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bt meet the flatmates bbc

Tim's ambitious and very competitive. He'd like to start up his own business and is always on the lookout for people and ideas that can help him. The next match is against Panama on 24th June before the biggest game of the group stage for England, a meeting with Belgium on 28th June. BT has kicked off a pitch for the global services, consumer and business, activity around Related Articles. Jake Humphrey: BBC presenter signs to BT channel BT 'meet the flatmates' by AMV BBDO. Campaign.

But my friend tried to do it. My friend said he knew a travel agency that could offer good price, it can save more money. I was happy so I had been waiting for the ticket. My friend said the travel agency could not got the airticket, because the price is special offer, All the airticket had sold out. But I know my friend is for my own good. Anyway, I appreciated about that. I would like purchase for them if they need some.

My friend was very happy; they want to buy bag and perfume etc. Let me bring to China. I guarantee no any problem. When I brought something, I changed into the local money that found it was not really cheap and saved money! Tolik, Russia I always like to help other peoples if it lies within my power. Once my neighbour asked my to repair her personal computer as it didn't turn on. I decided that CPU burned out and i tryed to take of cooler.

But the cooler was hardly attached and i couldn't take it off by my hands. I decided to use blade screwdriver as the lever but it slided down and damaged the motherboard. I had to go to computer market to buy new mother board and told my neighbor about my fault. Later i found out that the problem was in power module and there wasn't any reason to take of cooler. Mr Stone, Vietnam yes, when I was a secondary school student I got a mistake when I helped my friend.

At that time, my friend studied very well. However, his family was very poor and potentially he would have to leave school because not having money to pay the fee.

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I was too young to know the right way to get him out of that situation. The most important thing was money but we didn't have money. Finally, I decided to steal money from my parents and they found out who criminal was. They asked me why. After listening the answer from me, they watched me and smiled.

Instead of talking aloud and hurting me, they gave me some advices. So far, I have still remembered very clearly those words. The only embrassing event I had is for donkys ago. On a sunny Eastern Monday afternoon I took a casual stroll through the suburb of our town then I met a middle aged lady standing in front of her house. When I drew near she said, excuse me Sir can you help me? I said of course Mm ,what,s wrong with you.

She said just come in, there,s a brocken bulb in the sitting room and I,m not able to change it. I stepped in saying, that,s not a big affair Mm, have you got everthing ready? She replied of course Sir, ladder, a new bulb and a pair of gloves if you want. So I followed her into the sitting room, put on the work gloves, mounted that ladder, exchanged the brocken bulb with the new one stepped down the ladder and wanted her to switch on the light as it loudly cracked because of a short-circuit somewhere in the house and unfortunately I was not able to find and fix it thereafter.

We had to send for the emergency power service to come and repair that tricky current break down. Betty Leung, Hong Kong Of course. One day, my friend did not do all the homework. So, I helped her to do her homework immediately. After that, I have finished her homework. So, she submitted to teacher.

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The teacher saw her homework, the teacher doubt me help her to do her homework. The teacher called my friend and me to teacher's room after school.

bt meet the flatmates bbc

Then the teacher asked my friend who help you to do the homework? My friend said to teacher I helped her to do the homework.

So, the teacher blamed my friend and me. The teacher said to me I do a turn that wrong. She asked me do not help students to do the homework even your best friend. So, I'm very upset. I want to help her to do her homework. But teacher blamed her and me. I did something wrong. Emily, Hong Kong Yesterday,I wanted to help my sister to put the schoolbag in order.

But my sister felt unhappy at last. It was because I confounded the books of the schoolbag. I am so sorry to her. Anny, Taiwan I had quite similar experience when i had my hair cut. The hair dresser overcut my hair and eventually my hair was too short and did not suit me. Anto, Italy In my previous job I was a tax analyst. A friend of mine who had worked as a journalist in France told me she had to declare her income in Italy too.

So I decided to do her a good turn, out of friendship. I first studied her case thouroughly - that was a complex one - and then I filled out her annual income tax declaration but I didn't take into account of the income tax form preprinted "zeros" and consequently the figures I declared turned to be millions of euros. The following year our local tax agency sent my friend a letter asking her to pay thousands of euro of unpaid tax correspondant to that millionaire income.

Fortunately it didn't turn out all wrong. I had the opportunity to explain my stupid error to the tax agency and everything was settled down. In any case I felt really ashamed but my friend was not angry with me at all, to the contrary she told me she would keep trusting me no matter what.

