Ef well meet in the end lyrics bvb

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ef well meet in the end lyrics bvb

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The idea of trying to sonically reinvent the piano had been on my mind for years, why it appeared at this time I have no idea. All of these worlds spill over into each other in a seemingly endless way.

Music has been a constant for me since early childhood. While always fascinated with visual art technology has become so advanced that I can realize these visions. In that both things inspire each other. Currently speaking with agents and hoping to do so soon. The scope of this is being well received internationally and it would be fun to meet so many new people from different parts of the world.

I have several new projects in the works,music and film. The idea of creation for me is the most exciting thing imaginable. A quick and a fun one! But, um yeah you're right Yeah, well we are all friends. I think what a lot of people notice is that we all love music. That is something genuine, and when people come to the show they see that connection between us. We did the Warped Tours, toured a lot, did a couple of albums as an indie band does.

We reached a point where we didn't want to drive around in a white crappy van anymore and drive across Canada, so we needed to find a way to reach an audience. That is just when YouTube was taking off Then we met Taylor through some family friends, and Joel came along so there was just this kind of point where Sarah was busy still with her projects, but Walk Off was becoming busier and we were doing so many videos Yeah, well Gianni and I both had this vision of creating a band or a project and being a part of something that would allow people to get away from the everyday stuff We all worked jobs.

That is where the name of the band came from, as in music that would let you walk off Yes, true we are family. Every part of our team is family, and we have tried to only let people into that circle who want to be a part of the family. The positive and happy, that is what gets us through anything. I love the news-feeds, world news. We each have our own outlets we like. Like Sarah and Gianni love Facebook. Me, though, I like Twitter and oh, I am not into the selfies and stuff either.

I have a great family at home, we have a fiveyear old at home. The last few years have been so busy, you must have a great support system at home to keep going First we have a few dates here, then in October we head over to Europe. Our fans over there are incredible, we love them. Songwriting, I love to write. WOTE obviously has thousands of songs, so you know you create a catalog of music. What's cool though as at one time song writing was just a hobby, but now I get to call i work paused which is just an incredible feeling.

Oh, And I love sports Well, I think for us as the band we had the time to put into this album. It wasn't rushed, but we wanted to get it done to the response we were e t o m, e e e having on the internet to the band.

We had two years of writing, producing The production just came together the way wanted it too. It's like a gigantic sing along. The way we do our live shows is we engage our crowd we wanted to do that with this album too. As the music is a lot of sing along chants, so there is the involvement.

I don't want to give away too much, I want people to create their own meaning for it. We are on the road. Not far from Canada, as we are in Buffalo tonight. The humble beginnings of The American Spring world touring we will be doing.

It's the first track on the record. One that we thought set the tone of challenging the status quo and ourselves to do better.

The failures of the Obama administration are our collective responsibility to comment on. Not just insane Fox News right wing nuts, there are real tangible costs to America and the world under Obama. The song is the jumping off point of that commentary. Police murder, prisons as a business model, drone strikes, the ever widening of the largest gap ever between the wealthy and the poor I had no other ambitions than to just play music outside of Pittsburgh.

ef well meet in the end lyrics bvb

Get out of my mothers garage. So each step past that has exceeded my expectations. Which is one of the main reasons that we are so focused and perhaps the bes version of ourselves on American Spring We tried and worked harder on this record than any other in our bands life.

We are always cognizant of those that are supporters or members of the community that surrounds the band We want to do right by them. We are not trying to reinvent ourselves as much as we are trying to be the most empathetic and conscious and sonically correct version of ourselves. A bit of both. For me I had a tremendously arduous point in my life before writing these songs.

I had a relationship end that I thought would never. I struggled with my new self identity, struggled with finding my self worth. And all of that comes through in the writing for sure. But there is also a lot happening in the world to comment on as a politically focused punk band. So from my more personal and venerable space I was trying to do that more than ever. It's important for us to believe the ideas last longer than the 2 and a half min long punk song constraints.

We want people to have a reason to re-listen, we want them to have a reason to want the entire package. List of ways to become more involved in the form of activism that best suits you as an individual.

