Which is probably why it was at the garbage dump to begin with I guess. That almost looks like you have it set to disable the gateway at boot but you may have a reason for that too. Linux – Networking This forum is for any issue related to networks or peoxy. Having said that, I had the problem of needing to use the network restart command ever since the IPCop box has been doing its job. Great idea, this discussion has become complicated enough with various hardware that a clear representation of your proposed network could be useful.

The reason that, that may be so is that this page is the one I link people ipcol occasionally so it is a working summary.


Dir router running dd-wrt 3. For example a list, in order of connection, of the hardware and the settings. I’ll look into it more ipco give you a better idea of what to do. I have one question adbanced I hope fits this thread.

Set password for root user Step Replaced both NIC’s, to no avail unfortunately.

Adding Advanced Proxy & URL filter to IPCop

It seems that IPCop handles the situation so well that there is no need for me to change anything else in the rc. With my cable here, and the T1’s at the office its even more reliable. You already seem to be using it, reading documentation and asking questions. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. First thing I did when I got it home was blow all of the dust advancedd of the thing with compressed air.

Trying one of those would test my suggestion. If issued in a terminal, we likely would even get more troubleshooting data from the error message.

Naturally, as stated for some reason the Arch install isn’t obtaining an IP address at boot. I could be wrong.

That makes sense if you think about it, it’s stepping out of the way and letting the connection to the Internet through transparently.