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Over the years, Beakman was aided in his experiments by a female assistant just as in the comic strip on which it was based. The assistant's name changed throughout the show's run; for the episodes of season 1, it was Josie played by Alanna Ubach ; for the episodes of seasons 2 and 3, it was Liza played by Eliza Schneider ; and for the episodes of season 4, it was Phoebe played by Senta Moses. Beakman was also assisted by his "lab rat" Lester.

In the pilot episode, Lester was a puppetbut in every subsequent episode he was simply a clueless, crude man Mark Ritts in a tattered rat suit. In a running jokeit was sometimes implied that his character was actually supposed to be a rat, particularly in moments where he would appear to be in pain because someone was standing on his tail, because he was being tickled, something was on his prosthetic nose, etc.

Just as frequently, however, he was specifically identified by himself and others as a guy in a rat suit, or as a serious actor with a bad agent. Frequently unwilling to help with challenges or other segments, Lester was often persuaded by Beakman with the promise of food. Another occasional cast member is the unseen cameraman "Ray", who is played by prop-master Ron Jancula's hands.

Ray assists Beakman by handing him various items, such as the "boguscope". It is suggested throughout the program that Ray has a romantic crush on the show's unnamed make-up lady. Though the best example is probably Young Frankensteinand a subversion occurs in Blazing Saddles when she is deliberately singing badly.

The Cradle of Lifethere's a scene where Lara plays with a switchblade. Angelina Jolie collects knives and is evidently good at handling them.

Deleted scenes in Tomorrow Never Dies would have showcased renowned magician Ricky Jay's playing card throwing skills, for which he once held a Guinness World Record. Wai Lin is a secret agent, so it makes sense for her to know some martial arts, but the fact that she uses kung fu so extensively as opposed to a more practical martial art like junshi sanda or just shooting enemies is because Michelle Yeoh has decades of experience doing kung fu movies.

Lewis Ozawa Changchien, who played Hanzo in Predators has practiced kendo since he was five years old, and insisted on using that style in Hanzo's fight with the Predator. Scarlett Johansson loves to sing at every chance; she even bursts into song during The Other Boleyn Girl.

Daryl Hannah was a skilled gymnast since she was a girl, and puts her skills to use in Blade Runner. The makers of The Exorcism of Emily Rose saved a lot of money on special effects when star Jennifer Carpenter pointed out she could do all those weird poses herself. Jack Nicholson was a volunteer firefighter before he got into acting. Thus, when he must hack his way through a door with a fireaxe to get to Shelley Duvall in The Shiningthat's a real door he's chopping through because he annihilated the prop door they had used in a previous take.

Gene Wilder was a champion fender in his college days.

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Edward Norton lived with Salma Hayek for years, and speaks fluent Spanish. If there is any excuse to get a few lines in Spanish shoehorned into any of his movies, he will take it. There is a particularly egregious example in his directorial effort Keeping the Faithwhere his priest character chats to a boy in his congregation in Spanish for no plot-related reason whatsoever. It gets turned around in The Incredible Hulk when he spends the first act living in Brazil, and speaks the local language Portuguese — poorly, and when he finds himself in Guatemala he barely knows a few basic words.

A Film with Me in It has an in-universe example: Mark asks Pierce to make his character in the script they're supposedly writing a clarinet player, solely due to the fact that Mark can play the clarinet — so no-one else can play the role.

However, Denholm Elliott was an accomplished equestrian and so knew how to nearly-fall without much of a risk involved. The Great Race has an example that is perhaps too brief as we only hear the character of Maggie - who is established as being fluent in Russian as Natalie Wood was in real life - speaking one mere sentence in Russian while addressing and winning over the sinister Russian villagers. Steve Martin has many talents that he often works into his movies or standup routines, such as playing banjo, singing, dancing, juggling, and some acrobatic feats.

This was lampshaded when Martin was a judge on an episode of The Gong Show that filmed at the end of a production week and ran out of regular contestants. Martin helped pad the show by twice pretending to be a contestant playing an extremely competent banjo, before getting cutoff by Chuck Barris for competing as a celebrity. Tom Cruise has all but built his career on this; he easily competes with Jackie Chan for the world's single most physical actor - any of his movies where he is seen drivingmotorcyclingclimbingperforming acrobatics or runningodd are high that it's not a stunt double.

Especially running; he's one of the very few actors who's confident about his ability to sprint on-camera. Thus, all of his movies especially the Mission: Impossible series have scenes dedicated to showing off his sprinting ability. Davi had trained as an opera singer. House of Flying Daggers: The dance scene in the pleasure house is mostly an opportunity for Zhang Ziyi to show off what a great dancer she is.

She trained extensively as one before embracing an acting career. Miss Congeniality has an In-Universe example: Gracie uses her FBI fighting skills in a talent show. In Rio Bravo the action interrupts for a few minutes to allow Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson to sing a couple of musical numbers. Actor Erland van Lidth had a background as an opera singer.

