Borderlands the pre sequel claptrap gameplay ending relationship

'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel' Is More Expansion Than Full Game

borderlands the pre sequel claptrap gameplay ending relationship

May 29, Vince and Brian discuss the playable characters of the Pre-Sequel and A lovable loser since the first game, Claptrap has since become the The details of Nisha and Jack's relationship aren't super fleshed out, so maybe during the end of the Pre-Sequel we'll see how those two eventually grew together. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is the third Space Western/FPS/Action RPG Claptrap the Fragtrap: The series mascot himself, now playable for the first time and She also has an entire tree dedicated to a Master-Servant relationship with . JACK, NISHA, AND WILHELM END UP BEING BAD GUYS IN BORDERLANDS 2. guide in my Borderlands: The Pre- Sequel character guide series. The first is for the healing novas have a synergistic relationship with The problem with this , as I briefly mentioned earlier, Safety First gets the short end of the stick with this. . A glitched version can be found in the Claptrap DLC, or a.

Jack and his crew? The little steward bot has been around since the first game, with an entire product line of his mechanical kind helping and sometimes hindering with a massive robot uprising the player. But in the Pre-Sequel, Claptrap gets a chance to shine as a playable character, equipped with his own special ability that generates random chaos on the battlefield.

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Can the Pre-Sequel handle that much Claptrap, let alone the possibility of a four-player team of Claptrap units running amok on the moon? And others are going to be four Claptraps going all the way through the game.

And those are going to be really radical experiences. Every time you play a Borderlands game, you really have a fresh experience.

borderlands the pre sequel claptrap gameplay ending relationship

So how did they have a relationship, how did they grow to be so antagonistic to one another. Expect even more pop culture references this time around Besides a main campaign, Borderlands 2 featured plenty of side-missions that riffed on popular culture.

In a way, those side missions helped define the previous Borderlands game, so expect more this time around. But with a pretty significant Australian spin added to it, because the 2K Australia guys have brought their own humour and attitude to the game, and their own writers as well. Very, very dangerous animals and very friendly people and lots of fun.

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, oy oy oy! This so much more than a mere expansion Borderlands: Expect to get your moneys worth when the game arrives.

Elpis post-Crackening, despite only being a moon, is just as bad as, if not worse than, the planet it orbits. Even if you put aside the lakes of liquid methane, the canyon-sized veins of lava, the wolf-lizards made of minerals, the horrid insectoid swarms, the laser-totting scavengers, the deranged paramilitary groups, the cephalopod titans that can spew acid and energy beams at you, at the very least you can BREATHE easily enough on Pandora.

Not that there isn't any oxygen on Elpis. Just enough to make your asphyxiation harrowingly slow and explosions possible. On top of that, there's even less safe habitation on Elpis than Pandora, as the Crackening rendered ridiculous amounts of infrastructure on the planet unusable, and the only other safe place is a corporate fascistic space station.

This also means that in co-op, the NPCs will tailor their conversation to the person who activated the mission. This also leads to a hilarious moment where all co-op players tell Claptrap to shut up during an important moment. If you do the Follow Your Heart sidequest after killing Deadlift a few things will change.

Deadlift won't echo to remark he has motivational issues and the scav receiving the package for signing will have another dialogue.

Sadly averted by the sidequest To the Moon and its follow-up, Lock and Load. To the Moon has you trick a Lost Legion defector into taking a moonshot ride just like you did at the beginning of the game; once the cannon fires him off to the moon's surface, you lose contact, and you have the option of simply turning in the quest then and there or tracking him down.

If you choose the latter, you discover that he did not survive the journey, and Jack mocks his death.

borderlands the pre sequel claptrap gameplay ending relationship

Lock and Load has you try again with a rack of loaders, in the hopes that the robots will be a little sturdier; no matter what choice you made at the end of the previous quest, Jack will act as if you never bothered to verify the previous test subject's fate.

The E-Gun is incredibly powerful, especially against large, slower-moving targets. It can bring down even major bosses incredibly fast. However, it is something of a hidden weapon as the side-quest where you get it is never announced, and doesn't appear until long after you no longer have any reason to visit the NPC who gives it to you.

You also only get the weapon if you take the "moral" option at the end of the quest instead of simply following the quest-giver's instructions. A similar weapon can be obtained from Moxxi's toybox just before storming Helios. It's not quite as strong as the E-Gun, but still very powerful. The game reveals why Jack scrapped the Claptrap line of bots: You would have thought there was a bigger, more story-driven reason for it, but no.

