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little britain bitty meet the parents imdb

Dafydd comes out to his parents, but his mother's reaction is not quite what he " Bitty" in a restaurant, Bubbles De Vere singes herself while evading capture, Andy sees off Lou's new girlfriend, Sebastian meets his match in Marvin the US. "Bitty" in a restaurant, Bubbles De Vere singes herself while evading capture, Andy sees off Lou's new girlfriend, Sebastian meets his match in Marvin the US Parents Guide: The comment that the little old lady makes about Dafydd - that he needs "a Narrator: And so we conclude our journey around Little Britain. Two attractive young lesbians, Maggie and Kim, meet in Vancouver, develop a . herself after she hooks up with the radical feminists in The Itty Bitty Titty Committee. . Her activities are an escape from a home where her parents always fight, .. In s small town Britain, a doctor develops a relationship with her young.

Do the executives think that just because the show is British that it means it's high quality?

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The saving grace in my made is that the American critics have panned the show and audience figures were low in the states. It does show that America does have taste and in recent years have overtaken Britain in quality in a number of areas in entertainment.

little britain bitty meet the parents imdb

Top-quality British shows are becoming less and less frequent. Was this review helpful?

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Sign in to vote. Even worse than the original, which really is saying something!

little britain bitty meet the parents imdb

HuntingP 20 October Little Britain: Take a dozen jokes, about a third of which are actually funny, make each joke into a sketch. Repeat the exact same joke in each episode, but with a minor variation. Instead of Lou and Andy spouting their catchphrases in their living room, they're now doing it in a supermarket!!!!!! Do this so much that even the sketches that were slightly amusing soon become tired and repetitive to anyone whose idea of comedy isn't just endless catchphrases.

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Repeat steps above, but this time set everything in the States because an American audience won't understand it otherwise. Chuck out any jokes that aren't about penises.

little britain bitty meet the parents imdb

Add an irritating canned laughter track. Put a few more penis jokes in for good measure. They're just soooo witty.

little britain bitty meet the parents imdb

Don't mind that "Mr Monk and the Game Show" has to be one of the episodes with the highest number of goofs in 'Monk', less than forgiving is that a few of them are sloppy lapses in facts, especially with the whole mechanics of the murder and, especially with the whole business with the buzzer, anybody who has watched at least one episode of any game show will see how little the writers seem to know about how game shows work.

However, despite these problems there are a lot of good things.

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One of the best things about 'Monk' has always been the acting of Tony Shalhoub in the title role. It was essential for him to work and be the glue of the show, and Shalhoub not only is that but also at his very best he IS the show. Have always loved the balance of the humour, which is often hilarious, and pathos, which is sincere and touching. It is remarkable here that right from the first episode to when the show ended that one likes him straight away, even with his quirks and deficiencies that could easily have been overplayed, and also that he is better developed than most titular characters of other shows at this particular stage.

Who can't help love Monk's brilliant mind too? One does miss Sharona, Disher and Stottlemeyer, with only Sharona's absence being explained, but the supporting cast is memorable.

Little Britain

Rosemary Forsyth is warm and charming, especially in her pep up speech and John Michael Higgins impresses in an atypical role as a smug, confident perhaps even arrogant and pretty and appropriately odious character.

Best of all is Bob Gunton, who matches Forsyth in warmth and charm but also brings affecting sincerity which helps make his scenes with Shalhoub both entertaining and especially poignant. It's not just the cast or story though.

little britain bitty meet the parents imdb

Another star is the writing, which is also essential to whether the show would be successful or not and succeed it does here. The mix of hilarious wry humour, lovable quirkiness and tender easy-to-relate-to drama is delicately done.