He also sings and plays guitar in The Game Plan. They had to slow him down so his actions could be picked up on film. As with Rathbone above, many actors during the early days of Hollywood were accomplished and master fencers, so every swashbuckler of the time featured the actors doing all their own fighting.

The Court Jester is a showcase for Danny Kaye 's skill at mimicry. He was very much not a trained fencer, but he was so good at reading and mimicking other people's movements that he held his own against master swordsman Basil Rathbone!

Estella Warren is a former synchronised swimmer and member of the Canadian national team. She displays this skill in a very plot-unrelated scene in Driven. Subverted in The Sound of Music. During one musical number, Julie Andrews presents a few eggs as if she's about to juggle them for the children's amusement. Instead, she fakes it and then drops one. A man of unfair talents. Jim Carrey actually does sing "Cuban Pete" in the extravagant dance number from The Maskand also does his own dancing in the film, as well as Cameron Diaz.

For The HustlerJackie Gleason was an accomplished pool player in Real Life ; all of the shots he made in the film are his own. During filming, Paul Newman challenged Gleason to a real pool game. After Newman broke, Gleason took his turn and sank all fifteen balls without allowing Newman another shot. In Inglorious BasterdsChristoph Waltzwho's first language is German, gets to display his flawless English and French, in addition to very convincing Italian.

Dennis Morgan was an excellent singer who got his start in musicals, so naturally Christmas in Connecticut had to feature him playing piano and singing a Christmas carol.

White Nights is one long cast showoff. The whole plot was written around giving the lead actors Gregory Hineswho is an accomplished dancer, and Mikhail Baryshnikovwho is Mikhail Freaking Baryshnikov Clemens Scheitz as his character of the same name in Stroszek sure knows how to tinkle the ivories. Also, Bruno S was a street musician in real life. In preparation for Terminator 2: Any psychotic or delusional disorders? I am not finding it. I think he's just an angry person. I don't think Cesar could have pulled off all these murders or the kidnapping of the reporter.

It would take patience, planning, and organization. He doesn't have the concentration skill set. The Doctor could be real. Cesar would be the kind of person vulnerable to manipulation. Aja Mesbi-- That's an odd name. It sounds vaguely African or Indian. It's an anagram, for James Braid. He was a Scottish surgeon in the s, considered to be the father of hypnosis. Let me try something. I'm pretty sure he killed Frida and some other people, too.

Above ground, like you wanted. Yeah, but we're in the middle of the desert. We were supposed to bring her to the hospital. It's easy to get lost in the tunnels.

But, really, I work for Dr. He sent me here to help you. How do I know you're telling the truth? I'll turn the camera off. I think you know the Doctor's very powerful, and you can imagine he has many people in many places to help him. Do you believe that? Finn, I know you care about this girl. You're smart and you're able to think ahead, so you can imagine what will happen when she wakes up, tied up, with us here. She'll think we did it. No, no, we'll explain to her how we rescued her-- And she won't believe it.

I don't know, man. If she goes to the police, all of us in the tunnels will be arrested, including you. She will ruin a very good thing for a lot of people.

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What am I supposed to do? You already know the answer, Finn. You have to kill her. The Doctor values you, Cesar.

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He trusts you, and you know that. You're very important and we need to get you out of here, but in order for me to help you, I need to know about the last conversation you had with the Doctor.

I can't remember it. I'm going to help you try to remember, ok? Do me a favor and close your eyes. Imagine you're back in the tunnels. Do you see anything? He's begging for his life. I hear the Doctor and I go to him. He's-- I'll kill him now.

The reporter's still alive. The Doctor's real name is Marvin Caul. He and someone named Finn Bailey took her into one of the tunnels heading into the desert. How'd you get him to talk? I used sensory predicates and key words to tap into his unconscious mind.

Marvin Caul must have done the exact same thing. NLP is a way of thinking and communicating based on linguistic modeling. For example, key words like know and imagine open someone up to suggestion. It's behind a lot of persuasion and sales techniques. There are two different exits into the desert. One on the north end and the other's on the west. All right, let's go. What have you got, Garcia? Marvin Caul, known as the master of deception.

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He's a low-level entertainer who performs at private parties. He hasn't filed a tax return in 5 years. The IRS is after him. He does have a P. He's either not doing so well or doing really well. I'd guess the former.

Someone who feels trivial in the regular world would look for power elsewhere. Well, the homeless would be an easy population for him to exploit and give him a sense of importance.

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What did you find out about Finn Bailey? He was picked up in Reno two months ago for shoplifting. According to the police reports, he was on his way to Vegas to look for his sister Carrie. She was about to start a job with a magician named Romeo, but the day before she was supposed to start, she called her brother, sounding scared and babbling about some doctor.

That was the last he heard from her. Did the Reno police follow up? No, because there was no proof that Carrie was actually missing. Well, we know Marvin's enraged by people trying to leave. What if Carrie was the original trigger?