He just doesn't like them. Distracted by the Sexy: If a player interacts with Moxxi as Aurelia during Systems Jammed, Aurelia continually becomes flustered and giggles about how fascinating she finds Moxxi's breasts. Moxxi kindly ignores this and responds with aplomb and dignity.

borderlands the pre sequel claptrap gameplay ending relationship

Fitting considering that he's the series' mascot, Claptrap's special ability allows him to randomly take on a skill, some of which are those used by the Vault Hunters of the previous game. ObviouslyJack turns into the Big Bad of Borderlands 2taking over Hyperion and becoming a vengeful, iron-fisted dictator lunatic in the pursuit of fame, power, and his delusion of "heroism"; the Hyperion Vault Hunters all survive to meet their various grim ends in the next game.

In terms of the plot, they achieve what they set out to do - reclaim Helios and find the Vault on Elpis - but neither of those things turn out as advertised and many things and lives are lost. Enough to make you wonder whether it was worth the effort. This game somewhat undid the upbeat ending of Borderlands 2.

The Watcher implied that our vault hunters aren't the only ones aware of all of the vaults activating, and presumably an all-out war will consume the galaxy soon. All because the original four vault hunters stepped off a bus two games ago. Probably the absolute worst ending is after finishing the DLC campaign and successfully retrieving the H-Source.

No more than several minutes prior, Claptrap refused to side with Shadow-trap because he considered the others Nisha, Wilhelm, Athena, Jack his friends. After managing to obtain the H-Source like Jack wanted, Jack shoots Claptrap in the head and removes his stair-climbing wheel. Athena is fairly disgusted and simply leaves, but the other three stand around laughing like it's the best joke they've seen in years.

Claptrap then gets dumped in the ice area likely close to where he lives in Borderlands 2and the only silver lining he has is that he's not dead and Sir Hammerlock is going to fix him. It was clear Jack didn't like Claptrap, but outright torturing him like that was plain cruel. It isn't really all that nasty though. Less passive-aggressively insulting than the Hyperion ones, at least.

Dyin's good fer ya! Puts hair on yer chest. The Dahl training instructor in the Training Arena for the Shock Pit of Slaughter plays the trope straight, yelling at you with all manner of euphemisms and weird army slang that makes no sense even in context. Dude, Where's My Respect?

Jack is treated like an uppity idiot by Hyperion's CEO despite being head of the Helios project and the Eridium bonanza he discovered. Subverted, later, when the Board of Directors is so impressed with Jack turning the situation around they give him their support and allow him to override Tassiter's authority.

The Story So Far in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Nice Job Breaking It, Stockholders. The army that Jack and his thugs are fighting against are threatening to destroy Elpis and maybe Pandora after that by way of Kill Sat through a Wave Motion Gun. In-universe, one of the sidequests of the Claptastic Voyage DLC has you fight a literal Ear Worm, which takes the form of a Thresher with subwoofers on the sides of its head and trumpets on its tentacles that keeps blaring a catchy song until you kill it.

Unused dialog even has the Vault Hunters singing along to the song, showing this trope in effect. Slam neither requires ammunition nor has a cooldown. All you need is an Oz Kit and enough height; the Oz kit doesn't even need to have any oxygen reserves left. Colonel Zarpadon reveals her first name is actually Tungsteena, to Jack's delight.

Inside Janey's old camp is a teddy bear torn in half. Lasers are a new class of weapon in the game, and they're not just E-Tech. Jack's Twitter account gives a Hand Wave as to why they aren't in Borderlands 2, despite that game taking place later: A loading screen tip also explains that the reason laser weapons were never brought to Pandora had to do with an accident involving Marcus, a laser weapon, and a straw.

All throughout the game, you find Mr. Torgue expressing his hatred of lasers and his want of seeking the destruction of all laser weapons. Jack becomes Handsome Jack, and the Vault Hunters he hires, even the good onesdo some very morally ambiguous things to find it. But, Zarpedon is trying to actively destroy Elpis, so they still come across better. The character select screen gains various new decorations and events as you complete them in the game. A moon buggy shows up after you unlock them early in the game.

The Eye of Helios will sometimes charge up and fire, but only after you see it activate for the first time upon entering Triton Flats. It also stops once you take care of it. There's also a blue flag planted in the name of King Greg after helping an explorer raise his king's flag to help claim Elpis in his name.

Jack bemoans the Lost Legion's invasion of Helios, stating how unfair it is due to the station not having a military. He neglects to mention that it's not wanting for super weapons though. Other than a few boss enemies showing up when Athena mentions them, the gameplay has absolutely nothing to do with the story, and no attempt is made to connect the two.

Rather than just "Pre-Sequel", the game's title is given an exclamation mark. Exposed to the Elements: None of the characters are bothered by Elpis' hostile atmosphere and temperature extremes.

Lawrence De Quidt, co-founder of Hyperion, is an expy of Steve Jobsright down to his death occurring while he was still developing products for his company.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Moonstone serves as a replacement for the Eridium bars in Borderlands 2, being a pretty rock that serve essentially the same purpose buying upgrades from Crazy Earl and other "premium" items, and much like in Assault on Dragon Keep, unlocking special chests.