Sometimes you also need help. Although the result is not good, it should be appreciated because it comes from a kind heart and a nice purpose. It was my younger sister's wedding day.

We are getting ready to attend the party. While my father and I were almost finish. I noticed my father's suit got some wrinkles. I told him to get me his suit to iron.

I ended up burning that nice new suit. Lyudmila, Russia Sometimes a really good intention can turn into something absolutely opposite.

bt meet the flatmates bbc

For example, my cousin wanted to give her mother a birthday present when she sent her moms name and e-mail address to the advertisement company. The company sent her back a check for 50 dollars and my cousin bought a present on it. But couple months later the amount of commercial advertisement e-mails her mom started to receive became enormous - about letters a day. And she couldn't just start using the new e-mail address because she has been using the old one in her business for more than 4 years.

It is finally became a very hard task to separate important letters from all that spam. Christian, Germany Yes, indeed. So I offered her to help. I tried the ignition key, but it broke. Lara, Italy This happened to a friend of mine.

Some friends wanted to make him a suprise by giving a birthday party for him. The problem is, some other friends had the same idea, and since the two groups at that time didn't get along with each other, my poor friend was put in trouble since at the end he had to choose wich party to attend.

I had an appointment in the headquarter of a company which has just settled down there, in a huge industrial estate. In a petrol station, a woman, just before me, was asking the way to go to the same company.

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Nobody was able to answer as the firm was still unknown. GPS didn't exist, but I had had a previous visit there, a month before, I was sure of the route so I told the woman, don't worry, follow me.

I discovered that I could not remember the right way, driving several times on the same road in the awful traffic jams of Paris, an hour later we were lost in Saint Germain Forrest. What an odd place for two people who are presumed to work in comfortable offices. In the afternoon I mether in the company's lobbies.

No word to explain my embarrassment, I had egg on my face. Antonio Britto, Brazil I was singing an italian song before many people and suddenly I forgot the letter so I sang another letter and everything could be all right Shoaib Mamun, UK A few days ago my aunty cut my hair. She tried to style it on my neck but it went wrong. One side it was round where as the otherside it was straight so,it looked really teribe. One of my friends noticed it so he was asking me did do this your self.

After that i covered it underneath the colar of my jumper for days. Polpetta, Italy I think that often with the best intention it is possible do something wrong. I think that it is best to ask to a friend if he wants our help before taking action. Wendy, Hong Kong I remember a years ago, I helped my consin to put colour stickers with different pictures into his book but I put the wrong one in the wrong place, so I tried to take it out to replace it.

Unfortunately, I not only tore his book but the strickers were messed together too. My consin was very angry and couldn't stop crying. I had to buy him the new one to stop him crying. Guthemberg, Brazil Sure, I've done. We make mistakes, then we should recognize and try to repair them. It relies on human being making mistakes, so do a good turn suits quite well for these situations.

Anna, Korea Before an exam, my friens asked me to cheat. So we shared parts separately. She lived in Norwich with her fiance Fiaz Bhatti and commuted every day to her job at Pearson Publishing in cental London. She was standing in the carriageway opposite the bomber and the evidence indicates she died instantly.

Her fiance spent a week on London's streets with a homemade missing person poster, hoping she may have survived.

bt meet the flatmates bbc

First aiders tried unsuccessfully to save him at the scene. His father, brother and flatmate searched for him in London, until his death was confirmed.

The family said he had been "a fun-loving boy, full of enthusiasm for life". Her firm described her as "hard-working, conscientious and supremely able", driven by her determination to represent the weak. She grew up in the Chelmsford area and had friends around the world. Her family said she was passionate about human rights and wanted to work for the United Nations.

She regularly commuted from Billericay, Essex, with her mother, June. Mrs Taylor described how they would always kiss goodbye at Liverpool Street and how her daughter would turn and wave until out of view.

He told the inquest that up to 50 people had disembarked from the bus because of the route change moments before the explosion tore through the vehicle. Mr Psaradakis described trying to help the injured. Born in Vietnam, he and his family later settled in Melbourne, Australia. The computer worker was recovered from the wreckage of the bus with serious injuries. His father and nephew flew to London to be at his hospital bedside, but he died a week later. Before her death, she and her sister were in the throes of refurbishing a house they had bought a couple of doors away from their parents.

Born in the Israeli coastal town of Hadera, she attended high school in Jerusalem before training in modern dance. She later moved to London and went on to work for a children's charity. She had spent the previous evening with her boyfriend watching Twelfth Night in Regent's Park. After studying for a degree at Bradford University, he followed his mother - a senior oil executive - into the oil industry.

