Buy Army Armored Humvee – Battle Brick Custom Set: Building Sets Printed step-by-step instructions; Hand Sorted Custom Set with pieces . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO┬« elements that have been repackaged. Buy Battle Brick Army Armored Humvee Custom Set: Action Figures 5 doors and roof mounted machine gun; Printed step-by-step instructions . This set contains custom items and Genuine LEGO┬« elements that have been repackaged. Lego Humvee: I made a Lego Humvee that can accommodate up to 4 passengers and 1 gunner. Here is the the web site URL for the instructions, enjoy!.

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Its about the fact that this photo show a human being happy with the suffering and death of another one. I understand it was meant to be lighthearted, but this really is indicative of a greater problem, namely the association of Muslims with terrorism and vice versa. Again, I personally passed this over because I felt uncomfortable with what I was seeing in the photo and Tyler has since clarified lfgo what I was seeing was not intendedbut the creation itself was worth blogging, and Nannan chose to go ahead and do so.

This is always the hardest thing, it is easier to dismiss something as having no meaning when the images greatest message is not for you.

Now please everyone, can we get back to the awesome MOC rather than trying to invent some problem? With that said, I think where I come down is in full support of both blogging such a fantastic build, and the editorial disclaimer that comes with it. Your response simply confirms that you agree with the political perspectives and world view implied in my previous examples.


Controversy aside, I’m glad they’re getting attention. BTW, awesome design and great instructions. Bad guys wear black hats.

Lego Humvee with instructions | Lego | Pinterest | Lego, Lego creations and Lego military

If this were part of a vignette or scene realistically depicting a battle, and a fig had been run over, I would have less of a problem. Every one should try it.

You might love it. They look like everyone else until they go boom. These consequences are not necessarily bad, but they do exist.

HUMVEE Instructions

On the other hand, perhaps only an internal conversation is better? Historical scenes are in the past, and the others are fiction with no connection to any present-day circumstances in the real world.

Fantastic Humvee though, with lots of playability. This is a photograph, not a video. I thought the ninja mechanic was fixing the axle and the soldier is calling for help because the jack collapsed. Using the logic of going by a photograph, the fleshie minifig standing in the uniform also did nothing wrong. The primary issue I have with the image is its context.

instructioms I apologize to anyone who mistook my post for anything other than an opinion, and as a discounting of other opinions. As has been said, if someone posted a photo of the same scene, but with Instrcutions Joes or space police and aliens, or knights and trolls, etc there would be no such discussion. But, all I have to say is that, there will never stop being things that offend you, because everyone has the right to choose what to be offended by.


The Ranger of Awesomeness: How do you know this exactly? That levo the fact that you managed to get realistic working doors into a mini-figure scale moc really shows that you can cram alot of small detail into a small moc.

You need to understand this. The point is that the image depicts an unarmed person being intentionally crushed beneath the wheel of a military vehicle. Thanks for making me aware of my tone. The act of creation has consequences both for the creator and the audience; the act of publicizing said creation has further consequences. I think Catsy and Bunbrick really illustrated this well: It in fact took me a third look to figure out what was so offensive.

Lego Humvee with instructions

That aside, a Nazi in that context would be a uniformed soldier. Until we have proof to the contrary, Tyler was being callous with his depiction of violence and nothing more.

It is very well done.