Abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

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abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

Reviews; The Masters; Newsreel; About Us . Just be happy in wondering, because looking for too many answers will ruin the film. All things considered, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein is a triumph of genre-melding and one of the. Abbott and Costello had lost momentum—and even appeared in a couple of movies in which they didn't called Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein, in which the boys do battle with Frankenstein's monster DVD Review. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Talbot knows he must warn someone anyone but unfortunately, it's Lou Costello who answers the phone.

Looking back I am pleasantly surprised at just how well this stands up. It is an out and out good movie.

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Not a good movie for its time, or a good movie because it inspired something greater, but a straight up, honest-to-God good movie. The cast is as authentic as you are ever going to get: This is something that would have definitely provided a hook for my younger self, and a scene that still looks pretty cool now.

Once the role call is complete it dissolves into real footage, and within less than five minutes of the run time we are treated to a Lon Chaney Jr werewolf transformation, followed by the lycanthropic creature snarling with rage.

Make no mistake, this is going to be a monster movie. One day two crates arrive and they are asked to deliver them to a horror museum by the unpleasant and bossy owner, leading to a few amusing exchanges. Below is just one in a list of highlights. Help is at hand as Lawrence Talbot arrives having chased the abominations from Europe, and tries to enlist the help of Abbott and Costello to thwart their dastardly plans.

If only he could stop turning into a wolf… The madness that ensues certainly makes for a tick list of old scary movie components: The answer… all over it. Abbott and Costello are absolutely superb in this film. Their fast delivery of quick-fire patter is a joy to listen to.

Pierce continued to work as a make-up artist in films and television through the early s.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

I adore Boris Karloff as The Monster. He was the original and the image that evokes in my mind whenever I think of this character. However, I really like Glenn Strange playing this creature as well. Mornay gets thrown through the window in the laboratory. So Chaney ended up playing two monsters in this movie. Yet he remains THE definitive figure and image of Dracula, one of the most revered, feared, cheered and jeered of all fictional characters that appeared in media in the 20th Century.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

For more on the impact of Dracula in film, check out another post I wrote in his honor a while back, here. My little girl could write something better than this. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein was released on August 20,and became an immediate success. The film appealed not only to Abbott and Costello fans but to classic monster fans as well, much as it continues to do today.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

Even in outings where campiness takes control of the stories, the characters must remain true. No scene proves that to be truer than the spectacular final scene, which combines the best of both worlds.

It was surprising to discover that Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein has been somewhat maligned, credited by some horror fans for killing off the horror film genre.

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That is, until Hammer Studios took the horror mantle, for a while, and gave a few of the classic monsters a new life in glorious, bloody color. I disagree with that opinion.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein actually supplied a lifeline to that next era in horror, in my opinion by featuring the monsters in as true a depiction of who they were in their glory days as had been portrayed in years, a reminder of who and what these icons ought to be. They kept cranking them out, and they kept bringing in the moolah. Yes, the monster movie franchise was big stuff in the mid 40's, and Universal was milking it for all it's worth.

Another thing that was bringing in the dough for Universal were Abbott and Costello movies. In one year, these guys cranked out six movies, and they were pretty successful.

So like the genius that decided that chocolate and peanut butter would go good together, someone decided to throw Abbott and Costello into a movie with some of their monster franchises. And you know what? The Movie Abbott and Costello are baggage handlers in this movie, who get caught up in a devious plot of Dracula's to put Wilbur's Costello brain into the body of Frankenstein's monster, with the wolf man trying to stop him.

OK, it sounds pretty stupid when I put it like that, but it's not as bad as you might think. But the plot pretty much plays second fiddle to the premise of taking to funny guys and finding some reason to have them run into all these movies.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

Then they did it again for when they met the Mummy and the Invisible Man Who makes a "cameo" voiced by Vincent Price right at the end of this moviebut I've never seen those ones so I can't really draw any comparisons.

The way we make movies has changed a great deal over the years, so naturally this doesn't play out quite like the stuff we've got today. It's more like they took some of their stand up routines and did them on the screen with a lot of slapstick stuff thrown in for good measure.

Some of it is pretty funny Although kind of silly, Dracula first terrorizing Wilbur was hilarious as he kept calling for Dick while being so flustered had me rollingbut a lot of it just seems like they're plowing through their lines to get to the next comedic set up.

The acting is pretty decent all about.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein review answers

Abbott and Costello are a bit to oddball together to come off very seriously, but fortunately it's balanced out by the fact that everyone else is doing OK. Bela Lugosi reprises his role as Dracula, and shows you why he was so typecast as a vampire that he was buried in his Dracula cape; he's darned good at being the creepy Eastern European type villain.

While his motivations are never all that clear, Lon Chaney does a decent job at being the remorseful and unwilling Wolfman, Lawrence Talbot As an interesting side note, anyone ever play Darkstalkers?