All Things Technical. Download Landice technical manuals below. Treadmill Technical Manuals. L7/L8/L9 Treadmill 90 Series Service Manual MB. Home and Commercial Treadmill. Diagnostic and Service Manual. Dt. Addendum. Version C For Technical Service Call 1-()-LANDICE. Press the MANUAL button at any time and the treadmill is at your command to .. Landice will send you a complimentary Landice T-shirt upon receipt of your.

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Service claim form can be mailed, emailed, faxed or sent with the returned part.

Support the elevation motor and remove the pin from the Clevis mount. Manual Mode Manual mode is a user-defined workout program without any program parameters. Fitness Journal Residential only Note: In institutional settings, Landice recommends lubricating the underside landicce the treadbelt with Landice SlipCoat every 3, miles.

The treadmill should now be level.

Landice Treadmill Manuals

Page 95 Executive Treadmill Operation 3. Count to two and release all keys.


Let treadbelt stabilize rotate for 30 seconds. Pulse Grips 2 Detects pulse when hands are placed on the grips, allowing treadmill to calculate and display heart rate. You are moving the take-up roller closer or further away from the deck to tension the treadbelt.

Also See for L7 Brochure – 10 pages Owner’s manual – pages. This program features two elevation peaks along with gradual changes in speed. The program preview is a graphical representation of the program you have selected which displays The lap counter will return to 1. Using The Pro Trainer Treadmill: Landice will reimburse the selling dealer according to our flat rate ladice schedule.

Landice L7 Service Manual

The treadmill can be used immediately as the Guest user or as a default Client. One side has the LED emitter and the other the light detector.

Landics treadmill screens are shown in this procedure. This manual also for: A quick start guide for using the treadmill console controls is provided in the following table. Landice heart rate monitors are used to monitor your level of exercise intensity during workouts.


Landice Product Manuals | Treadmills, Ellipticals & Bikes | Landice

Page 36 Installation Page 62 – PT4: Introduction Lahdice John is 35 years old, what is his estimated maximum heart rate? On the Pro Trainer these keys are used to enter values.

Remove drive belt from motor. Loss of Speed Signal: Safety Lanyard Repair Procedures 7. Treadbelt Guides – L7 Only Note: Page 10 Introduction Specifications Figure Press start on the treadmill to see if it blows the fuse.

Self-diagnostics executive Treadmill Only When self-test is complete, one of the following messages is displayed: Most standard greases, waxes, and silicone sprays will build up on the rollers and affect belt slippage and tracking and could void the warranty. Upper display lights but treadbelt does not move 6. Adjustments Drive Belt Tension Figure Page 45 Pro Trainer Treadmill Operation 3.