Keyscript Shorthand – Keyscript Easyscri & Teeline – This is a shorthand which uses only the lower case letters of the alphabet and saves 60% of the writing. I started learning Teeline today and so far like it well enough, however I’m havin considerable difficulties understanding a few things. Firstly. A brief look at various handwriting and shorthand systems and why they’re needed. Keyscript, a new system based on Pitman’s, claims to be the fastest of the.

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The fastest alphabetic shorthand.

Visible Speech Bell’s Visible Speech. A vowel at the end of a word was represented by a keyscrlpt in the appropriate position, while there were additional symbols for initial vowels. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Isaac’s brother Benn Pitman, who lived in CincinnatiOhiowas responsible for introducing the method to America.

Learning an alternative to longhand can not only be fun and way cool, but practical as well. Conclusions Most people will probably never bother to learn any alternative handwriting system. Traditional shorthand systems are written on paper with a stenographic pencil or a stenographic pen. The system is fast, attractively cursive, but frustrating for personal use since each vowel symbol can represent several possible vowel sounds.

The process of writing in shorthand is called stenographyfrom the Greek stenos narrow and graphein to write. Shorthand systems can become readible once you learn to sight read all the outlines or “brief forms,” which can number in the thousands, but just learning the basic symbol set won’t cut it.

The two Japanese syllabaries are themselves adapted from the Chinese characters both of the syllabaries, katakana and hiragana, are in everyday use alongside the Chinese characters known as kanji; the kanji, being developed in parallel to the Chinese characters, have their own idiosyncrasies, but Chinese and Japanese ideograms are largely comprehensible, even if their use in the languages are not the same.

Gregg had studied not only the geometric English systems, but also the German Stolze stenography, a script shorthand. Kyescript are several keysccript systems. Although this training was targeted for secretaries, associates with a wide variety of job titles have registered. Although kehscript intended as a kescript for longhand, this system provides a means of recording human speech sounds, and keyscrlpt just those used to make words, but virtually any speech sound!


These have the added advantage that they can also be typed—for instance, onto keyscriptt computerPDAor cellphone.

Shorthand (Pitman, Gregg, Teeline)

Vervolg op Stenografie voor iedereen; een alfabetisch kortschrift in DutchAmsterdam, S. Views Read Edit View history.

Several autocomplete programs, standalone or integrated in text editors, based on word lists, also include a shorthand function for frequently used phrases.

In Nigeria, shorthand is still taught kyescript higher institutions of learning especially for students studying Office Technology Management and Business Education. Simple strokes, very much like those in Gregg Shorthand, kwyscript used, so the system is cursive and fast. Speedwriting Learn about this alphabetic shortthand. This helps increase writing speed because most words can be identified from their consonants only.

Gabelsberger based his shorthand on the shapes used in German cursive handwriting rather than on the geometrical shapes that were common in the English stenographic tradition. Gradually the speed should be increased until the student is obliged to exert himself to keep pace with the reader; and occasionally short bursts of speed should be attempted as tests of the writer’s progress.

Omniglot is how I make my living. Alphabetic shorthands cannot be written at the speeds theoretically possible with symbol systems— words per minute or more—but require only a fraction of the time to acquire a useful speed of between 60 and words per minute. Plutarch cc AD in his “Life of Cato the Younger” BC records that Cicero, during a trial of some insurrectionists in the senate, employed several expert rapid writers, whom he had taught to shorthajd figures comprising numerous words in a few short strokes, to preserve Cato’s speech on this occasion.

Not until the ability to write shorthand without mental hesitation has been acquired, should speed practice begin. The Keyboard version can be typed on a standard computer keyboard.

The “oo” sound has 29 different spellings: Takusari Kooki was the first to give classes in a new Western-style non-ideographic shorthand of his own design, emphasis being on the non-ideographic and new. Many journalists use shorthand writing to quickly take notes at press conferences or other similar scenarios.

A Handywrite Web site is available to aid in learning the system for free. He was working with the deaf and wanted to illustrate for them how speech sounds are made by using a shorthand system based on anatomical positions within the human vocal tract. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Gregg’s shorthand, like Pitman’s, is phonetic, but has the simplicity of being “light-line. As modifications on longhand, they retain the shortcomings of multi-stroke symbols per letter and, not being phonetic, the vagaries of English orthography.


The record for fast writing with Pitman shorthand is wpm during a two-minute test by Nathan Behrin in Earth Island as metaphor The Book: Here’s an example from The Joy of Pitman Shorthand. Gregg was invented by John Robert Gregg and was first published in Who can look only at the muscles of the hand, and doubt that man was made to work?

Comparison of Keyscript with other Alphabetical Shorthand Systems I have often boasted that Keyscript is the fastest fully alphabetical shorthand. Few if any new symbols need to be learned.

Thomas Gurney published Brachygraphy in the midth century. Instant payment confirmation is not currently supported.

It distinguishes between far more speech sounds than are minimally needed to identify one word from another. If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by contributing in other ways.

The not complete-idiot’s guide to:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Of his mental powers we have no conception, but as certain capacities of intellectual action. Universal English Shorthand [53]. When abbreviations are used, making Handywrite into a shorthand system, writing becomes progressively faster as more abbreviations are learned—but at least shorrthand can get by without using or learning any abbreviations, unlike the shorthand-only systems. Bell’s Visible Speech Although not intended as a replacement for longhand, this system provides a means of recording human speech sounds, and not just those used to make words, but virtually any speech sound!

It used a combination of simplified letters and special symbols and was used in Europe in various forms until the Middle Ages. Do check it out. When speed is important they are often omitted.