All of that is why we make the records we make. The challenges of searching for direct democracy in a hijacked exploitative capitalist system. That we believe there is more and that an other option is viable and possible. It was fantastic and drastically different from our last two records. We left the comforts of our own home studio and went and holed up in a warehouse in LA until the last notes were written.

Then with the help of the genius and talents of Kenny Carkeet ofAwolnation and his production partner Jim Kaufman we lived, ate, slept, breathed and bled these songs in a house together until it was done. It was the quickest full record recording process that I can remember. We were more prepared and focused than ever and that made a huge difference. This record is on Spinefarm. But there are vinyl versions that we are releasing on our A-F Records That's the kiss and the curse.

No outside energy is brought. But also no one cares more about this band than we do, so it's hard to match our passion. Our aim is to play every city we have ever visited in the world with these songs and this album. It's a tremendous endeavor.

We're on the road, for sure. Sharing the ideas ofAmerican Spring. Enjoying the celebration of being a part of a community that stands against racism, sexism, homophobia, war for corporate greed and bigotry of all kind.

Sharing empathy, trying to stand up for and speak up for those who can not for themselves. That's what the scene we are a part of is about and the band that we want to be. Only the very beginning's of all the roles mastered and portrayed by actor of both Television, Movies and Stage Never stopping long enough to find out what's next, Spencer has created the last 25 years of his acting career into the thrill of his life.

Imagine someone still so passionate about each opportunity given, and embracing the doors he has procured in diligence, all while still showing his excitement and appreciation for his peers. Undaunted, a life long learner of his craft, this is a brief glimpse into Spencer's passion for his love of acting.

I think I resisted it for a long time, I was uncertain about it, growing up in the industry and seeing the peaks and valleys, well I wanted to avoid the valleys. I went to college and studied public policy and philosophy, worked in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, worked for NPR, wore a suit and carried a briefcase to work, and all the while I kept feeling the tug of my family business.

I moved to New York City and began studying under Sanford Meisner, who was my teacher for many years. Meisner was actually one of the original founders of group theatre in the '30's with Lee Strasberg. That for me was a pivotal moment in my acting career, and I have never looked back. I was directed by my mom actress, Kathleen Nolanvery early on. My grandpa and grandma actually raised my mom and my aunt on the Goldenrod Showboat on the Mississippi River.

It may sound hokey, but those are really my roots. I am losing count, you get a little schizophrenic. I have five recurring shows now, it's almost unheard of. I think the hardest part is keeping all the dialogue straight in my head. Finished two shows here in Atlanta, and just shot a new pilot, with Don Johnson.

Whether or not he gets the gig remains to be seen, but it has a lot of the same elements. I mean it has a lot of beautiful people in it, oil's involved, and Don Johnson is the patriarch of this wealthy family.

It really has a little something for everyone. And I think people are really going to enjoy it. I am really happy to be a part of it. It's a good late night soap. I get to dress up in a 5, dollar tuxedo and run for governor I get to play dress up everyday! To be able to do this, I can't say how much I just love it, and appreciate it. It is much more interesting than being me, believe me! I have played in so many roles, ranging from politicians to lawyers.

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I feel I have played so many lawyers and politicians that I feel I should have a law degree, and wear one of those little pins on my lapel. But I find myself if I am playing like. My job is to play the characters I am given as honestly as I can play them. So, I just played him as this ridiculously swishy German, it was very over the top, I think it was the most fun though I have ever had before and since. I think he was the West Hollywood Shopkeeper, and I wanted to name him.

I asked Nicole, and she said what do you want to name him Nicole always makes such terrific films. And I think since you asked me, I'd like to mention too Michael Mann. I remember looking at this script and thinking I am never going to get this role, and I remember saying to the casting director, Bonnie Timmermann, can I just read for the role of an FBI guy or the lawyer or senator?

She turned to me and said, "Spencer I have followed your career for over twenty years, I know you can do those in your sleep, I don't want to see you do that again. I am an actor buff. I love a good story.

I was sad a bit when it ended, but it ended so well. TV or Film or Theatre. If the story is good and the actors are bringing it to life, I am there. We play two Republican, Beverly Hills straight arrow lawyers who are involved in a round about way with Manson's life. I had put Manson away years earlier, and Byrnes character's daughter has run away and joined Manson's cult. He is trying to get his daughter back and we may or may not be involved in some nefarious activities.

