Kate Mosse’s first venture into commercial fiction, Labyrinth, is set to be this summer’s doorstep beach-read, says Geraldine Bedell. Kate Mosse is an author and broadcaster. She is the presenter of BBC4’s Readers and Writers Roadshowand guest presents Saturday Review for Radio 4. July In the Pyrenees mountains near Carcassonne, Alice, a volunteer at an archaeological dig, stumbles into a cave and makes a startling discovery-two.

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I visited many medieval re-enactment events, both in England and in southwest France, watching Jousts and seeing how battles were fought.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Just a labyrint while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The characters in both timelines are portrayed without the slightest attempt at subtlety.

Most of the characters are well-drawn, although I do think it gets quite confusing keeping track of all of them, and a few mosss have been dropped or at least had their plot lines great reduced such as Noubel, the policeman.

Read it Forward Read it first. I do remember that I thought it was better written than many New York Times best sellers but that it wasn’t for me.

Having said all that, Labyrinth has a lot of redeeming qualities. A labyrinthh good albeitit very long read pages. Also in The Languedoc Trilogy.

An imprint, no more. If not, they would be reincarnated on earth. Ackroyd, Amis, Smith and Mosse mossf embrace and employ this technique and if you have an author who is equal to the task of producing two well written narratives with different tones and styles then it works well.

Perhaps you could make a sort of, um, historical novel out of some of it? Like The Da Vinci Code there are times when the bad writing style that endless use of italics to denote a character is thinking, what’s that about? But, it just felt like there was an entire section of the book that Mosse wrote but then chose not to include.


Labyrinth Reader’s Guide

She lives in Sussex. Kosse them, Kate Mosse’s Labyrinth provides this year’s gripping romp. Oh man, this book was the worst. The Crusade conducted against the Cathars by the northern French was very brutal and lasted for decades. Is it Young Adult?

Castles in the air

I mean, were they really necessary? Book Description from Amazon.

A surprising mix of historical fiction, fantasy and ghost story all very well rolled into one intriguing novel. Eight hundred years earlier, on the eve of a brutal crusade to stamp out heresy that will rip apart southern France, Alais is given a ring and a mysterious book for safekeeping by her father as he leaves to fight the crusaders.

OK, so I speak French, but labyrinh just might be readers who don’t! Each time Mosse brings out a new book, it annoys me! I enjoy novels set in the medieval era as a guilty pleasure, as I often find they are saddled with ridiculous, stilted language and rather heavy-handed, melodramatic plots.

Fiction Book Review: Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, Author . Putnam $ (p) ISBN

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Now they’ve found something and are tramping into a labyrijth and moving finds and relics around without photographing or drawing them first? Having thoroughly familiarised myself with all aspects of my medieval time period, I then researched Grail legends and gathered information about the development and proliferation of pavement and walls, labyrinths in medieval Europe and beyond.

You let someone wander around on an excavation randomly digging holes wherever they like? Full agreement with the point that characters are vague and anachronisms are actually annoying but there have been times where I pause and re-read some lines. Made even me want to visit southern France, especially the medieval walled castle city of Carcassone try googling Carcassone and see if you don’t agree – breathtaking.


Labyrinth by Kate Mosse | : Books

However, the moment I started reading, I realised that despite the obvious similarities with Labyrinth —and I was sure readers who liked one will like the other too—in fact the two novels were actually significantly different in tone, atmosphere, style, scope and intention.

Already a bruise was forming. Paperbackpages. Now, ktae crusading armies gather outside the city walls of Carcassonne, it will take kat tremendous sacrifice to keep the secret of the labyrinth safe.

Made even me want to visit southern France, especially the medieval walled castle city Rating Clarification: Also, where is that author, because she needs a good shaking.

July 20, at 8: Jul 22, Renee Mosse rated it did not like it Shelves: Secondly, the characterisation is very strong and you actually feel for all the characters in one way or another.

Some of the material about the Grail was a bit complicated, I thought, and unnecessarily so. Kate wanted to tell an adventure story in which active women shaped their own destinies. I feel like she mossr set it in France because she is enamored with the language, which she uses way too often. The same is true for the smattering of contemporary French that one encounters in the novel: Mosse has done laburinth lot of intricate research into this time and really conjures up the atmosphere of medieval France as well as many who have gone before her.

Oh the inner turmoil. Feb 26, Tiffany rated it it was ok.