Getting Started with : Important Details. # Inheritance. Reference App; Welcome; Manage Things. Credits; Demo Mode. The stack versions provide + + + in a single file.

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I just released v0. This component provides a page navigator with history and optional transition animations. Main benefit of Knockback.

javascript – Is production ready? – Stack Overflow

Im proper use of tools Too often, in a large Backbone application you find yourself building up views with too much logic in them, almost knockbadk requiring sub-state management. In Knockback, while using Knockout. Glad you’re enjoying the subroute plugin! So the question is “is knockBack going to be a long term supportable solution? I’d strongly recommend it.

Your voice will help us improve JavaScript.

Community Extensions Submit yours now! It’s not impossible to get a large organization to adopt.

Then, I discovered Knockout and knew it was for me! For those who do not know it, make sure to have a look at the interactive tutorial at http: It is the nature of the beast, knofkback bleeding edge of innovation. I totally hear where you’re coming from as well.


Todd on Sept 2, Thank you.

After a while, I found the view coding too slow so I wrote Mixin. Knockout provided just the right building blocks for a layer between my templates and data.

Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Basics

Looks like SO thinks this question has been deleted, but I would enjoy reading this. I’ve been using Knockback on a large multi-module project with good results.

Actual settings eg colors for different priorities in a task list to be applied on all the associated ViewModels, or You will need to provide a routing solution like Backbone. Thank you for taking the time to package and release this! Backbone to the rescue!

Getting Started Overview

PageNavigatorSimple This component provides a page navigator with no history and no transitions. Another option of data binding: The fact that knockout will be included in MVC4 would suggest it is reaching maturity and has a strong lnockback of momentum behind it.

You can also force pages to unload when they are not active, but supplying a ‘create’ function rather than an element. I’ve seen people mess up production apps with Jquery. Backbone-Relational Backbone Associations new! When I was looking for my next productivity increase, an ex-work colleague suggested Sproutcore, but at the time, knockbcak wasn’t yet micro-frameworky enough meaning I would need to learn knofkback big and “to throw the baby out with the bathwater” as they say it is hard to give up Backbone models and collections!


Unfortunately I can’t comment on backbone as I haven’t used beyond tutorials, someone else might be able to assist though. Views’ settings Following MVVM principles where a ViewModel is the “View’s Model”, and therefore owns its own properties and methods which are then reflected in the View itself, Knockback ViewModels can add View setting and control properties, knockbavk are not and should not be!

When an element is created, Knockback binds Knockout’s dispose node callback:. It’s hard enough to get corporate buy in on knockoutJS. Todd on Sept 2, Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The tutorials are exceptional. Routing In Knockback, while using Knockout. It does feel a knofkback like building a Frankenstein monster, sometimes, stitching together all these libraries. JQuery is well documented and widely accepted.