It's a very dark, very complex, beautifully written show, it's just so full of surprises. I am more excited about this show than anything I have ever done. My character Hal Banyinhas so much meat on the bone. As the season opens you get this glimpse and as it progresses you start seeing the character's revealing, like an onion being peeled back I love watching great writers create, and without them, there is nothing.

Yes, yes we did. I hadn't seen David in a long time, probably since that X file episode back in the early '90s. We walk in and we sit down at the table and David is sitting right next to me, and he looks over and he tells me the name of my character, and said, You played Harry Bring and the episode was Laughed David just put his first novel out, so I am behind the curve in getting my novel out! He isn't part of this 'free love' generation. He is old school, hard dude, detective.

He is a fish out of water. It's just a blast working with him, I like him as an actor, I like him as a guy. You never know, but now I am getting to bop around and work in Atlanta, Salt Lake, Malaysia, New York and getting to do these different jobs.

Having grown up around this business, I am anything but jaded I am such a fan of this business and of those I work for. Every time I get to work with someone I have done this for 25 years, and every morning I just look up to the sky and thank whoever is up there for the gift to do this.

Maybe something like, Black Gold. We wanted to give the characters the same feel but bring new fun elements so the fans wouldn't think they're stale. I feel very lucky that the writers took such good care of him for me. The whole cast is so intertwined that we always have fun when were together. It's really fun to be the fish out of water in this film. We as the characters get to learn about new technology and social norms. During that we're holding on to the characters while they learn life lessons.

It was a hard balance to find! I would say this movie has a very "Enchanted" feel to it. The music in Teen Beach 2 is so catchy!!! Every song is so unique that it's hard to explain. Each character has a certain era or sound so that will reflect in the music that they are singing so I think you can kind of guess that when tanner is singing a number you'll always get an early 60's vibe.

The tempo in the dance numbers is really fast so that meant the dancing is more intense.

ef well meet in the end lyrics bvb

Also, the first movie we set the standards for performance so high we knew we had to come back this time and make the dances more elaborate and creative which Chris Scott did an awesome job doing. This time Tanner really goes through an identity crisis. He learns the value of putting effort into people you care about and that he cannot focus on himself all the time.

It's funny to type that out but it's true. Tanner has lived in a movie world where everything was always handed to him. In the real world he learns what it's like to EARN the respect of others. Other than this movie being a musical, we weren't trying to make another HSM.

We respect what they all did BUT we just wanted to make our own film. I don't think theres anything to prove wrong. It'll show in the work we present to everyone that we have our own thing going on here.

ef well meet in the end lyrics bvb

I was Ryan in High School Musical 2 on stage funny enough. Looking back, learning Ryan and his ways on stage are more specific to his character. The dancing style, hairspray of it all is more tanners style. Right now focusing on work and new things in the pipe line. Working on music, working with charities that mean a lot to me to be able to actually connect with the younger generation about things I believe in Anti-Bullying, and starting to partner up with a friend of my who works in education.

I'm very excited and exhausted all at once. Listen on Soundcloud or YouTube. Listen here or here. Want to listen to some good music while you read? Songwriter and recording artist, Nick Lopez is creating big buzz and quickly becoming a much talked about name in music. As a former ghostwriter, Nick has written songs for major artists including Alicia Keys and Chance the Rapper, among many others. Having only been public for 2 months, Teacher Teacher featuring famed Boston-based hip hop duo Kings Dead has already received overplays online.

The second track off his EP titled, The Witching Hour was released on May 26th and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. There is no doubt that this talented young artist is on the fast track to steal the hearts of many, and become a prominent figure in music. How have you been? Can you tell us more about the backstory behind your single SimpleThings?

How was the recording and writing process? It took a really long time. I or ed ith some amazing producers and co-writers who I really respect and have much more clout in the industry than me. Usually from life experiences or experiences my friends are going through.

