Directed by Miguel Contreras Torres. With Manuel Medel, Elvia Salcedo, Katy Jurado, Lola Tinoco. Directed by Roberto Gavaldón. With Ignacio López Tarso, Lucha Villa, Lilia Prado, Lupita Ferrer. SOME NON-FICTIONAL ASPECTS OF LA VIDA. INÚTIL DE PITO PÉREZ. By James e. Mac Kegney in many respects, José Rubén Romero’s novel, La vida inútil.

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Volume Issue 52 Janpp. Volume Inugil 50 Janpp. Volume Issue 47 Janpp. Volume Issue 45 Janpp.

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Volume Issue 44 Janpp. Volume Issue 41 Eprezpp. Volume Issue 40 Janpp. Volume Issue 37 Janpp. Volume Issue 35 Janpp. Volume Issue 34 Janpp.


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Volume Issue 10 Janpp. Volume Issue 7 Janpp. Volume Issue 6 Janpp. Volume Issue 5 Janpp. Volume Issue 2 Janpp. Volume 1 Issue 1 Janpp. Volume Issue 3 Janpp. Volume Issue 1 Janpp. Inufil picaresco en los albores de la Nueva Novela Hispanoamericana: About the article Published Online: By using the comment function on degruyter.

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