Bueno el segundo libro de la saga existence!!! yuju!!! sin fin de lucro que quede claro. Ceaseless. Abbi Glines Toda semana postamos novas vídeo-resenhas sobre livros interessantes. Clique nas Resumo do Livro Ceaseless em PDF. Predestined [Abbi Glines] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You would think after helping save her boyfriend from an eternity in Hell that.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Jul 07, Winnie marked it as to-read.


It’s worth reading and a must read. Aug 19, Ferdy rated it did not like it. Not in Predestined tho.

Oh my, this book really just broke my heart: But regardless, I did enjoy this book. I felt bad for the guy.

Ceaseless PDF Abbi Glines

That little fact was brought to light many times this book. Predestined was just amazing, one minute I was laughing and the next I was crying, then wanting to throw the book at the wall. This is where I start feeling for Leif. After reading i can only say that he is noth Rating: I was intrigued by him and his story. One small, itty-bitty complaint.

However Pagan is having weird dreams about her past, and then the mysterious Leif returns liveo things start to get really crazy. All Leif had ever done was just car: But can you imagine being any better after having the parents he has? He said and thought so many times that he “made” Pagan when all he did is ask demonic daddy to save her so he can have her.


You really can’t expect someone to just fall in love with you cause you will it.

Turns out he is soul-less and is the son of Ghede Voodoo master crap! Dank knows that he has to let fate run it’s course and let Pagan decide who her soul will choose, but he’s determined to make it so he’s always on her mind in the process.

And also it is explained in a way in the first book, when Dank explains that only bodies die, the soul continues to live in another body with a new life; therefore we can have multiple lives different bodies, same soul less.

He defied Heaven to keep her, he defeated evil to save her, but if her soul wants another It was just another additional PoV of the same story that I already read not once, but twice? That’s his example, but what did surprise me, was how sensitive he was to the human condition and admitting at the end that he is not his father. But now I see he was telling gline the truth. Plus I loved the bit where Dank gives the “autograph”, laughed like an idiot at the message!! I’m seriously looking forward to Ceaseless.

He never once hurt her. Dec 28, Livia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Predestined has a lot of twists and turns, some I sure didn’t see coming.


He have nothing to do with the person she became View all 4 comments. I loved the predesyined.

View all 6 comments. Let me begin glinea saying that the first chapter was very confusing but once I realised what was going on it was a piece of cake. I will never forget this series because of you!

Abbi Glines

I usually have predestibed problem when I read a book through the guy’s point of view when the author is female just because this girly-ness is what usually happens because, lets face it, we have no idea what’s going on in a guy’s head. Seriously the picture of him walking away and all you glinee think about while reading is his arse all up in those jeans OMG is a good way to die Is it even possible for me not to love a book by Abbi Glines?!

Predestined was good enough for me to want to check out the next book, so hey, I’m fine with that. The flimsy premise of book 3 isn’t taken seriously by the author or the characters, and everything wraps up all too neatly in the end. Enjoy it, oh yes Glinds did.

Now he looked worried.