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"Supporting small press is supporting literature on the cutting edge. Small press is the guardian of literary culture and free speech." - bpNichol. Events and Meets. Plan a meet, a cruise or find out about the latest events. Automotive and free events only unless approved by admin. May 20, - Tuners hosted their annual season opening meet on the North Side of Edmonton. One of the biggest car communities in the city, the.

Thank you so much for being here today. Thank you also to the editors and founders of all of the respective publishing houses involved in this process for your celebration of, and commitment to, the ongoing flourishment of a more diverse Canadian literary community.

I have only endless gratitude and thanks for Karen Schindler of Baseline Press for taking a chance on me. Karen, if it was not for your beautiful attention to detail and your infinite amount of commitment and patience, I would not be here today.

Thank you to my mentor, Sylvia Legris for reading my work and for showing me what it means to love learning about poetry and language in general. She is a constant reminder and inspiration for what a poet can and should be.

780tuners meet the press

In Chinese culture, your zodiac sign comes every 12 years. I was born in the Year of the Sheep.

780tuners meet the press

Traditionally sheep are not known for being leaders. It was the Year of the Sheep in Up untilI bled into the narrative that was prescribed to me about my race and the limitations with respect to my capabilities.

One of the first must attend events is always the Tuners season opener. Typically, this is the first week of May but this year the organizers opted for a more friendly date of May 20th and the weather was perfect for a 6PM roll in.

Tuners Season Opener – Ryoko Kings

Several of us from Cold Lake rolled in together including my zx, a widebody Rx7, a widebody z, a modified GT, a modified s Mustang and lastly a freshly wrapped Murcielago.

Before heading to the show we all met in Castledowns and I snapped a few photos. I was skeptical as it is black underneath with pristine paint but he made a good choice.

I am unsure of the specs on these titanium finished Work T7r wheels but they are wide The road construction was in full effect and fortunately no one had any issues navigating to the Yellowhead Casino where the main event was beginning. As you can see, even at the 6PM requested time to arrive, the parking lots were jammed and the line up was long. This would have been a good time to have an automatic transmission.

780Tuners Edmonton Car Forums

Onto the event photos. There was alot of variety at this event like every year and the parking lot was full. Vehicles ranged from Subarus to classic muscle cars and modified Honda Ruckus scooters.