Selected as the CBC Canada Reads Winner! “A dazzling display of fictional footwork The author has not written just another hockey novel;. Paul Quarrington’s novel, Galveston, was nominated for the Scotiabank Giller Prize; King Leary won the CBC’s Canada Reads competition and the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Quarrington is the Canadian author of the King Leary – Kindle edition by Paul Quarrington. Download it once and.

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Percival “King” Leary is an octogenarian ex-hockey star, nearing death and haunted, albeit gently, by the ghosts of his past. It is funny and poignant and enraging and bizarre and unsettling and, most especially, Quarrington respects his readers. He does this because he regrets not telling Manfred that. Nov 28, Pages Buy. Enter keyword s to search for the articles,events,business listing and community content.

It is also a story of redemption. Canada Reads is a radio debate over several Canadian works of fiction, all of which are ok, but none of which ever appear to stand out in my mind. Open Preview See a Problem?

Community Dec 28, High above zero dropping again tonight Dec. How can you dislike a book that makes such liberal use of such a great word? You can use letters: I am secretly five years old in the humour pau, so onomatopoeic burps and statements like this caused me to make very undignified faces on the bus as I tried not to laugh out loud: The author of ten novels, Paul Quarrington was also a musician most recently in the band Porkbelly Futuresan award-winning ,eary and filmmaker, and an acclaimed non-fiction writer.

It also kind of reminded me of the narrator of Barney’s Version, by Mordecai Richler, except the chronology is easier to follow and there are no laul. Many other professional hockey players like Percival go through similar emotional struggles. How their knock on effect can resound a long while after they have stopped being shouted or spoken or even whispered.

King Leary now lives in a nursing home with his crony Blue Hermann, a former newspaper reporter, but when Leary is asked to travel to Toronto to qurrington a ginger ale commercial, they pack up their canes and go. The goal is to have every citizen of the nation read the book, in h This book was chosen as the “Canada Reads” selection. Recommended to rabbitprincess by: The goal is to have every citizen of the nation read the book, in hopes that it will generate discussion and debate, increasing the sense of community in the nation.


Gradually, more and more of the hinterland kinv the story is explored or, if you will, the quarington sketches he has drawn of others’ lives are gradually given shade and depth and perspective and this comes through encounters with his ‘fallen comrades’ arriving like Banquo’s ghost to chaallenge the equilibrium of quarrjngton old age.

On being taken there by train he was met by what can only be called four very ugly monks who drove him in a horse and cart to the reformatory which resembled nothing less than a castle.

His non-fiction writing included books on some of his favourite pastimes such as fishing, hockey and music. The novel King Leary by Quarrington is a fantastic book and every Canadian should read it.

Jan 26, Clare rated it it was amazing. I wouldn’t say to avoid it, but there are certainly plenty of other, better Canadian novels to read in lieu of this. The characters are quite stereotypical, but humour is by nature stereotypical characterization.

So is King visited by the ghosts of his friends Clay and Manny, and his son Clarence, who help him understand that things were not always as they appreared, and allow him to make some healing choices.

To quote a friend: The game of hockey and the hockey franchise world are raw and vicious where men play hard, drink hard and live like the kings of the world the fans have made them. It did provoke some discussion about hockey and its history.

King Leary

Jul 26, Sally pauk it liked it. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of old-time hockey culture against the hectic pace of the modern world as the protagonist, an aged athletic ‘King’ long forgotten by the world, goes on one last adventure as he heads to Toronto towing his alcoholic nurse and decrepit roommate with him to film a ginger ale commercial with the NHL’s newest superstar.


Also I really liked how the book ends. This is a well rounded book. Sep 30, LibraryCin rated it it was ok Shelves: Jul 17, David McClelland rated it really liked it Shelves: Alcoholism is also a recurring theme. This book won Canada Reads inbut surprisingly it does not seem to be widely read. His talent is that he makes us, his readers, discover this quarrinbton truth at the same time as Leary faces up to it. Plus, the word “gormless” is used about 57 times.

Recommended to Sarah by: I found that it was a fitting end for a hockey player. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

King Leary by Paul Quarrington | : Books

The flashbacks develop the characters of Percival Leary and Manfred Ozikean in such a way that you see Manfred is the true king of the ice and not Percival.

This book has an incredible voice and truly memorable characters and is easily the best novel knig Full of blarney, spit and spunk, and often drunk on ginger ale, Percival Leary was the king of the ice in kking heyday, captain of the Ottawa Patriots, trained by monks and fearless in the rink.

But I ain’t interested in reading what Oprah tells me to read. Jan 21, Zen rated it really liked leaty Shelves: Louis Whirlygig” to score the winning goal in the Stanley Cup final. Stay in Touch Sign up. Paul Quarrington, of whom I had never heard, was one and this was the book i bought. Jordin has been able to overcome it with help and says that it was one of the best decisions of his life. Also I rea It took me so long to read this book.

They also share the same birth place of Ottawa. The same reason t Beautifully done.