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david tamala mann of meet the brown

Stars of Tyler Perry's 'Meet the Browns,' David and Tamela Mann will head to the kitchen with Kristi Watts to prepare blackened shrimp po'boys. Tamela Jean Mann (née Johnson) (born June 9, ) is an American gospel singer, and They starred on the TBS sitcom Meet the Browns from to Tamela is the wife of actor David Mann, known for his role as Deacon Leroy. Tamela has also taken 'Cora' into America's living rooms via the television screen , co-starring with her husband David in the #1 TBS series, “Meet the Browns.

Accentuating his already natural gift of making people laugh as a youth, David set his sights on acting.

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As a free-spirited adolescent, the self-possessed 15 year-old discovered a way to employ his unsuspecting antics by involving himself in various high school activities including contemporary drama where he permeated the stage world by becoming a budding thespian. Finding his natural element, David was commonly cast as the production's funnyman where his infectious comedic flair was visibly realized and fittingly unleashed. From high school to local community theater, David's accomplished performances quickly gained notable recognition advancing his diversified image into public notice.

In short order, David joined forces with one of America's funniest actors and critically acclaimed playwright, Tyler Perry. The illustrious actor had written, directed, and produced numerous plays including the stage play hit I Can Do Bad All By Myself where David remarkably immortalized the intrusively nosey, wisecracking, ashy-kneed, and outrageously funny neighbor, "Mr.

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Brown" for mass audiences. Both properties were sure-fire hits, playing to packed theaters and grossing millions. When David is not on set shooting, he brings his live comedy show to venues around the country playing to sold-out crowds and is a spokesperson for the American Diabetes Assn. Along with his wife, Tamela, David is the co-host of the exciting new cooking and lifestyle TV show, Hanging With The Manns, which follows the dynamic couple as they cook-up delicious recipes in the kitchen and go on hilariously funny and wild adventures together, and he is the co-star of the upcoming sitcom Mann and Wife.

David is also the president of his independent music and entertainment label, Tillymann Music Group, with his wife Tamela. When David is not on tour, he enjoys the restful company of his wife of 25 years and their fun-loving children and grandchildren. He is married to his wife, Chantal, and they have two beautiful children D3 and Jayda. David is a video game nerd and avid firearms collector, and Chantal loves romantic comedies.

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Tia is a fashionista and loves to showcase the latest in looks and styles. She sang in the choir with him. She was kind of bragging on me at her school. Basically what her friend said was, "You guys think ya'll can sing, but I'm going to bring somebody here that will blow ya'll out. She said that, I didn't say that.

I went and sang for them. She really blew us away. We just grew from there.

david tamala mann of meet the brown

The group that we had, she started singing with us. One day I kissed her, and she fell in love. That was really one of my prayers. I asked the Lord for someone that was doing the same thing that I was doing, so I wouldn't have to explain coming in late from church and musicals, versus them thinking I'm coming in from the club. He would be there with me.

david tamala mann of meet the brown

I didn't like clubs, so that worked out perfectly. We have a good time together, so it comes easy. Him being my father in the plays and movies is so funny to me.

Back stage she doesn't like me touching her, really. It's really funny to us, too, because once we get in character, I look at him as Mr.

I still want some sugar, though. How did you all meet up with Tyler Perry?

David and Tamela Mann Said Madea Wasn't Supposed to be a Star +Why They Left Kirk Franklin's Group

He has a show that's about to come out called "I Can Do Bad. Brown's part in the show was just a small walk-on part. Mine was even smaller. Nobody could have ever imagined that these roles would turn into a movie, a television show and even our own stage play.

david tamala mann of meet the brown

Nobody could have ever imagined that. We started building on the character. We started building on the clothes and then we started with the antics, the physical comedy. We started building on all of that and it stuck, thank God.

david tamala mann of meet the brown

I guess the people were liking it, and it just kind of stuck. Many, many times I've thought you were going to steal the show from Madea played by a cross-dressing Perry.

It's kind of give-and-take as to who's doing what.

[update] David and Tamela Mann “A Beautiful Love Story” Comes to TV One.

I genuinely enjoy seeing people having a good time. To see people laugh. This would be my equivalent to a high. I just like to bring joy to people. That laughter, it's so healing, it's medicine. It really is medicine for the soul. We look at different anointings. People are anointed to preach. She's anointed to sing. I believe I'm anointed to just bring joy to people and make people laugh. Did you both starting singing in the church? That's all we know.

You started with Kirk Franklin and the Family. That's where we got our national start. You both have powerful voices. It's nothing but a blessing because we get to be in each other's things.

david tamala mann of meet the brown

I told her it's cool that we get to do this together. Everything was built together. I thank God for that. He really pushes me.