Be the alpha male in your relationship

7 Signs You Are Dating an Alpha Male and the Predominant Alpha Male Traits

be the alpha male in your relationship

And if you want to become an alpha in your relationship, then you should know that I recently launched my own course called Rules of the Alpha Male. Not only. Being in a relationship with an "alpha" is both challenging and rewarding. Personality type aside, this is something we should all embrace in our relationships. I've read quite a few articles on dating an alpha male. Why? Because I married one.

First and foremost, the alpha keeps an abundance mentality even when he starts a relationship — a huge difference between him and an average guy. The biggest difference between them: He is in it because he found someone he can share his life with. Has his own life. Guys often make the mistake in relationships where they lose all interest in the things they used to do and dedicate all their time and attention to their woman.

An alpha male is always busy, even when he is in a committed relationship. He has his own stuff to do and places to be. In fact, he balances the time he has for his girlfriend and friends. When a guy gets into a relationship, he usually changes for the better or worse depending on what kind of girl he is dating. When they find a girlfriend, they hope that she will finally define it for them.

They lack a direction in life and hope that their partner will provide them with the answer. This will make him feel like he just lost his identity and purpose.

The Alpha Male in Relationships

It will make him desperate to win her back or replaces her with another girl to regain what he lost. He already knows who he is and there is not much a woman can do to change that. When an alpha starts the relationship, it will never cross his mind that he needs someone else to define him as a person. Is making the decisions.

be the alpha male in your relationship

Women want a decisive man, period! Even when he is just trying to be nice and considerate, women oftentimes see it as a weakness. She will always turn to him when they need to make a decision and he will have the final say.

be the alpha male in your relationship

Many men in relationships lack a backbone. Is that because alpha males don't settle down? Maybe that's what the stereotype would have you believe but reality is nothing like that at all. A strong and assertive male can and will settle down with a compatible female if that is the lifestyle he desires. So what traits will he show? I subscribe to Mark Manson's point of view that the traditional alpha male stereotype is counter productive after a point.

8 Definite Signs You're Dating an Alpha Male

This applies not only to dating but also to serious relationships. One might assume that an alpha male is completely dominant in the relationship, gets all the sex he wants and makes all the decisions. This is not the case at all, but neither is the opposite stereotype of the inevitable slide into a female led relationship where all your time is spent arranging cushions and visiting your in laws.

When you get into a serious loving relationship life would be boring, mundane and downright annoying if you conformed to those stereotypes.

The Alpha Male in Relationships

The traits a true alpha male will show in a relationship are confidence, security and vulnerability. Confidence Not misplaced arrogant confidence, but a high level of self esteem and respect for yourself.

Five Signs that He is an Alpha Male

Confident in your own skin and confident in your ability to relate to your partner. You need to be willing to stand up for yourself from time to time.

be the alpha male in your relationship

You need to feel comfortable enough to pursue your own dreams and allow your partner to pursue hers, as well as creating a shared space for the two of you. You need the confidence to give love, time and affection without being needy or expecting anything in return. For the more you give of yourself the more she will give of herself to you.