Starting in , Jean Genet—petty thief, prostitute, modernist master—spent two years in the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. Always an outcast himself. Prisoner of Love. Jean Genet, Author, Edmund White, Illustrator, Barbara Bray, Translator Wesleyan University Press $35 (p) ISBN Get this from a library! Prisoner of love. [Jean Genet; Barbara Bray].

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However, because these thoughts are not organized, you feel the book is not focused. Without actually saying the opposite of what was, writing presents only its visible, acceptable and, so to speak, silent face, because it is incapable of really showing the other one. Mar 06, Mizuki marked it as to-read. He began involving himself with marginal political groups in the late ‘s; these groups, he felt, kept him wrapped in the outcast jeam that he felt most warmed by. At the same time it’s an account of his long-term involvement with the Palestinian Revolution; a struggle in which he could never wholly participate.

As for the Crusaders themselves, they created new sovereigns. Across fiction, essay, theatre and film, his remarkable prose explored complex desire, political engagement and a startling celebration of the marginalised. In jail I ran no risk of getting killed or dying of hunger; and the corridors were at once the most erotic and the most restful places I’ve ever jezn.

Prisoner of Love by Jean Genet

No trivia or quizzes yet. He’s no longer trying to shock you. But not a single tropism had yielded. By the middle of I was free enough to start to write my souvenirs, which were meant to be read as reporting.

There was a problem adding your email address. He takes an oath to the public – to the court and the spectators.

Then again, for jena to be so free of conventional expectations of how to live as to find prisons “rather motherly” shows an extraordinary strength of character. The question always presents itself as if it had chosen its moment.


Prisoner of Love

The current perpetrators loe actually their stateless cousins. What had preoccupied me so deeply so long was going to seek out its goal: My heart is a concoction of love and devotion for this book, all the people in it and its writer. Projects Jean Genet Jean Genet: Throughout the book Jean asks himself why he is there, what is he doing among these people. My hands were attracted by their roundness. No, Genet didn’t really mellow with age.

Dec 16, Leonardo marked it as to-keep-reference. A fascinating man, I’m going to try and read more of his work. At night the armed sentries moving around over grass and leaves made no sound. A little light on plot and the book asks a lot of the reader, but satisfying. But a kind of uneasiness, a llove close to nausea, an irresolution that stays my hand – these make me wonder: The novels, the plays, this.

When I saw that my life was a sort of intaglio or relief in reverse, its hollows became as terrible as abysses. This is a memoir that does not follow any linear pattern; instead it covers different years, from Genet’s time living in a Palestinian refugee camp for a couple years in the early seventies, to time in Beirut during the Israeli invasion in the mid eighties.

He talked to fedayeen militant fighters and Black Panthers and was unapologetically pro-Palestinian. Genet admits that his reflections were at times somewhat romantic, which is okay. Or rather so familiar that it was inside rather than outside me, coming into me with a cup of Turkish coffee every night since I was born. I looked at the resistance as if were going to vanish at any moment. They brushed against death every day, every night, hence the airy elegance beside which dancing is heaviness itself.

Everything in this book actually happened. If while he was still alive the twenty-year-old fedayee had made a few undemanding plans for the next day – washing his clothes, posting a letter – it seemed to me those unfulfilled intentious were accompanied now by the smell of decomposition.


She went on smiling, and wearing her gun. Every country felt threatened by a people without a country. At times it read like a billet-douxbut the subject loev his ardor will never get to rea InJean Genet, armed with a letter of safe transit from Arafat himself, visited the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan.

Aug prisonre, Joe rated it it was amazing Shelves: So did I fail to understand the Palestinian revolution? Oct 06, Shameema rated it it was amazing.

Prisoner of Love – Jean Genet – Google Books

A stupid thought, for in that case I wouldn’t be writing this book or even this page. If the act they put on one day to protect a priest had been performed by men it would never have carried conviction. And with them animals and somehow things also were tamed. The State of Israel is a bruise, a contusion that lingers on the shoulder of Islam They were less clearly defined projects from a formal standpoint; they delivered less familiar rewards.

I hated this book, but had to read it through for work. For a short time the life, the one life of the now dead fedayee took on a density it had never had before. It grew less regular but remained just as deafening and apparently close. It’s really nothing like his other, earlier novels through which he became famous.

She’d been gay before, defending her cause with her gun and proud of her son. The mother had just come in.