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art farmer meet the jazztet rare

Art Farmer/Benny Golson-Meet The Jazztet-RARE ARGO LP 1st MONO Press,VG will combine shipping see other listings | eBay!. Art Farmer/Benny Golson: Meet The Jazztet (CD) - Landmark work by one of the This rare date is the debut as a leader for trumpeter Gene Shaw – also known. Art Farmer & Benny Golson Meet The Jazztet. Argo Records · Jazz Rare Chess /Argo original jazz vocal LP from singer Jean DuShon. Original USA vinyl, with.

The remainder of disc 1 features the first half of the Jazztet's second album, Big City Sounds. Though only six months since their initial offering, the group's sound is different on this album, due to the departure of Tyner, Fuller, and Humphries. Farmer's solo on "2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West," is also worth noting. Long out of print in this country, the Mosaic set re-introduces this interesting and enjoyable album.

The JaZZTeT ( 1960 BeNNy GoLSoN ART FaRMeR ) - ''KiLLeR Joe!'' ARGo 7iNCh 45

Golson and Farmer would not record under the Jazztet name until the 80's, when they were reunited with trombonist Fuller. The remaining discs on this set are from the Art Farmer quartets disc 5the Benny Golson quartets disc 6 and various other ensembles disc 7 of the same time. Here is where the Mosaic box set, as usual, excels in both quality and quantity. By presenting their individual outputs of the same time, the motives and intentions of both Golson and Farmer are better understood.

art farmer meet the jazztet rare

It's more jazz for the buck, as well! With greater room to roam, Farmer enchants with his still developing lyrical style and Flanagan's always lush accompaniment. Here, like on Artthe leader begins to court the flugelhorn, favoring its warmer tones to the trumpet's sharper edges. Two of his rare compositions, "Punsu," and "Kayin" highlight the last half of this set.

Both of these albums have long been out of print and extremely difficult to find, making their appearance here all the more attractive. Joined on the first album by the remnants of the Miles Davis' split, Golson does great work with Wynton Kelly on piano, Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums as they perform five standards and two Golson originals.

The album Freethough, is really the best part of this disc.

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  • Meet The Jazztet

Golson's tone and arrangement on this bonus material leans towards a soul-jazz plane, while Farmer's album features the flugelhornist working about several excellent arrangements by Oliver Nelson.

Again, these works were previously out of print, and considering their superb content, they should not be missed. An obscene amount of jazz, almost all of it excellent, this Mosaic set is all the stocking stuffing a jazz fan could possibly want.

Art Farmer & Benny Golson: The Complete Mercury Art Farmer/Benny Golson/Jazztet Sessions

Art Farmer trumpetBenny Golson tenor saxophoneet al. It Ain't Necessarily So A 4: I Remember Clifford A 3: Blues March A 5: Park Avenue Petite A 3: Mox Nix A 4: Easy Living A 3: Killer Joe A 4: The Cool One B 3: Blues On Down B 6: My Funny Valentine B 4: Wonder Why B 5: Con Alma B 4: Bean Bag B 4: Five Spot After Dark B 3: New York 19 E 7: Odds Against Tomorrow E Farmer's Market F 8: Darn That Dream F 4: A November Afternoon F 6: Rue Prevail H 4: Richie's Dilemma H 5: Whisper Not H 5: Tonk 45 take H 3: Just In Time H 5: Ruby My Dear H 5: In Love In Vain H 7: May not look near perfect, but should play fairly well, with slight surface noise, and the occasional click in part of a song, but never throughout a whole song or more.

art farmer meet the jazztet rare

This is clearly a copy that was played by someone a number of times, but which could also be a good "play copy" for someone new. Very Good - minus Vinyl may be dirty, and can lack a fair amount of luster. Vinyl can have a number of marks, either in clusters or smaller amounts, but deeper. This is the kind of record that you'd buy to play, but not because it looked that great. Still, the flaws should be mostly cosmetic, with nothing too deep that would ruin the overall record.

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art farmer meet the jazztet rare

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