Chess has 31 ratings and 0 reviews. This is a superb book for the strong club player to near master. It is a compilation of positions from master pl. : Chess Middlegames () by Laszlo Polgar and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. Laszlo Polgar this app by Grandmaster Julen Arizmendi, who is a professional chess trainer and also published author of Middlegame Book Suggestions Chess .

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Please turn on javascript in your browser to play chess. Public Forums Search Recommended. Nowakowski Only Chess 09 Jul ’09 I’m looking for some new study material, and I’ve really began to take a liking to the Polgar method for tactical study in books. Also I like dhess theoretical insight present in their books.

Chess Middlegames: Laszlo Polgar: : Books

Any information or reviews of the following book list would be greatly appreciated. I already have problems and love it Review I’m looking for anyone who has any experience with the following books.

Reform Chess Laszlo Polgar This book is certainly of huge interest to me, I’m very curious if anybody has any luck working through it. It would seem at first glance to be very lasxlo in depth, and difficult overall.

Chess: Middlegames

I’m looking ;olgar strengthen my tactical and board vision here. It seems like this idea of building your pattern recog “flexibly” would be hugely useful. I definitely wonder if the smaller boards tactical shots are of use. It would seem as though this method would strengthen flexible pattern vision on the board.

Chess tactics for Champions: A step-by-step guide to using tactics and combinations the Polgar way – Susan Polgar My understanding is this book uses Laslo’s method of pattern building, with a few small mod’s to his method by his daughter Susan.

Anyone have any insight on this? Step-by-step instructions for pplgar chess the Polgar way -Susan Polgar This book, so instructed previously seemes to be a book for beginners. However it is my understanding that Susan gets into some deeper explanation of theory in this book, and that the puzzles inside the book were chosen in the Polgar fashion as usual. Is their any worthy material in here for slightly more advanced players? polga


Middlegaames Middlegames – Laszlo Polgar My understanding is this is a workbook of middle game positions with over 4, positions! If this is a correct description, I’ll be buying this book immediately, as it also is rumored to follow the famous Polgar method. Minichess – Laszlo Polgar My understanding is this book contains another positions for study in the Polgar method.

The *other* Laszlo Polgar books

Any news on this book for study? Any information or reviews are greatly appreciated. As far as I know Polgar polgad no explaining at all, he only gives diagrams. A lot of diagrams. Originally posted by heinzkat As far as I know Polgar does no explaining at all, he only gives diagrams.

I believe in the Modern Chess copy he gives some explanation as to the correct study lawzlo the tactical motiff’s in that book. The Polgar daughters typically do some teaching on chess theory. I love his diagram only books, and have 2 of those listed of course.

Well, I guess I’ll just laslo the books and work through them myself. Then maybe someday if a serious student comes along I’ll be able to inform them of these books value. Hi The only “personal experience” I have is in the form of “Chess Endgames” and “Reform Chess”; both contain a middlegamea amount of diagrams yet feel empty. I have used them and picked up certain “things” from them, but due to the lack of explanations I can’t say I recommend it as an improving tool.

There is nothing against having them in the bookcase though I think I don’t know anything about Ziyatdinov nor GM-ram. I do know that personally I do not fancy the Polgar books content much. Originally posted by wormwood wasn’t ziyatdinov’s logic behind GM-ram exactly that? Is there any information available maybe a book or something detailing the methods used by Laszlo to train his daughters?


Has there been any scientific research or any articles published detailing the Polgar sisters’ rise and how they were trained? This is interesting of course from both a chess and psychological perspective Originally posted by skims Is pokgar any information available maybe a book or something detailing the methods used by Lwszlo to train his daughters?

Originally posted by Nowakowski I’m looking for some new study material, and I’ve really began to take a liking to the Polgar method for tactical study in books. I already have problems and love it [b]Review I’ It is exactly what you think: It’s like his first book except you have to find a combination leading to an advantage instead of a mate in x and there are no games chesz it.

He also has one on the endgame with positions.

Originally posted by Winston Smith Hi! I currently already have an endgame study theme which I follow, So I’m not looking at this time to mix that up. But thank you for the info on the book! Does it break down the problems into squares f6 advantages and combinations g5 advantages and combinations like he does in the first book? This would be a huge help in my study system!

Originally posted by Nowakowski Right! Here’s the table of contents so you can see for yourself.

Originally posted by Winston Smith A few are about squares,yes. Thank you very much, very very helpful information! Reset password New user. Sign up or Connect to Play Chess.