Although Jack was never exactly a Face he had already built a giant death ray before the beginning of the game, and at this point Angel's already stuck in her pod, for startersThe Pre-Sequel shows he had redeeming qualities, was rational, and wasn't particularly more villainous than most supporting characters in the setting.

The game shows his slide into full-on lunatic supervillainy. In "Science and Violence", Dr. Langois asks to get a photo of his mentally disabled 19 year-old son. I bet he dies, doesn't he? A Father to His Men: Colonel Zarpedon is depicted as beloved by her men and going out of her way to show how much she cares for and respects them. This is implied to be the reason they're still following her despite being abandoned by Dahl.

Claptraps are an entire line of them, as contradictory as that sounds. Including a baffling habit of breaking into dance for no reason. Even Fragtrap finds them to be insufferably annoying, and he's one of them. As a prequel, it is already known what happens to the four player characters and to their boss. Claptrap becomes the Last of His Kind after Jack destroys his product line.

Jack goes on to become the president of Hyperion with Wilhelm and Nisha continuing to be his chief minions, and Nisha and Jack start a relationship while Athena is guaranteed to survive past Borderlands 2 so that she can tell her story to Lilith. Most importantly, Jack, Wilhelm, and Nisha are all dead by the end of Borderlands 2's campaign.

She succeeds in blowing up her house, which she still considers a success. Granted, she does bother to include an independent variable in her "experiment", which is more than can be said for most scientists in media, mad or otherwise. The game is set up as Athena recounting the events of Elpis to Lilith and the Crimson Raiders after the events of Borderlands 2. The Holodome DLC is her retelling the story once again, this time to Axton and Gaige who specifically want an abridged version of the story.

By that point, Athena seems really annoyed at having to tell the story again. Lasers are a new class of weapon introduced to the series. Almost all laser weaponry deal elemental damage and come in one of four forms: Splitters are functionally laser shotguns, Blasters fire regular lasers, Beams which fire in a constant stream and Railguns that fire a single accurate blast.

It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment: In-Universe - According to Brick, one should only fight a raid boss solo if they want to die Or they "found a broken-ass combination of loot and want to show off on the ECHOnet. Outlaws and especially Armored Outlaws ; they're huge Scavs wearing armored spacesuits, equipped with either laser weapons or rocket launchers. They're essentially the game's equivalent of the Nomads and Bruisers from Borderlands 2. Invoked with Claptrap's VaultHunter.

It's even crazier with "Fragmented Fragtrap" skills, where you randomly become really good with certain weapons but bad at others, necessitating switching from your favorite weapon constantly. The funny thing about Claptrap's ability is that it is incredibly speedrun-friendly despite being so unbearably random, and has even been used by Speedrunners at charity marathons. Gosh Dang It to Heck!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - Defeat The Final Boss, THE END

He notably calls Zarpedon a "chick" a few times, when he clearly intones it to read as "bitch"; and his moment of Angrish when Moxxi, Roland and Lilith betray him doesn't involve any curse words, opting for terms like "morons".

The Pre-Sequel, out this week, is it feels like a very large expansion for Borderlands 2, instead of a stand-alone game with new ideas. Honestly, lots of players who just want more Borderlands may be totally thrilled with that whole concept.

But if you want to see game studios surprise and delight with new ideas or mechanics, The Pre-Sequel may be lacking. Jack is a main character in 'Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel,' before he becomes a huge jerk. The Pre-Sequel, as its cheeky title says, fits snugly in between the first and second games of the series. Since the second game revolved around the story of a genuinely interesting villain, Handsome Jack, this game provides his origin story.

Our four playable heroes meet a younger Jack, and learn that he isn't such a bad guy. He's more of a middle-manager type stuck fighting corporate politics and space pirate takeover on the moon base circling around Pandora, the game's main planet.

The game's plot revolves around that Hyperion space station being overrun with a competing group of outlaws, who end up trying to use its powerful laser to blow up the moon. Your goal is to help Jack regain control of the space station, and build a robotic army to kick off the offending party. Most of the dirty work takes place on the low-gravity, zero-atmosphere moon, which provides the game's new mechanics. Borderlands has always shined thanks to its clever, subversive writing, and generally this game is no different.

The times when you hear characters talk are the most enjoyable, especially as you see a lot of franchise-favorite characters.

Some of the inclusions feel a little like fan service to me, as if this whole middle chapter was written with a few too many winks and nods to Borderlands lovers. Bar owner Moxxi, and her whole establishment, are back, too. This was especially true thanks to the heavy Australian and British influences in this game; since The Pre-Sequel was mostly developed by 2K Australia with guidance by Gearbox, there are a ridiculous amount of charming Aussie accents.