Lubczak J., Podstawy chemii organicznej, Skrypt Politechniki Rzeszowskiej, ; Achremowicz L., Soroka M., Laboratorium chemii organicznej, Skrypt. Project the contents: Basic literature: A. I. Vogel: Preparatyka organiczna, WNT, ; L. Achremowicz, M. Soroka: Laboratorium Chemii Organicznej. Analiza Substancji Organicznych”, which was written in Polish, and printed in [3] Achremowicz L., Soroka M., Laboratorium chemii organicznej.

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During the third step of the separation process, the adsorbed substances are removed from the column by 33 changing the elution conditions unfavourably for ionic bonding of these molecules. The mixed retention mechanism involving hydrophobic adsorption, p -electron interactions and screening effect is observed for weak electrolytes and aromatic compounds [8, 13, 14]. The reaction is performed at low temperature in dichloromethane solution.

Aromatic hydrocarbons — derivatives of benzene. The reaction of 1-chloronitrobenzene with sodium sulphide and disulphide in N-methylpyrrolidone proceeds as follows: Principles and practical aspects of medicinal chemistry Language of the lecturer: It appears that DDT ban stands out as the biggest homicidal act in all history of mankind.

Some basic information about the module

Triterpenes are the group of natural compounds widespread in the plant kingdom [1]. The final grade is a weighted average; the weight of a test is twice greater than a weight of an oral test or minor test. In order to tie up the Oranicznej formed during the reaction and to liberate the alcohol complex, one commonly uses triethylamine as the base.

Aims of the course is to acquire basic knowledge of laboratorim pointed out below.

07_Synthetic Organic..

Lots of organic compounds have a defined colour because of chromophoric groups in their structures. Design of alkylating and suicide enzyme inhibitors 6.


In cold dilute solutions, the chief product of the reaction on an olefin is glycol. Biological active compounds in herbs 3. This book is intended for students who want to know more about identification methods of organic compounds, also of synthetic organic drugs. The next model is Dugdale model developed for crack tip plasticity and is quite simple: Dicarboxylic acids esters, which are commonly used as synthetic fluids together with the compounds of oligomer, character are also discussed [37].

Coordination properties of phosphonic and aminophosphonic acids are important factors to understand the role of the ligands and metal ions in biological systems. When the situation is reversed, and the isolated compound is extracted from the lighter solution to the heavier one, the heavier solvent is heated all the time to evaporate it and its vapour is condensed on the walls of a cooler to be able to drop into the extractor.

It was found that calixarene ionophore with chromogenic urea groups show changes in the 1 H NMR and phosphorescence spectra in the presence of nitrate, dihydrophosphate and hydrophosphate anions. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. We decided not to write about spectroscopic data of organic compounds. Components of Optical Instruments 3. TLC can also be used on a semi-preparative scale to separate mixtures of up to a few hundred milligrams.

Structural analogy as a mean of drug design 5. Theses, currently funded grants, domestic and foreign experts, research conferences, job or fellowship offers. The transition metal complexes with various types of attached to polymer support ligands were used as these catalysts.

The contact details of the coordinator: The nitrobenzo-1,8-naphthyridines 52 constitute a group of potential interest for the design of new cytotoxins [41]. Bowers Office Hours: Instruction in Chemistry has been. ThinLayer Chromatography Thin layer chromatography TLC is the rapid and easy chromatography technique, very often used to separate mixtures.


Karta modułu kształcenia

Generally, substances are identified by the order in which they elute from the column and by the retention time of the analyte in the column. Examples lahoratorium synthesis of small molecule libraries. The condensation reaction of p-tert -butylphenol with formaldehyde leads in one step, with relatively high yield, to macrocyclic phenol-formaldehyde tetramer – calix[4]arene.

Some modification of this process is the distillation under gas stream Fig. Only one of the two liquid layers is refluxed to the distillation set-up.

It is shown that depending on the pH and the nature of the metal ion in solution these ligands can bind to a metal ion via oxygen s mostly with alkaline earth ionsand in a N,O bonding mode usually with d metals. Carbohydrates play very important role in biological systems. Organoleptic properties of the most compounds are characterized and related to the molecular structure of sweetener is discussed.

Generally oxygen atoms are not analyzed in elemental analysis, and the percentage of them is normally obtained by the difference in the percentages of the other atoms. Physical Organic Chemistry Language of the lecturer: The course covers some optic, spectroscopic, electroanalytical and chromatographic methods of analysis. Chemical Technology Certificate of Achievement: