Either/Or (Danish: Enten – Eller) is the first published work of the Danish philosopher Søren During his stay, Kierkegaard worked on the manuscript for Either/Or, took daily I have half a mind to write a counter-piece to “The Seducer’s Diary. “In the vast literature of love, The Seducer’s Diary is an intricate curiosity–a feverishly intellectual attempt to reconstruct an erotic failure as a pedagogic success. Kierkegaard seems to have written “The Seducer’s Diary” partly as a means of presenting himself as the titular cad, in an effort to save the.

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There is pleasure with its seductive power, the multiplicity with its bewildering distractions, the moment with its infatuating importance and the conceited laboriousness of busyness and the careless time-wasting of light-mindedness and the gloomy brooding of heavy-mindedness-all this will draw us away from ourselves to itself in order to deceive us.

If Johannes wants only the fleeting thrill of seduction, the crystalized moment of victory, then his story is a triumph; but as a love story?

But the author showing us all the imaginable aspects of the character’s challenge is merely endlessly polishing up his graphomania and recuperating from the guilt trips we can barely share or understand. It kierkegaaed a kierkdgaard of papers, found by ‘Victor Eremita’ and written by ‘A’, the “aesthete. The conversion which is properly from immediacy to spirit, that dying away, will not be serious, will be an illusion, experimentation, if there is no factor, which is not the individual itself.

It is the alternation between presence and absence: I was reminded of this book when I got to the big seduction scene in Cohen’s Belle du Seigneur. These are the burdens of Johannes, the kierkegaarc fate that he suffers. Seduction is methodical, thought-out, deliberate. How much of the calling of the muse depends on the muse, how much on the single individual, and how much on will or volition?

Either/Or – Wikipedia

The perusal of the first part left a feeling of emptiness and despair behind it. Our young friend deducer always remain on the outside. The French had found their models in the Greeks and Aristotle; now it is, say, Shakespeare who is alone absolutely worthy of imitation in poetry, Mozart as Kierkegaard maintains in Enten-Eller kierlegaard is the perfect model in music.

Scribe’s play is 16 pages long [39] and Kierkegaard writes a page review of the book. The whole book can be viewed as the struggle individuals go through as they attempt to find meaning in their lives. Faustus asks “Who made the world? Hence they both love and love each other, but nevertheless it is a misunderstanding.


These papers are supposedly written by two different men: What an inexplicable contradiction? For the days shall come upon you when your enemies will cast up a bank about you and surround you and hem you sdeucer on every side, and then will dash you to the kierkegaare and your children within you will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.

I placed the words in her mouth, and yet it is as if I abused her confidence; to me, it is as if she stood reproachfully behind me, and yet it is the other way around, in her mystery she becomes ever more and more visible. So you betray not only your own cause but, insofar as it lies with you, the cause of all people; and in your humbly shutting yourself out from their number, you are slyly destroying their power.

I picked this up in a little hole-in-the-wall shop three months ago, purely for aesthetic reasons– the gorgeous, pressed cover. The third essay, called “The Unhappiest One”, discusses the hypothetical question: You, my only confident, the only being whom I consider worthy of being my ally and my enemy, always the same by forever being different, always incomprehensible, always a riddle! An effect of this abstraction is that no one notices the first, and this is precisely the art, and through it the true infinitizing of the first is conditioned.

The main purpose of this visit was to attend the lectures by the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schellingwho was an eminent figure at the time. Swenson and Lillian Marvin Swenson. Kierkegaard saw this as a denial of true selfhood and instead advocated the importance of personal responsibility and choice-making.

The Seducer’s Diary

I get the impression that Kierkegaard was doing pretty much the same thing with Regine, the girl he was keen on, though in real life the effect seems to have been the opposite; they broke up, and never got back together again. Maybe he was doing her a favor, since the couple in Cohen’s novel don’t exactly have a happy life together. Today I really enjoyed watching little Louis. Commensurate with his narcissism is an inability to feel deserving of love, of a healthy relationship, kiekegaard romantic kinship or oneness with another.

Never have I cursed you because you have appeared; I curse you because you do not appear at all. At first they thought she was in love and was ashamed to own it; they spoke to her, but she repudiated the idea. Part II was his “Discourse on Life as a Duty, and when he reached the end of the work he found the moral philosopher in despair, and that seduced this teaching about duty had only produced a Philistine.


This is the ,ierkegaard seducer; the aesthetic interest here is also different, namely: This external is perhaps quite unobtrusive but not until I look through it, do I discover that inner picture which I desire to show you, an inner picture too delicately drawn to be outwardly visible, woven as it is of the tenderest moods of the soul.

One model, unquestioned, absolute, follows the other. The extremely nested pseudonymity of this work adds a problem of interpretation. That’s the only reason it loses a star for this edition. To me this is essential and healthy since locking oneself in one’s intellect implies that one refuses to live. Arnim tells somewhere of a seducer of a very different style, a seducer who falls under ethical categories.

Kierkegaard, using the pseudonym ‘A. Talvolta sembrava che gli fossi sconosciuta, talaltra tutto s’abbandonava a me; se mai poi lo cingevo con le mie braccia, allora improvvisamente tutto svaniva e io non abbracciavo che nuvole.

She was a riddle, who mysteriously possessed her own solution, a secret, and what are all diplomats’ secrets compared with this, an enigma, and what in all the world is so beautiful as ghe word that solves it?

The Seducer’s Diary: how a 19th century philosopher anticipated the pick up artist movement

As she gets drawn to him, he then introduces an aloofness, feigning distance and indicating a fading of this power, which makes her confused and anxious, and she tries eagerly to bridge this distance and resume power again. The more prominent the erotic becomes, the shorter the notes will be, but all the more certain to grasp the erotic point.

To our Heiberg, for instance, St. Kierkegaard left the task of discovering the meaning of his works to the reader, because “the task must be made difficult, for only the difficult inspires the noble-hearted”.

In Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel ‘s work, The Science of LogicHegel had criticized Aristotle ‘s laws of classical logic for being static, rather than dynamic and becoming, and had replaced it with his own dialectical logic.

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Kierkegaard’s “despair” is a somewhat analogous precursor of existential angst. Her mother took the book and opened it; it was The Adventures of Telemachus.