Fred and barney meet the thing youtube

Fred Flintstone

fred and barney meet the thing youtube

Next on the “package show” hit parade is a look at “Fred and Barney Meet the Thing.” Debuting on NBC in September , this package show. Fred and Wilma Flintstone and their neighbors, Barney and Betty Rubble, live in “It was this mythological sort of thing animators had heard of it, but nobody More videos on YouTube .. "It was brought up in a meeting, apparently, but nobody told me until after they decided against it," Connolly told The Scotsman in On YouTube, you can find thousands of racist cartoons, as well as For instance , in an episode from “The Flintstones,” a Japanese man teaches judo to Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty. Andersen reported: “When we meet Speedy Gonzales, he is “Hiding history is a terrible thing to do,” Carrick said.

The Everett Collection 5. Alan Reed, the voice of Fred, was not thrilled with the script's prompt to holler, "Yahoo!

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A different actor voiced Barney for five episodes in season two. Cartoon voice legend Mel Blanc gave life to Barney Rubble. InBlanc nearly died in a head-on car crash, suffering a fractured skull as he slipped into a coma.

The Everett Collection 7. It is said that the melody for the show's theme was derived from the second "Tempest" movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. No wonder it became an immediate classic. However, that familiar refrain of "Meet the Flintstones" was not heard until the third season of the show.

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For the first two seasons, the opening used an instrumental piece of music titled "Rise and Shine. Winston cigarettes sponsored the show.

Fred and Barney Meet The Thing (1979) - Intro (Opening)

Now here is something you will never see again. As with most shows of the era, the characters were shown pitching their sponsor's products. Fred and Barney would light up Winston cigarettes in early seasons.

Package shows: “Fred and Barney Meet the Thing”

Jackie Gleason considered suing Hanna-Barbera. Since the show's inception, people have noted the similarities between The Flintstones and The Honeymooners.

Years later, in a Playboy interview, Jackie Gleason admitted he considered taking legal action, but decided against it as he didn't want to be seen as the man who took Fred off the air. Fred's job title in the second-season episode "Divided We Sail" is "geological engineer". Years later, when Pebbles is a teenager, Fred and Barney join the Bedrock police force for a time as part-time police officers.

fred and barney meet the thing youtube

Fred's family grew again in A Flintstone Family Christmaswhen he and Wilma adopted an orphaned caveboy named Stony, and despite a rough start, Fred and his new son bonded well. Relatives The Flintstone family's paternal side originally came from the prehistoric U.

The feud was originally started by an ancestor of Fred's making a joke about a Hatrock family portrait "I don't know what the artist got for doing that painting, but he should've gotten life!

fred and barney meet the thing youtube

In the fourth-season episode "Bedrock Hillbillies," the feud is ended when Fred helps rescue Pebbles and a Hatrock baby, only to start up again when Fred makes the same joke as his ancestor. The Hatrocks later appear in the follow-up fifth-season episode "The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes", where they visit Bedrock.

Other relatives of Fred include: Riley from The Life of Rileyboth of whom were originally portrayed on television by Jackie Gleason Riley was originally portrayed on radio, film and later television episodes by William Bendix. Much like Ralph, Fred tends to be loud-mouthed, aggressive, and constantly scheming ways to improve his family's working class lot in life, often with unintended results. Also like Ralph, despite his harshness, he is friendly, and has a loving heart, who is very devoted to his family and cares a lot about his best friend and next door neighbor Barney Rubble.

Fred loses his temper easily and is very impatient, but he seems free of malice and never holds a grudge. One day, Barbera received a call from the guy in charge of Flintstones merchandising. A chip off the old rock. I have the ideal toy. The Man of a Thousand Voices portrayed Barney Rubble, even following a devastating head-on car collision in Though Wilma and Fred argued a lot, they did have a rock-solid relationship.

But we really loved each other. Our romance was one of the things that made us so popular.

fred and barney meet the thing youtube

Wilma is a communicator and a lot of women relate to that, at least I know I do. Collectors on eBay and stuff want my autograph. Ineight writers wrote a new draft of the script, but only three writers were credited. The plot of the final film centers around a work scheme and kidnapping, but an earlier version had a Grapes of Wrath-like plot.

They exhibit moments of heroism and poignancy.

fred and barney meet the thing youtube

It seems strange now that married couples weren't allowed to share a bed on American television, but watch enough old TV shows and you'll see that, indeed, husbands and wives usually slept in separate beds.