This standard defines the Low Power Double Data Rate (LPDDR) SDRAM, including features, functionality, AC and DC characteristics, packages, and pin. Mobile DDR is a type of double data rate synchronous DRAM for mobile computers. Low-power states are similar to basic LPDDR, with some additional partial . In May , JEDEC published the JESD Low Power Memory Device. words, JEDEC has released the first LPDDR specification in. and defined the standards of LPDDR2, LPDDR3 and. LPDDR4 in , and

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Displaying 1 – 20 of 21 documents. Show 5 10 20 results per page. This document was created using aspects of the following standards: Most of the content on this site remains free to download with registration. Learn more and apply today.

Differences between module types are encapsulated in subsections of this annex. Registration or login required. This standard covers the following technologies: These items include die-on-die stacking within a single encapsulated package, package-on-package or module-in-package technologies, etc.


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The Section also contains Silicon Pad Sequence information for the various memory technologies to aid in the design and electrical optimization of the memory sub-system or complete memory stacked solution. Committee Document Reference Title: This scope may be expanded in future to also include other higher density devices. This document defines the JC This document covers Manufacturer ID Codes for the following technologies: The purpose of this document is to define the Manufacturer ID for these devices.

The purpose of this standard is to define the minimum set of requirements for JEDEC compliant, 1 Gb through 32 Gb SDRAM monolithic density devices with 4, b wide channels using direct chip-to-chip attach methods between 1 to 4 memory devices and a controller device. The objective of the standard is to clearly define the functionality, pinout and electrical characteristics required for this type of SDRAM module.

The specifications in jedce standard represent a minimum set of interface specifications for low voltage terminated circuits. Jddec document addresses the need for extending the existing thermal test board standards to accommodate the potential of higher electrical connection needs of multi-chip packages MCPs and the associated wire routing to implement these connections.


The extensions described in this standard are also applicable to single chip packages needing more than 36 electrical connections for the test.

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