Dr who episode where all the doctors meet

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dr who episode where all the doctors meet

All Episodes () David Tennant and Matt Smith in Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor ( Jemma Redgrave and Episode cast overview, first billed only: . The Doctor is lured to a sentient asteroid outside of the Universe by a Time Lord distress signal and All Episodes () Episode complete credited cast. The following is a list of appearances by River Song. Series 4 Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead.

In the midst of the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks, the War Doctor — an incarnation of the Doctor about years younger than the Eleventh Doctor — decides to trigger an ancient and sentient weapon called the Moment to destroy both sides.

The Moment's humanoid interface shows what the War Doctor's future would be after the Time Lords are destroyed but the Doctor survives. Inthe Zygons enter three-dimensional paintings made with the Time Lords' stasis cubes, and go into suspended animation to emerge in the present.

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UNIT head Kate Stewart starts a countdown for a nuclear warhead beneath the Tower that will destroy the advanced technology along with London. The countdown is stopped and all present negotiate a peace treaty.

dr who episode where all the doctors meet

The War Doctor, convinced that detonating the Moment will save many more lives in the longer term, is returned to his time. The other two Doctors follow him with the intention of helping him detonate the Moment. When Clara Oswald insists they do not destroy their people, the Doctors devise an alternative solution.

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The Doctors, aided by ten of their other incarnations, plan to use the stasis technology to freeze Gallifrey in a pocket universe. When Gallifrey disappears, the surrounding Dalek warships would obliterate themselves in the inevitable crossfire.

dr who episode where all the doctors meet

My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone's. It's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes, but at last I know where I'm going. Where I've always been going.

Home, the long way round. The War and Tenth Doctors realise they will not remember what happened; they will continue shouldering the guilt. The War Doctor begins to regenerate after leaving. Hinting that the plan worked, the gallery's curator reveals to the Eleventh Doctor that one of the three-dimensional paintings is called Gallifrey Falls No More.

He exploits and fiddles with the mechanics of the TARDIS to such a degree in which Amy and Rory find themselves enveloped in a complex trans-dimensional labyrinth which ultimately leads to one of the most unsettling moments viewers of the series have seen. If this doesn't give the kiddies nightmares then I don't know what will. What I found distracting however was the the hyper-drive pace, as with previous episodes in the current series so far we're given far little time to breathe before Gaiman pushes us on to the next part of the story.

dr who episode where all the doctors meet

It's as if he's concerned that it will over run and we are not being aloud to sit back and let ourselves take in what's happening before jumping ahead to the next chapter. The presence of an Ood, apparently due to budget restraints meaning that a new creature and costume couldn't be designed and created feels time-worn and slightly imitative given It's connection to House, TDW's prime antagonist.

A gravelly monotone disembodied voice that speaks through an Ood and delights in manipulating and exploiting people's fears. It just calls to mind the Beast in the episode "The Satan Pit".

dr who episode where all the doctors meet

While you could quibble that the whole alien being taking over the body of a living person has been done so many times before in the new series. Never the less, although flawed TDW is thus far the most accomplished episode of the latest series. The performances from the guest and regular cast for the most part are first rate with Matt Smith forging excellent chemistry with Suranne Jones in the little time they have together.

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Arthur Darvil is likable as always and actually gets more to do and doesn't feel for once as if he's just along for the ride. But I'm less convinced with Karen Gillan who is stilted as Amy. Beautiful as she is she's not as effortlessly believable as previous companions.

Breaking new ground and with some sublime moments it is something that had potential and while containing some masterfully conceived moments it is also countered by waves of de-ja-vu.

dr who episode where all the doctors meet

I still however defy anyone not to be in awe at least of Gaiman's imaginative ambition and his moments of genius. And with what appears to be another dark instalment with next weeks "The Rebel Flesh" to look forward to I can't help but feel excited.

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