Kubotans require a bit of training to use them correctly in self defense and they are not just used for striking purposes. There is a wide range of other self defense . Basic self-defense skills with a Kubotan can be taught in an hour or so. The full course is only a day. The full (law enforcement) course includes takedowns. Kubotan is a genericized trademark for a self-defense keychain weapon developed by Sōke M. Davis then former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, created the weapon and began training female officers in its application.

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Mostly there is a companion DVD for every available manual, one is the official kubotan techniques DVD and others that we will talk about in other posts, but again in our estimation Kubotan Self Defense DVD for Sammy franco comes first.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Being prepared for the real thing will require you to practice using the kubotan under real world self defense conditions. Simply you need to practice and train the moves and strikes over and over until you can perform instinctively.

Blunt weapons Non-lethal weapons Weapons of Japan. The officer may also reach around the suspect’s neck and underarm from behind and cause pain by stabbing the end of the Kubotan into the top of his pectoral muscle. Stylus Kubaton by George Matheis. The book also provides a variety of basic techniques.


Kubotan for Self Defense Purposes

Tactical Dog Leash by George Matheis. Good instruction on how to use it and usable to carry for anyone who desire to protect themselves.

Remember, if you live in the United States laws will vary from state to state. Trainibg versions of the Kubotan can be readily found and put to use. In the United States there are few legal restrictions on Kubotans, with the notable exception that they are prohibited as carry-on items for air travellers.

Kubotan low concealment – this concealment position is used when both you and your adversary are in the neutral zone from one another. There are some other Kubotan training aspects, which I will touch upon in future posts, for now just train on using your kubotan. This kubotan stance is often used when you are caught off guard and don’t want your adversary to know you have a kubotan in your hand.

It is probably most modern comprehensive manual on the subject. Retrieved 7 April The term ‘pocket stick’ is also sometimes used to classify such hand weapons.

To learn more about knockout pressure points, see my article rraining point fighting. While its true that you can deliver a strike from just about any posture of position, there are some stances or postures that are better suited for kubotan techniques.

The live partner will be moving, reacting, he will vary his attacks and defenses allowing you to build up the required skills for the real game.


Kubotan – Wikipedia

For more information on using the body opponent bag for kubotan training, see our kubotan companion workout e-book. Since kubotans are a derivation of the yawara stick, all of the skills and techniques featured in the Kubotans DVD are also applicable to the yawara stick.

We will also be compiling a complete play list in our media library. Best of all, it’s very inexpensive and can be purchased easily.

Dulo Yawara Koga Kubotan Training Pocket Stick & Self Defense Instruction DVD

Downward squeezing pressure is then applied to the bone to take down the attacker. Top audio and color quality. Also check out our other current promotions!

Since kubotans are used as everyday key chainsthe key portion can be used a flailing weapon to swipe across an attacker’s face.

Kubotan for Self-Defense: Contemporary Fighting Arts

Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper. Real life training develops your skills on distance and timings which are very important aspects in a fight. As simple and effective as kuobtan kubotan can be, it does require considerable training to use it effectively in a self defense situation.

Kubotan Another great product from Sammy and crew. However, we know that a partner is not always available for such a realistic training.