On 7 July, he was on his way to the City to report back to his bosses on a successful presentation he had given at a seminar in London. He went on to graduate from Kingston University with a degree in business studies. At the time of his death, he had been rising quickly through the ranks at JP Morgan Asset Management and had been set to go to New York and Toronto with the company that September.

The IT specialist worked near Liverpool Street, but on the day of the attacks he was running late after forgetting to pick up his glasses as he left the house. He returned to his home in west London's Notting Hill, picked them up and kissed his wife, Christine, goodbye. It was to be their final kiss. Not Known Ms Barry, who suffered injuries to her arm, leg and head, had been evacuated from the Underground at Edgware Road after one of the three earlier blasts, only to be caught in the explosion at Tavistock Square.

The Australian at first thought she was having some kind of seizure, but then felt boiling water from the bus's radiator dripping on her arm. Thinking it was petrol, she described crawling through bodies to escape.

On the day of the attacks, she had travelled from Lancashire with a colleague to try to recruit new artists. Educated in Lancashire, Mrs Hartley's talent was spotted by a teacher and she was put forward for a junior position at a design studio. She later joined Hambledon Studios as an artist, where she worked until her death.

bt meet the flatmates bbc

Not known Ms Scott-Bradshaw, on a day trip to London from Lancashire for work, lost friend and colleague Marie Hartley in the explosion. The designer, who suffered severe leg injuries and damage to her hearing, tried to find her friend in the courtyard of a nearby building. I knew it was Marie because I could see her hair, her bracelet and her arms. After school she worked for a Lebanese family as a maid and later moved to London with them.

She went on to find work in the capital and met and married her husband, Emmanuel Wundowa. The mother-of-two had already been up and working at her job as a cleaner at University College London for several hours before she met her death on 7 July.

Born in Delhi, she lived in the Indian capital for just one year before her father was offered work as an engineer in England. She later graduated with a biochemistry degree and continued her studies with a masters in IT. She had begun work for a company helping to build computer software when she was killed. He was educated in Zimbabwe and London, where, as a young man, he played in bands with friends.

It was only after a stint in Ibiza that he began work in the City. The night before the attacks, Mr Gordon had stayed with a friend, leading him to take the bus that exploded in Tavistock Square. Only minutes earlier, she had spoken to her father to reassure him she was safe after being evacuated from King's Cross.

The BT employee from Newcastle-upon-Tyne ended up sitting a few rows in front of him. She was knocked unconscious by the blast, but escaped with perforated ear drums, broken teeth, cuts and bruises. She broke down at the inquest as she described how a police officer stopped her going to help fellow passengers.

The British Telecom engineer from Essex was posthumously granted the Knights Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, in recognition of his work with Solidarity, which helped bring an end to the country's communist movement. Mr Hart was on his way to work in Islington when he died in Tavistock Square.

In some ways she embodied a meeting of Western and Muslim values, enjoying shopping in the West End but always being present at her mosque for Friday prayers. A love of clothes ensured the cashier for the Co-operative Bank in Islington was always immaculately turned out, whether in Western fashions or traditional garments. The mortgage adviser was caught in the Piccadilly Line blast while on his way to work in the Strand.

He called his mother from King's Cross to let her know he had arrived in London safely and was about to board the tube. Both were killed by the explosion. At the inquest, medics recalled finding the couple lying next to each other on the tracks, their legs entwined. They were buried together after a joint funeral service in Herefordshire. Mr Beer was on his way to work at a salon in Knightsbridge when the explosion happened. His colleagues remembered him as "a born entertainer" who "lived life to the full".

His family asked mourners at his funeral to wear brightly-coloured clothes. His body was carried in a pink coffin.

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On 7 July she left her home in Wood Green, north London, and set off for Hammersmith, where she worked as a cleaner. But she never arrived at work, sparking a desperate search by her brother Pawel Iskryznski. She had two daughters.

One had arrived in the UK on the day of the explosions to visit her mother.

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He was planning a trip to Australia, for which he had been saving for several months while working as a shop assistant for a printing company in Chancery Lane. In a statement her family said she left behind "dozens of people who loved and admired her, including her boyfriend Rob, parents Pam and Mike and sister Eleanor". After a glittering year career as a police officer, he moved to London in He was a keen musician and had a calypso hit in Montserrat.

His son, Astrid Wade, said: