Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive Supporter. TheLegenda Aurea, orGolden Legend, of Jacobus de Voragine was one of the most influential books of the later Middle Ages. It is a compendium of saints’ lives . Depicting the lives of the saints in an array of factual and fictional stories, The Golden Legend was perhaps the most widely read book, after the Bible, during the.

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And thirdly, he is said Barjona, that is to say, son of the dove, by which is given to under- stand that he had beauty of manners, gift of virtues, and abundance of tears, for the dove hath wailing for her song. Criticism among members of Jacobus’ Dominican order were muted by the increased reverence towards the archbishop, which culminated in his canonization in Pelagienne [Pelagia], The Life of S.

Thomas, and prayed if his health were not profitable to his soul, that his old sickness might come again to him.

Therefore thou servest him, and he said: In this translation, the first in English of the complete text, William Granger Ryan captures the immediacy of this rich work, which offers an important guide for readers interested in medieval art and literature and, more generally, in popular religious culture. Then Agrippa said to him: Theodora, returning to herself, began to weep most bitterly, and smote her visage and breast, saying: I have prayed our Lord for thee, and he hath forgiven thee all thy sins, save only of the imposition of thy hand thou shalt be vorayine.

And all this we may find in Paul, that like to fire and a spirit he hath run throughout all the world, and with his preaching hath purged it. Mary Magdalen, 36 The Life of S.

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He had two nephews, of whom that one was called Gallus, and that other Julian. Theodora, 24 The Life of S. Paul the Apostle and Doctor. Victor was therein he made his prayers unto our Lord, and he was therein three days whole without grieving of any fire or flame or fume and without any damage, and on the third day he was found whole and sound.


Golden Legend – Wikipedia

In the Maltese Islands the veneration of the two saints found expression in the erection of a church in Gozo, the dedication of several altars in various churches, the foundation of a hospital, goldeh naming of hospital [p. And then this holy bishop gave laud and praising to our Lord for this miracle. And when she came thither, and had devoutly made her prayers to have her desire, suddenly she wax stark blind, and then she perceived that she had offended and displeased our Lord in that request, and cried God mercy of that offence, and besought him full meekly to be restored of her sight again.

Paul took upon him to be apostle among the gentiles.

Then was Paul among others bound and brought tofore Nero, to whom Nero said: And on a day when her husband was out, she cut off her hair, and clad her with the clothes of her husband, and went to a monastery of monks which was eighteen miles thence, and hied her, and there required that she might be received with the monks. Then the fiend that was within her cried and said by the mouth of the maid: Simeon, 67 The Life of S. Maturin said to her: Peter so to die; but he required them that they should not let his passion, and as Leo witnesseth, our Lord opened the eyes of them that were there, and wept so that, they saw the angels with crowns of roses and of lilies standing by Peter that goldsn on the cross with the angels.

Sources A substantial portion of Jacobus’ text was drawn from two epitomes of collected lives of the saints, both also arranged in the order of gloden liturgical year, written by members of his Dominican order: Our Lord Jesus said: Demetrius, 87 The Life of S. Miracle tales of relics. He put not away the woodness of his flesh with a shard or shell, but he ran daily, as the understanding mouth of a lion, and fought against innumerable temptations, which were more tolerable than a stone.

Jacobus de Voragine, Cosmas and Damian, attaching the black leg to the sick man Jacobus de Voragine, Anastasia being burned at the stake. And anon the emperor with a great multitude of people went to see him, and brought him to Rome upon this condition, that they should swear and promise that, if it happed that he died by the way, they should bring or send him to the place to be buried whereas vorragine had taken him.


Then anon after, the fiend entered into the son of Terentian and began to cry in that house that he was burnt of the devil When Terentian saw this he knowledged his llegend, and after became christian and put in writing the passion of these two holy saints, and his son was delivered of the devil. These two bishops, Dunstan and Ethelwold, were warned by our Lord to see that these two holy Saints, Swithin and Edward, should be worshipfully shrined, and so they were within short time after.

For this glorious saint our Lord hath showed many great miracles, as well by his life, as after his death and martyrdom. Arnold, 79 The Life S.

Jacobus da Varagine legnd moves on to the saint’s life, compiled with reference to the readings from the Roman Catholic Church ‘s liturgy commemorating that saint; then embellishes the biography with supernatural tales of incidents involving the saint’s life. And the bird being in great vorwgine cried: And this holy man was a great wreaker and avenger on himself, and cut off his hand that same day privily, and threw it from him.

The golden legend : lives of the saints

And then ran Peter to him and cried upon the hound that he should not do him any harm. Who should tell all the miracles that our blessed Lord hath showed for this holy martyr, it should overmuch endure, for ever ds his passion unto this day, God hath showed continually for him many great miracles.

When then he approached to Attila, anon as he saw S.