Early in the morning i rise to meet thee

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early in the morning i rise to meet thee

Woe to those who rise early in the morning that they may pursue strong drink, Who . Samuel rose early in the morning to meet Saul; and it was told Samuel. O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;. Then in my heart, I cried out: “Father, I want to find thee this morning. strength for the day, strength to meet the trials and whatever else the day may hold. The Lord is surely my strength,my shield,I rise with his peace in my.

It is there upon my knees and in spending time in His word that I find strength for the day, strength to meet the trials and whatever else the day may hold. Just as God says: It is not enough to just have family worship, group prayers, or go to church. You cannot have an intimate relationship with God by those things alone. All these things help in our Christian walk, but it is not the same as a one-on-one relationship.

You cannot pour out your heart to Him and share with Him your struggles, your sorrows, and your joys when you are not alone with God. You cannot find the strength you need for each trial if you do not spend some quiet moments alone with Him. I know that many of us have very busy schedules, but that is all the more reason to seek God everyday on a personal level.

We need to take the time, even if we have to reschedule our lives and leave something undone or get up earlier. I find that when I neglect this time with God, the day is so hard to get through! I personally like early mornings because it is quiet, still, and so much easier to hear God speaking to my heart than at any other time.


King David saw the value of spending early mornings with God, even in the busy life of a king: Put first things first and spend time with God to build a personal relationship with Him. This is vital to the Christian life. God longs to spend that time with you each day, and He is waiting to give you peace and strength.

Will you join me in taking time each day with God, learning to put your confidence in him more and more?

early in the morning i rise to meet thee

Those moments will be some of the most precious you will ever have. It is there you will find peace. Its 3am and i found this article of encouragement to keep going and keep seeking Gods wisdom and voice that i need so dearly right now.

More grace in Jesus name. I really like and enjoy it, i will also recommend it to my other brothers in Christ. We need more of this kind in these last days.

Psalm 63 KJV - O God, thou art my God; early will I - Bible Gateway

God will surerly Bless you for this work. Also enlightenment to my soul. It came as a dream today early morning around 2. When we're going to visit one of our church member but instead of reaching to the house of that church member, I realized it was the house of our pastor and all church members had already arrived. That is the time I woke up in really sense and I opened my Bible started to read the word of God in proverb 8: They will prosper in all their ways and obtain honor and riches because all is His.

I thank God for this teaching coz its my prayer that God will give me the quickening spirit that will cause my early awakening to pray and seek God diligently. I spend time Jesus.

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Mostly in the mornings but find myself talking to him throughout the day. Thank you so much it helped. Because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4: Thank you for this most amazing and very special gem!

I love you, and may God bless you in Jesus name! Unfortunitely i had let life rob me of my seeking God in the early hours of the morning!

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I truly missed such times but as time progressed, I felt more powerless and the harder it became for me to start my days by being in His presence! Thank you for reminding me that He longs to spend that one on one personal time with me! Holly spirit help me be consistant in seeking His face everyday, early every morning! He put us first on the cross and we in turn should do the same because he died we can live a life of confidence.

I love you Jesus!!! I am grateful, encouraged, and strengthened. I really needed it. The speaker has not gone down to the land where all is silent and forgotten, and can therefore still cry to God, and send his prayer to meet prevent, i.

early in the morning i rise to meet thee

And this makes the expostulation of the next verses still stronger. Why, since the sufferer is still alive, is he forsaken, or seemingly forsaken, by the God of that covenant in which he still abides?

Pulpit Commentary Verse The psalmist returns from the somewhat vague speculations of vers. He is not yet a mere shade, an inhabitant of Sheol; he is in the flesh, upon the earth; he can still cry, and does still cry, to Jehovah.

There is thus still a faint gleam of hope for him. And in the morning shall my prayer prevent thee. The psalmist will draw out God's mercy, as it were, before its time, by importuning him with early and continual prayer comp.

early in the morning i rise to meet thee

Matthew Henry Commentary The psalmist resolved to continue in prayer, and the more so, because deliverance did not come speedily. Though our prayers are not soon answered, yet we must not give over praying. The greater our troubles, the more earnest and serious we should be in prayer.

early in the morning i rise to meet thee

Nothing grieves a child of God so much as losing sight of him; nor is there any thing he so much dreads as God's casting off his soul.