How to meet dave matthews at the gorge

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how to meet dave matthews at the gorge

Sep 3, When I started putting together this post I thought for sure I'd written a post about our adventures to see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge. Labor Dave Weekend was easily the single greatest weekend of my life and I and hung out with fans for about an hour, so I got to meet him:). “People will do outrageous things to see Dave,” says Ashley It is what the Gorge and the Dave Matthews Band and maybe even life is all.

We got to see Boyd Tinsley and his band Crystal Garden last year. BT hung out after the show and signed autographs and took pictures with his fans! When will they announce them? What shows should I go to? I need to request PTO at work, so what should I do?

how to meet dave matthews at the gorge

They start talking about what shows they want to go to. Who is going to the Gorge? Which shows should I request? Will I get everything I requested? What if I get stuck on the lawn? Every day you open your Warehouse account just waiting to hear if you got the requests you want, or if you were denied. STAGE 5 — JOY As the summer wears on and the shows get closer, even if you got denied Warehouse tickets, people manage to find tickets somehow and everyone gets to the shows they want to go to.

Then the joy begins! Depending on the format of the shows this year — 2 sets one acoustic and one electricopener, no-opener, etc. And God help us all if the Lovely Ladies come back out for the tour! Even so, it can get rough after spending weeks on the road in all kinds of weather.

Just go with it! While I missed our summer road trips to see shows inI still managed to have a great summer last year without the band on tour. The Best Concerts of ! However, there are lots of other ways to get into the show. There are lots of places out there to keep an eye on if you need tickets. You can always find tickets on third party resellers like Stub Hub, but you will likely pay a premium.

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Keep your eye on www. Another option is to volunteer for Reverb for a show. In exchange for volunteering a few hours of your time before the show, you get free entry. Volunteer spots are limited, so check their website to find out how to sign up.

how to meet dave matthews at the gorge

What does it mean????? Is Boyd on his way out of the band??? Is he jealous of the other band members???

My Gorge Virgin Experience : DMB

Bands are like families. All of them are very talented musicians. Not only have they made a lot of money from DMB over the years, but they can all support themselves going forward with their solo work. I got the pleasure of meeting Carter a few years ago. He always has a big smile on his face! We all love to hang with our friends in the parking lot, and walk into the show at the last minute.

I honestly feel like the set list haters just want to show off their vast knowledge of DMB songs, to prove to the rest of us that they know more than we do. They also seem to know more than Dave himself, since Dave is the one that puts together the set list before every show.

In my opinion, every DMB set list is a good set list. Set list haters are annoying for so many reasons. First, I saw 53 concerts last year.

So, appreciate the fact that the set lists change from show to show. But, speaking of signs, I have personally witnessed situations where someone follows the band all tour and asks for the same song every show i. All merchandise stands take all major credit cards. Designated Driver Our concessionaire offers free fountain sodas to guests that commit to be the designated driver for their party.

Please visit the designated driver booth at the Guest Services location to the right of the main stage. Drinking Water Guests are permitted to bring in One 1 factory sealed bottle of water up to one gallon in size.

Guilt and The Gorge: Writer returns to Dave Matthews Band's annual trek to make amends

This policy is subject to change based on artist requests or safety considerations. Aluminum bottles, refillable plastic water bottles are permitted. Camelbacks are not permitted. Water fountains are located throughout the venue. Emergency In the event of an emergency while on site- The Gorge has trained paramedics to assist with any medical issues. First aid is located in the lower plaza, above The Gorge Grill, but any staff member with a radio can dispatch First Aid to the location needed.

Local law enforcement officers are also on site for every event and can assist if needed or requested.

how to meet dave matthews at the gorge

Venue management works closely with all appropriate emergency agencies and services to ensure that we are up to date on any dangerous weather or potential crowd related issues. In the event of a weather emergency- we will communicate with guests that are inside of the facility as well as guests on their way to the venue.

Employment Opportunities The venue begins hiring for each season in early March. If you are interested in working for the venue please visit: All guests using this gate must be VIP clients and have the appropriate ticket. We cannot guarantee that any package or letter will be given to an artist. We are not responsible for returning anything that is sent to the venue for an artist. Gate Times Parking lots will generally open 2 hours prior to our scheduled gate time. Gate times vary, but are usually 90 minutes prior to show time.

Please check the specific event page as these dates are subject to change. Please do not attempt to enter the venue any earlier than the designated times as you will be turned around and told to return when the parking lots open. Group Ticket Sales The Gorge does not offer group ticket sales. If you have a large party that will be attending the show the only option would be to contact our Premium Seating Department at Premium Seating sells all VIP boxes, suites, and clubs at the venue that can accommodate larger parties than the standard ticket limit.

Guest Conduct Guests are expected to behave respectfully and in accordance with venue policy, state and local laws. Any guest that is acting in a manner that venue management deems unsafe can be subject to eviction. If a guest violates a state or local law they will be subject to any tickets or punishment deemed necessary by local law enforcement. Guests with Disabilities The Gorge strives to ensure that all of our guests have a great time at our venue. If you need additional assistance while you are here please make sure you let us know.

Dave Mathews at The Gorge - The Gorge Amphitheatre

You do not need to call the box office to place an order as all of our accessible tickets are available through www. Look for the logo on the Find Tickets page to view all available accessible seats. We do have accessible seating in every price range, but be advised it does occasionally sell out. We have very limited seating available for guests on the day of the event so please make sure you purchase accessible seating when you order tickets.

Let the parking staff know that you need accessible parking and they will direct you to this lot. You do not need to have an accessible placard in order to park in this lot, but please be advised that parking is limited.

If you do not absolutely need accessible parking- please park in the general lots. Accessible Stations- if you have questions or need assistance we have a table staffed with customer service employees to help answer questions related to seating or other accommodations. These stations are located at the main entrance and in the Guest Service booth to the right of the main stage.

Unexpected Needs- if you have had an injury or illness that prevents you from using the original seat you purchased we strongly recommend going through www. We will have a very limited number of seats available on the day of the show for such issues, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to seat you.

Please remember that accessible seating permits for the guest with the accessible need and one companion. Interpreter Requests- if you will need an interpreter for an event please give us at least 2 weeks notice to secure.

Guests that request an interpreter will need to pick up their tickets at will call. When the tickets are picked up we will introduce you to your interpreter for the evening and take you to your seats.

There is no charge for interpreter services.