“The Coral Fang,” is Luke Jermay’s third collection of material to be published. This manuscript does not concentrate as heavily on the use of suggestion in. The Coral Fang. Written by Luke Jermay. Work of Luke Jermay. 40 pages ( Stapled), published by unknown publisher. Language: English. (12 entries). magic tricks forum – The Effect Very long – please follow the link to read Alakazam’s product description. Cost £ from Difficulty (1=easy to.

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Support our sponsor Genii Magazine. An excellent book, very highly recommended.

The Coral Fang by Luke Jermay | LibraryThing

Although I love this effect, I have only been able to perform it a grand total of twice. There is nothing more to say of Luke Jermay other than that he is a genius. The End by Rick.

Sure fire way to make a spectator forget exactly what they were focusing on. Help us get to over 4, biographies in A powerful model to be used for pre show work. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Maybe it’s that bias that makes me think everything he puts out is fantastic. Jermay’s presentation, both of the build up to and of the actual effect, is incredible and can result in leaving the audience in a state of awe.

Nothing written down, no asking for the info before revealing the prediction.


And I don’t really enjoy the “The Psychic vs. This starts in much the same way as many other phone prediction effects, but has a couple of twists in the end that really, in my opinion, add fsng the effect. Review This is a wonderful book – the first of Jermay’s that I have had the pleasure to read. Again, it is a very simple effect, but the corwl really sells it as with, I suppose, most mental effects and makes it the small miracle it appears to be.

Magic Tricks

Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. FaustI can see luuke Luke got the inspiration for this effect, and it is wonderful.

Please consult the history of the original page to see a list of its authors. Do you want to respond to this review?

Jermay studied Magic and magic theory, has written many books on his art and has performed magic since the age of Blowing Bubbles is a nice little “move” as well. The performer reads the mind of a spectator who is visibly seen to react the moment the thought leaves their mind. Blindfold Sequence Last, but by no means least, is the blindfold ouke. If you have either of those, this book will be pure gold to you.

Bridging the world of the unreal and the magickal.

I presume jermayy audiences, back when Dunninger was performing, weren’t used to seeing such psychic abilities demonstrated and so did not consider them simple tricks, allowing Dunninger to perform as he did. Fortunately for us over here in the UK, a lot of people haven’t even heard of Corao Angel Anyway, I think that this is one of the strongest effects in the whole book.

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Read our privacy policy. Marked Cards reviews. This biographical material is about a living person. I don’t really wish to develop this much at the moment, as I’m still playing with the method and presentation, corql can see this becoming a major part of future performances. Retrieved from ” https: This scripting allows the performer to appeal to both the skeptical members of the audience and the true believes without offending either party. I also recommend 7 deceptions. I think for this book, I would actually like to go through each individual effect: From Magicpedia, the free online encyclopedia for magicians by magicians.

Coral Fang by Luke Jermay Book

The book features the following effects: A stunning twist on the modern day classic. Blowing Bubbles This isn’t necessarily a stand-alone effect, but more a very effective presentational device. Before you get this, you might want to check out “Building Blocks” or “13 Steps”.