Sometimes it just comes to me. You have also written music for other artists — do you take a different approach when you write for an artist vs. I always write the songs how I would want to personally sing them. If not, oh well. It takes away from the sincerity of the music. Will you be hitting the road this year? Releasing the EP and spending time in San Francisco over the summer with a very special girl!

Ef:...We'll Meet In The End Lyrics

Catalystsecond version: Ah, thank you, thanks for having me. Feels like I've somewhat been living in an airplane seat and in a hotel room, but good, haha. It was naturally awkward and awkwardly natural. At the start I put all my work as an artist on pause because I was worried that the perception would be what I was creating as an artist sonically was what I was pushing as a producer, which isn't the case, but I think now there is a really great understanding of my production style, which is to focus on the artists stamp and vision that I'm working with.

It has very little, if anything to do with the records I make as an artist, unless the artist really wants it to. I'm interested in helping support and growing their vision, facilitating it. It's sort of like just cause I have my own car doesn't mean we can't hop into yours together and go for a ride. I'll hold the map or chime in on the detours and destination but ultimately, the artist is driving.

It's not about me and what I can do musically, it's about helping extract what I can from them. For me it's been just that, behind the scenes. I think there are a lot of things that I've done that maybe go far beyond the traditional definition of a music producer, and some that fall below. Every project has its own unique flow, but there are some fundamentals. It's also been incredibly rewarding to see some of these artists to grow to such heights.

It's like, deep down I knew this was inevitable for them, but man, they actually did it, and with very little help. I'm just so proud of those guys, their work ethic and passions took them all the way, and it's going to continue to. It's certainly helped, and there have been projects where artists ask me to substantially contribute music, and that's fun, it's appreciated, but it's not a rule. It's helped particularly with melody, and chord structure.

We can run over to the piano or guitar together and flush things out. Oh god no, formula is painful. Bythey had given Germany the second-largest naval force in the world roughly three-fifths the size of the Royal Navy. According to von Tirpitz, this aggressive naval policy was supported by the National Liberal Party rather than by the conservatives, implying that imperialism was supported by the rising middle classes. Nearly all of its overall empire of 2.

This led to the Algeciras Conferencein which France's influence on Morocco was compensated by the exchange of other territories, and then to the Agadir Crisis in Along with the Fashoda Incident between France and Britain, this succession of international crises reveals the bitterness of the struggle between the various imperialist nations, which ultimately led to World War I. Italy took possession of parts of Eritrea in [19] [20] and Following its defeat in the First Italo—Ethiopian War —it acquired Italian Somaliland in —90 and the whole of Eritrea Init engaged in a war with the Ottoman Empirein which it acquired Tripolitania and Cyrenaicathat together formed what became known as Italian Libya.

We must start by recognizing the fact that there are proletarian nations as well as proletarian classes; that is to say, there are nations whose living conditions are subject Once this is realised, nationalism must insist firmly on this truth: Italy is, materially and morally, a proletarian nation.

Italian Ethiopia became a part of the Italian East Africa. Portugal, which also claimed the area due to old treaties with the native Kongo Empiremade a treaty with Britain on 26 February to block off the Congo Society's access to the Atlantic.

By the Congo Free State had consolidated its control of its territory between Leopoldville and Stanleyvilleand was looking to push south down the Lualaba River from Stanleyville.

To the west, in the land where their expansions would meet, was Katangasite of the Yeke Kingdom of Msiri. The scramble for Katanga was a prime example of the period. Leopold sent four CFS expeditions. First, the Le Marinel Expedition could only extract a vaguely worded letter.

The Delcommune Expedition was rebuffed. The well-armed Stairs Expedition was given orders to take Katanga with or without Msiri's consent. Msiri refused, was shot, and the expedition cut off his head and stuck it on a pole as a "barbaric lesson" to the people. The Bia Expedition finished the job of establishing an administration of sorts and a "police presence" in Katanga.

The Congo Free State imposed such a terror regime on the colonised people, including mass killings and forced labour, that Belgium, under pressure from the Congo Reform Associationended Leopold II's rule and annexed it in as a colony of Belgium, known as the Belgian Congo. Native Congo Free State laborers who failed to meet rubber collection quotas were often punished by having their hands cut off.

