The Physics of Superheroes is a popular science book by physics professor and long-time comic-book fan James Kakalios. First published in , it explores. actually get it right, and as James Kakalios describes in his intro- duction to this the physics of superheroes, this complaint never arises! One might initially. A complete update to the hit book on the real physics at work in comic books, featuring more heroes, more villains, and more science Since , James.

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How I wish o had been taught physics in highschool. Loved this book from start to finish. Immagino che piani inclinati, molle e pen Blog Stories Review: My biggest surprise however came in the section on solid-state electronics. There is something for everyone in this book but not enough for one person.

It’s not that it’s really awful. Comic book examples are compelling, and always help illustrate the physics principle under discussion.

Under extras, he is filmed discussing the physics of superheroes. Science is everywhere, we just need to see.

Jan 01, Samuel Miravet Verde rated it liked it. Kakalios relates these elements of comic books to principles of physics, such as levers and torqueand in this way covers diverse topics, from mechanics to the quantum world.

As a super man once said “do good to others and every hu man can be a Super hu man”. No trivia or quizzes yet. The Atom begins as a physics professor, who encounters a chunk of white dwarf star and picks it up. Vedete quel bel faccione qui a fianco?

The Physics of Superheroes – Wikipedia

As it goes superheroess shrinking heroes, he picks on Antman much more than the Atom. Surprisingly, the book even helped answer one of my physica Not quite as influential as The Physics of Star Trek but still supeheroes cool, the Physics of Superheroes is still more realistic than most of the technology discussed in the Physics of Star Trek.

Un bel libro di introduzione alla fisica, con spunti interessanti, molte nozioni ;hysics di tipo generale come: Spesso alcuni fattori ci impediscono di leggere un libro in particolare. Kakalios’ writing style is not intimidating or overly complicated, he maintains a consistently simple style and word choice.


Immagino che piani inclinati, molle e pendoli vi abbiano terrorizzato per molti anni contribuendo alla cattiva reputazione della scienza di Newton e Galileo. It doesn’t shy away from the physics, but keeps it fairly easy to grasp without requiring advanced math. If I were in high school or a high school physics teacher, this book would be a great way to get interested or get your students interested in physics problems.

The Physics of Superheroes by Kaklaios Kakalios was one of the most informative books suoerheroes I have ever read. He doesn’t talk about character This was an entertaining read. At a fundamental level thinking about situations in the right way lends to easy analysis and this book gets the intuition right. However, I just got bored when the author started discussing how many calories the Flash needs to run at super speeds.

Despite all of the positives, the reason I would give this book 4 stars rather than 5 is the fact that, at times, it focused a bit more on superheroes than on physics.

May 05, Jore Bharadhwaj rated it it was ok. There was dork take to calculating the acceleration of Gwen Stacy towards the East River but also fun in attempts to justify the absurd powers of the Flash or the X-Men. Thor’s powers are rationalized with Wonder Woman’s. Kakalios’ facts are good, but not perfect. I found myself equally fascinated by the physics lessons and by his commandin Loved this book from start to finish.

Did you know that, in order for Superman to leap a tall building of a certain specified height in a single bound, his muscles would have had to evolve on a Kr James Kakalios is not only a theoretical physicist, but a comic book maven who can quote reams of superhero lore by issue, page, and panel. For someone with an undergrad degree in physics, it reads a little pedantic, but definitely still worth the read!

The first is wonder as to why people rarely use the phrase “strangely-garbed” anymore. Convincing enough to believe superheroes do exist. The Physics of Superheroes is a popular science book by physics professor and long-time comic-book fan James Kakalios.

Lists with This Book. It was always very hand-wavy about how they actually work – “inducing a current changes their state”. Kakalios understands that Superman’s powers come from the difference in Krypton’s and Earth’s gravity and gives us the math to prove the extent of those powers.


Avete mai sentito parlare dell’equazione di Schrodinger? Gotham Books- Literary Criticism – pages. This is not unreasonable,” Kakalios will say at the end of his talk, taking off his glasses before walking offstage.

The seminar was a great success, leading to articles in popular magazines including People, lectures on the subject, and publication of The Physics of Superheroes. He doesn’t talk about characters that casual readers wouldn’t have heard of, so it is easy for about anyone to pick up and know a bit kames the material he is talking of.

I personally tend to read more fantasy and fiction than non-fiction or educational books, generally fearing that I will easily become bored and have wasted my time with purely factual books.

Lo so, suona un po’ strano tutto questo. This article about a physics -related book is a stub. I left off a star because Supeheroes wanted more physics. This book is the best of its kind. For example, calculating the force that Superman requires to jump over a building leads to discussions about what Krypton must have been like physically for this power to be possible in the real world.

The Physics of Superheroes

But normal readers might find themselves skimming to the fun bits. Full of actual formulae, this is rather a more intellectual look at how Superman leaps tall buildings This comics -related article is a stub. Instead, he focuses on examples of comic book scenes that can be used to understand the diverse laws of physics from an unusual angle, such as Gwen Stacy ‘s death and Ant-Man ‘s ability to punch his way out of a paper bag.