Big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

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big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

'Big Hero 6” is one of those Disney movies in which you can Why is there a team of superfriends if they're not going to do much of anything? “We need Clad in armor and taught some karate moves, Baymax — Iron Man, meet Michelin Man Big Hero 6 - Official trailer . Powered by VIP. Those free & premium video & movie WordPress themes is here for who is . Videoly also has 6 different hero sliders you can use. Nine Studio is very suitable for any creative agency / company / team / person to build their own movie theme that is suitable for official websites of cinema, Movie Studios. *SPOILERS AHEAD* Big Hero 6 is a Marvel and Disney form a superhero team to stop a masked vigilante from enacting a sinister plot. is basically the ending of the Iron Giant, and we meet the masked bad the other cast of characters feel forced and bring the movie down. .. Blog at

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big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

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How did you apply your martial arts knowledge to this character? So I know what all those sounds really sound like in real life, and it came very easily to me.

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You can do the most amazing stunts and not get injured doing animation. Were you ever injured in the process of doing stunts or martial arts?

At my martial arts school, I got my bumps and my bruises, but [for] stunts, I worked with a phenomenal fight coordinator, Hiro Koda. It was awesome to work with him because he really did want me to do more and more.

So when I trained with him and he got me into the harness and onto the wires, he taught me everything I know now.

big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

He kept me safe throughout that entire process, and he was phenomenal to work with. Do you go to Japan and visit relatives?

big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

What have you learned from your grandparents and their experiences? I actually grew up in Tokyo. That was my childhood. I moved here when I was seven years old. I go up to San Francisco on holidays and spend time with my family there, but whenever I go to Japan I enjoy every moment.

I try to go back there every year or so. Whenever I go back I feel very connected with Japan.

big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

Have you seen a lot of anime and read a lot of manga [Japanese comics]? Really, the late anime innovator Satoshi Kon? Satoshi Kon is without a doubt one of the top three animators of all time.

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His work is so under-appreciated. His work has inspired so many films here in the US that have gone on to do so well, and there was really no credit given. Otomo — oh, absolutely. These guys have shaped my childhood. Once the idea of acting and doing Supah Ninjas was introduced to you, did you always want to do both?

Were you ever torn with doing more martial arts and not pursuing the acting? It is a phenomenal job, and I have fun doing it, but I relate more to my martial arts, to my baseball, to my film study. There are more facets to my life that I relate to. I love acting — I love doing it. I still do want to become a firefighter. You never know; I may go to film school and not like film school, and then go learn to firefight.

You should talk to Steve Buscemi. He was a firefighter before he became an actor. Yeah, and Steve Buscemi, without a doubt, is one of my top three favorite actors of all time. I love his work and he is an inspiration to me. If you were a director, what would you do? Combining my love of music with my need to create, music videos are the perfect combination of the two.

My favorite musician has to be Prince, without a doubt.

big hero 6 official trailer meet the team wordpress

Prince is, I think, one of the greatest artists of all time.