The brutality of King Leopold II of Belgium in his former colony of the Congo Free State, [22] [23] now the Democratic Republic of the Congowas well documented; up to 8 million of the estimated 16 million native inhabitants died between and As the first census did not take place untilit is difficult to quantify the population loss of the period.

Casement's report set it at three million. There is, of course, no way of ascertaining the population of the Congo before the twentieth century, and estimates like 20 million are purely guesses. Most of the interior of the Congo was literally unexplored if not inaccessible.

A similar situation occurred in the neighbouring French Congo. Most of the resource extraction was run by concession companies, whose brutal methods, along with the introduction of disease, resulted in the loss of up to 50 percent of the indigenous population.

However, de Brazza died on the return trip, and his "searingly critical" report was neither acted upon nor released to the public. Some sources estimate the workforce at 30, [32] but others estimate thatworkers died over the ten years of construction due to malnutrition, fatigue and disease, especially cholera. Byhe was facing financial difficulties and was forced to sell his block of shares in the Suez Canal. The shares were snapped up by Britain, under its Prime MinisterBenjamin Disraeliwho sought to give his country practical control in the management of this strategic waterway.

When Isma'il repudiated Egypt's foreign debt inBritain and France seized joint financial control over the country, forcing the Egyptian ruler to abdicate, and installing his eldest son Tewfik Pasha in his place. The Egyptian and Sudanese ruling classes did not relish foreign intervention. During the s, European initiatives against the slave trade caused an economic crisis in northern Sudan, precipitating the rise of Mahdist forces.

The same year, Tewfik suffered an even more perilous rebellion by his own Egyptian army in the form of the Urabi Revolt. InTewfik appealed for direct British military assistance, commencing Britain's administration of Egypt.

A joint British-Egyptian military force ultimately defeated the Mahdist forces in Sudan in Thereafter, Britain rather than Egypt seized effective control of Sudan. Berlin Conference —85 [ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

ef well meet in the end lyrics bvb

July Main article: Berlin Conference Otto von Bismarck at the Berlin Conference, The occupation of Egypt, and the acquisition of the Congo were the first major moves in what came to be a precipitous scramble for African territory. More importantly, the diplomats in Berlin laid down the rules of competition by which the great powers were to be guided in seeking colonies. No nation was to stake claims in Africa without notifying other powers of its intentions.

No territory could be formally claimed prior to being effectively occupied. However, the competitors ignored the rules when convenient and on several occasions war was only narrowly avoided.

April Boer child in a British concentration camp during the Second Boer War — Britain's administration of Egypt and the Cape Colony contributed to a preoccupation over securing the source of the Nile River.

Egypt was overrun by British forces in although not formally declared a protectorate untiland never an actual colony ; SudanNigeriaKenya and Uganda were subjugated in the s and early 20th century; and in the south, the Cape Colony first acquired in provided a base for the subjugation of neighboring African states and the Dutch Afrikaner settlers who had left the Cape to avoid the British and then founded their own republics.

Theophilus Shepstone annexed the South African Republic or Transvaal in for the British Empire, after it had been independent for twenty years. The Second Boer Warfought between andwas about control of the gold and diamond industries; the independent Boer republics of the Orange Free State and the South African Republic or Transvaal were this time defeated and absorbed into the British Empire.

The French thrust into the African interior was mainly from the coasts of West Africa modern day Senegal eastward, through the Sahel along the southern border of the Sahara, a huge desert covering most of present-day SenegalMaliNigerand Chad.

Their ultimate aim was to have an uninterrupted colonial empire from the Niger River to the Nile, thus controlling all trade to and from the Sahel region, by virtue of their existing control over the Caravan routes through the Sahara.

The British, on the other hand, wanted to link their possessions in Southern Africa modern South Africa, BotswanaZimbabweLesothoSwazilandand Zambiawith their territories in East Africa modern Kenyaand these two areas with the Nile basin. Muhammad Ahmadleader of the Mahdists. This fundamentalist group of Muslim dervishes over-ran much of Sudan and fought British forces. The Sudan which in those days included most of present-day Uganda was the key to the fulfillment of these ambitions, especially since Egypt was already under British control.