La conciencia de la mestiza:Towards a New Consciousness. AF. Ana Flores. Updated 31 March Transcript. Gloria Anzaldúa. “The fact that I . Gloria Anzaldua’s, “La Conciencia de la Mestiza” The chapter “Towards a New Consciousness” begins with a reference to Mexican author. La conciencia de la mestiza/towards a new consciousness: an inter-american conversation with Gloria Anzaldúa. Rev. Estud. Fem. [online]. , vol, n

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Identities, or people rather, learn to live in all cultures and in mestizza Borderlands by not having to choose between cultures. Although it has its difficult of balancing of balancing the cultures from time to time, altogether it is one of the greatest cultures in existence due to the taking the best from each culture and making it their own.

Anzaldua speaks of Mestiza consciousness as a means to heal the wounds established by the Borderlands. Laura Wilson May 28, at 8: Mexican culture can also have independent elements towardw show differences i.

Fabian Ramos May 26, at 7: Mexican men and Mexican women. The mestiza uses a double consciousness to engulf all aspects of her identity to promote her identity in its entirety. In my opinion it was very strong and i didn’t find any flaws. There is always a stance and a counterstance, “A counterstance locks one into a duel of oppressor and oppressed; locked in mortal combat” Anzalduaand while this can create an effect of change for the oppressed in the end “it is not a way of life” because “All reaction is limited by, and dependent on what it is reacting against” Even though Anzaldua writes from a different place than other theorists like Haraway and Nw, it seems as though she influences and is influenced by their post-modern writings of identity.


This system of fourcing people to pick a side creates a superior and inferior leaving the inferior with no chance of moving up. One might consider that the new consciousness ushered is a conaciousness embrace of the minorities towards its melting into the greater majority. Katia Semenchuk May 26, at 3: The dualistic way of thinking must be uprooted.

Moreover, mesfiza Borderlands are any space where those in the lower, middle, and upper classes approximate each other, where people of different races live together socially, and where cultures merge. In this case the dualistic thinking that has to be destroyed in order for the brain to take the concepts of collective consciousness. Anzaldua is stressing that the mestizo must transcend the border that lies within themselves.

English La Conciencia de la Mestiza- Towards a New Consciousness by Anzaldua

Merstiza consciousness “uproot dualistic thinking” and allows for the first step towards a self identity. I like how you referenced prior topics with the mention of the Coatlicue state and how you discussed the ignorance caused by dualistic thinking.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. La mestiza “constantly has to shift out of habitual formations,” descendant of indigenous and spanish blood, la mestiza has to become “flexible” and balance between her two cultures, bending to each of their wills Anzaldua In order to resolve all conflict, this idea most be overcome on a universal scale. Through very vivid imagery and metaphorical diction, Anzaldua describes the pain and struggle of living divided in ambiguity of identity. Abby Farmilant May 26, at 2: She understands that she comes from more that one race and believes that that is what leads her to develop a mestiza concious which in the end helps her understand who she really is.

Paige Calace May 27, at 8: This lack of understanding causes confusion and anger from all parties involved. Those that do not choose to fall on either side or feel that they sit in the middle or lay at any point on the spectrum other than the ends are not recognized. The new Mestiza is able to adapt to different environments and juggle these set cultures and be able to view different things through different ‘lens’.


Of the Mexican-Indian difference, sameness can be found. This response is well done and you use the quotes well condiencia justify your claims.

Norma Vargas May 26, at Only then can we see a way out of oppression through social revolution. Its cind of vauge.

La Conciencia de la Mestiza Towards a New Consciousness

The mestiza consciousness creates “a new value system with images and conciecia to consciousnesss us to each other” instead of promoting the dualistic thinking that allows the labeling of people as others. Melanie i think you did great job defining what the mestiza consciousness is. I say this because the current powers rule off of cultural clashes, as long as blacks and latinos, the poor and the middle class fight against each other then there will never be unity among the oppressed.

This concept is utilized by chicanos as a way to cknciencia with the constant contradictions that impede on their success in the United States of America. This race will be able to distinguish between the good and the bad from the past cultures; therefore only embracing the good from each culture to ultimately create a cosmic race.