Books on LibraryThing tagged Liber Razielis Archangeli. La fittizia associazione del Liber Razielis in sette libri ad Alfonso X il Saggio e una nuova determinazione delle fasi redazionali del trattato, della loro datazione e. Alfonso X y el Liber Razielis: Imágenes de la magia astral judía en el scriptorium alfonsí. Alejandro García Avilés. Pages Published.

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Studies on Magic: Planetary Characters (Liber Razielis Angeli)

And euermore put he his mind to his foure tymes which they ought to be as lkber in libro p’p’harum. Mainstream tazielis of rationalism with Kabbalah. Ne speakest thou not ere thou haue thought before. The 21 herb is Nasturcium. And Then I began to write all these treatises in a new volume for that one treatise without another suffiseth not to the holynes of the worke; therefore I made an hole booke to be made of 7.

And know thou that heere is fulfilled the third wing.

raziwlis The colour of Rubin is as the colour of fire sparckling. In the 4 th heauen that is said Maon serueth these ffrom the party of the North Rahumyel, hayuynyel, bacyel, serapyel, Matyel, Serael. Lacana, astagna, rebquin [? The 3 when he spake with the deuills. And libeer is deuided into 7 chapters. And Mars in Capricorno.

The Eagle hath such a nature that he taketh his sonns or birds when they be little.

And Sol in Ariete. And ech planet that diverseth by degrees is in opposition in that that [sic] it is in the Contrarie place. And Jupiter in Cancro. The 2 is when he spake with the Angells. And these be the names. K adds “or a rod. And in all things in clepinge these angells thou shalt profitt. And Natanael said to Solomon know thou that in the heauens of these 7 bright bodies be angells [r] without number mighty in all things.


The third fish is Cancer. Saturne hath the right eare, [Jupiter the left. And when the letters were expownded he saw the nure parte to accord with it in vertues of wordes. That is to say the great Angell of the secret Creator.

Galls, especially oak galls were a common ingredient in preparing inks. In the 7 heauen is Semoforas written in the booke of libeg. And know thou that the vision of months is upon all things that thou askest or would knowe. And God shallbe wth thee if of right thou axe. And it maketh to see spirits in the cloudes of heauen.

If thou suffumest tombes with this it gathereth the spiritts aboue downward. When he would worke by Semiforum first ere he beginn any thinge it behoueth him to name the 7 names of angells, for some angells be upon the 7 heauens. Salomon said as a quicke body middle or great is not moued with three feete neither any foule lesse then with 2 wings, neither the world [v] is gouerned lesse then with 4 elements.

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And of that other halfen deale anoynt he himselfe, rszielis shall go with him one of the deuills that is to witte, he whom he can inclepe which shall say many things to him. Here beginneth the 5 booke that treateth of cleanesse. The 5 beast is mustelathat is a wesill, this bringeth forth her issue at her moneth after Poets not after Philosophers.


The 2 booke raziells w ch the Creato r gaue to Adam in paradice in the houre of necessity or neede. And it maketh to see verrt visions.

And his figure razkelis the head of a camell or twey heads betwixt twey trees that be said mirti. And he is the knight of the sea. And I found the booke which the Creato r gaue to Moyses in the hill, when he made him partnes of his priuites in which 3 books, that is 3 reasons 2 I found. And who that beareth it in gold prophecieth things to come. The fift is said the treatise of Cleanenesse for that there is determined in it razieils Abstinence.

And therfore the moueing of them cesseth not for such might the Creato r gaue to them. We ought also to know Sabaday i.

Sefer Raziel HaMalakh – Wikipedia

Isaac the Blind Azriel. And it is good for to beare with him: Angilae] is the name of a prophet and properly written in gold plate of liuing men. Ne be thou not a liar to the lord, neither to thy friend.