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BS ISO Road vehicles – Unified diagnostic services (UDS) Part 2: Session layer services. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering electronic or mechanical, including photocopying and microfilm, without permission in writing from either ISO at the address below or.

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In the communication between the controllers and the client certain times must be observed. The Control service routine services of all kinds can be performed. This is required for those actuator tests which cannot be actuated while the Engine is running. These ECUs control a wide range of functions in vehicles including electronic fuel injection EFIengine controlthe transmission, anti-lock braking system, door locks, braking, and more. This response code ieo that the requested action will not be taken because the server prerequisite condition for temperature is not met current temperature is below a preprogrammed minimum threshold.

The start and stop message parameters can be specified. The location and size must be specified. This response code indicates that a data transfer operation was halted due to some fault. The values to be sent must be defined to only using the “Dynamically Define Data Identifier”.

BS ISO – Road vehicles. Unified diagnostic services (UDS). Session layer services

Therefore this negative response code is not shown in the list of negative response codes to be supported for a diagnostic service, because this negative response code is not applicable for supported services. This service is used to initiate a file download from the client to the server or upload from the server to the client. When it is running, a control unit can answer negatively on this request to stop a data transfer request. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the server expects a different sequence of request messages or message as sent by the client.

Personal tools Log in Log in. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the client has unsuccessfully attempted to gain security access more times than the server’s security strategy will allow. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the server has detected that the request message contains a parameter which attempts to substitute a value beyond its range of authority e.


When this response code is used, the server shall always 14229-2 a final response positive or negative independent of the suppressPosRspMsgIndicationBit value. The detailed specification shall be included in the data link specific implementation document. This is required for those actuator io which cannot be actuated unless the Engine is running. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the client’s latest attempt to gain security access was initiated before the server’s required timeout period had elapsed.

The requested data may be configured or grouped in the following manner: This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the server does not support 1422-92 service specific parameters of the request message. The device shall freeze the current signal value. Modern vehicles have a diagnostic interface for off-board diagnostics, which makes it possible to connect a computer client or diagnostics tool, which is referred to as tester, isi the bus system of the vehicle.

Downloading new software or other data into the control unit is introduced using the “Request Download”. This response code indicates that the server is temporarily too busy to perform the requested operation.

From this “Seed” the client has to compute a “Key” and send it back to the control unit to unlock the security-critical services. Views Read Edit View history.

DiagnosticSessionControl, securityAccess is not met, the client uso sent a request message which requires an unlocked server.

A typical example where this response code may be used is when the client has sent a request message, which includes data to be programmed or erased in flash memory of the server. Help Instructions Support Contact. This is important when diagnostic work is performed in the car, which can cause an anomalous behavior of individual devices. Note that the repetition of a TransferData request message with a blockSequenceCounter equal to the one included in the previous TransferData request message shall be accepted by the server.

Unified Diagnostic Services

In addition to the error, additional information will be stored, which can also be read. With this service, both the sending and receiving of messages can be turned off in the control unit. This response code indicates that the requested action will not be taken because the server prerequisite condition for voltage at the primary pin of the server ECU is not met current voltage is above a pre-programmed maximum threshold.


On start, the control unit is by default in the “Default Session”. A Negative Response Code will be included. This response code shall only be used when ido requested service is known to be supported in another session, otherwise response code 0x11 serviceNotSupported shall be used.

This page has been accessed 44, times. This is different from RPM too low negative response, and needs to be allowed.

BS ISO 14229-2:2013

The server shall remain locked and increment its internal securityAccessFailed counter. The Service Link Control is used to set the baud rate of the diagnostic access.

Unified in this context means that it is an international and not a company-specific standard. This makes it possible to interrogate the fault memory of the individual control units or to update them with a new firmware.

DID data is sent on request only, and is for information that no ECU uses, but a service tool or a software tester can benefit from. The generalReject response code shall only be implemented in the server if none of the negative response codes defined in this document meet the needs of the implementation.

This response code indicates that the request message was received correctly, and that all parameters in the request message were valid, but the action to be performed is not yet completed and the server is not yet ready to receive another request. It can be defined to confirm the beginning of the execution or to notify when the service is completed. For this purpose a “Seed” is generated and sent to the client by the control unit.

This counts as an attempt to gain security.