Ixia Tcl. Development Guide. Release Part No. Rev B This guide provides a description of the Ixia’s Tcl Command Library. Contribute to ixiacom/ixnetwork-api-tcl development by creating an account For general language documentation of IxNetwork API see the Low Level API Guide and the IxNetwork API Help. This will require a login to Ixia Support web page. Contribute to andymg/scripts development by creating an account on GitHub. scripts/tcl/dvt_auto_old/manual/scripts docs/Automated Testing IXIA API User.

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Embed TCl Development Guide.

The select sub-command must be used before all other bgp4 commands. Appendix B – Utility Commands.

TCl Development Guide – Documents

F-3 Tcl Server with Connection. Working with IxServer, it operates the hardware chassis, cards and ports. Please download to get full document. The characteristics of the generated streams are: An alphabetical set of reference sheets for additional test related commands.

An alphabetical set of reference sheets for all of the Tcl Commands.


Packet Format for Sequence Checking. These two copies act in concert to provide a single interface to upper layers of software. This test requires two ports which should be connected via a 9 loopback cable. A single IxServer module exists per chassis. Green Housing Development Guide. The appendices should be used for reference. The user can configure and control the unit directly via back-panel connections to a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer.

t Cl Development Guide – [PDF Document]

Software Modules used on a Unix Client. F-2 Tcl Server Usage. System Overview DiagramThe IxServer module resides on the computer connected to the test hardware and is responsible for control and operation of ixa hardware. Ixia assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this book. F-6 Statistics Mode Selection.

TCl Development Guide

Ethernet II encapsulation is used. Expected Output from IxSampleTcl.

All materials on our website are shared by users. Invalid AS path parametersbgp4RouteItem cget option Returns the current value of the configuration option given by option. The IXIA is a powerful desktop system that holds four load modules of any type.


Appendix D – Miscellaneous Unsupported Commands.

t Cl Development Guide

Use of Ixia hardware and software is governed by the license agreement accompanying your original purchase. F-4 Serial Port Characteristics. Depending on technology, up to four ports are packaged on a card, also referred develop,ent as a load module. Explains the basic structure and operation of all of the Tcl Commands. Any combination of cards may be included in a single chassis. Software Modules used on an Ixia Chassis.

Software Modules used on a Windows Client. Front panel displays give immediate indication of link state, transmission or reception of packets, and error conditions.

Also, the unit can be connected to an Ethernet network and an administrator can remotely monitor and control it using the IxExplorer software program. Ixia Software v12 11 12 Setting ports to factory defaults Appendix B – Utility Commands a number of additional provided utilitycommands.