Meet and greet metallica 2014 argentina

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meet and greet metallica 2014 argentina

Find the perfect metallica band stock photo. James Hetfield of Metallica performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury June with an in-store signing and fan meet and greet at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, California, the band's . Almafuerte metal band from Argentina, playing in an international bike event. Texting · NextRadio WZOR · Rock USA Meet and Greet Photos . instructions to cancel the third day of Lollapalooza Argentina. Гледай всички видеа в плейлиста MetallicA. Metallica ⚡⚡ Moth Into Flame / превод / Metontour - Antwerp Belgium .. Metallica ⚡ ⚡ One // Metontour Buenos Aires Argentina . Metallica - Metal Militia / Metontour - Los Angeles Ca - .. Metallica - Meet And Greet - Melbourne [september 16, ].

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meet and greet metallica 2014 argentina

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meet and greet metallica 2014 argentina

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I especially notice that with Lars, when he looks at me he sees the hunger and he sees the 'wow' in me with things that they sometimes take for granted. Cliff knew all the theory - whatever sound he wanted to make from his bass he could, which is a rare thing, he was very advanced and he helped teach James a lotta that stuff.

I'm just one solid thing that locks into what's being played. I really try lo take it in my stride. I don't allow myself to get weirded out by the coolness and the hugeness and the weirdness of it all. James is gain' more and more into the weird-ass heavy sideways shit, whilst my stuff is a lot more direct and fast.

I either do real real mellow stuff or as-fast-as-shit stuff. When I can remember a riff days later, then I consider it maybe something I could show to these guys.

meet and greet metallica 2014 argentina

The first show kicked the shit out of the previous nine months. We watch them and they watch us, it's like a family thing, and I think Metallic a fans are way more apt to appreciate sideways stuff like FNM than any other fan base.

I'm seeing lots and lots of fans being won over show by show. I think they get it. Metallica fans get sold short a lot of the time. He never seems to tire, is a constant fusion of energy and opinions and there isn't even a grey hair in his head yet. Time is of no object when there's something to be done, and subsequently we meet up at It's such a different thing to writing songs in rehearsal, playing them for a couple of weeks and then going m to record them.

I think it would give us a completely different and new perspective. I think we were as successful in doing that as you could be in four weeks in a rehearsal room. When you know them really well and have played them a bunch of times it's much better than just writing a song and going m to record it the next day. That creates a much more confident and much looser feel. I think that's very dangerous because you have different relationships with certain songs, and some work live and others don't" he cites 'Eye Of The Beholder' as a song that worked well on record but not live "and you can learn a lot from that.

Apocalyptica | Official homepage

That's the bottom-line with Metallica, you can't sit down and lay plans, you can't sit down and plan the future If we go out next time and it feels right under the circumstances at that time to play three-and-a-half hours or one-and-a-half hours, we gotta do what feels right for us. We can't worry about where we've been before or what people expect from us. That's not interesting for us or the fans.

With Danzig, Queensryche, the Cult and Faith No More, I think you have four bands that aren't generic, that have their own strong identities.

Metallica: Fade to Black (MetOnTour - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2010)

Faith No More probably more so than the others, because they're home town people and we've known most of them for years. The footage may be used, it may not This is not your typical 10 camera high-glitzy production video! If you're afraid to go back on your word you'll never progress. A slightly nervous talker, Bordin and I sit in a Mexican restaurant and review the whole deal from Faith No More's angle.

Metallica are the best, they've been the best for a long time - and the fact that they go out and play for two hours-plus every night proves that fact.

meet and greet metallica 2014 argentina

It was great of course, getting up in front of huge crowds with real stages, real sound, real lights. Their fans are rabid, just as I'm a rabid Metallica fan. So we had to go up there every night and kick ass as hard as we could in our own way, we couldn't let our guard down or puss out in any fashion.

I think we all learnt to look the audience in the eye far more, which is something Metallica are superb at. I'll tell you something, from the day Jim joined this band things have been getting better and better. There have been detours, some things that had to be taken care of, but the songwriting, the interaction, the live playing has got better.

Rage Against The Machine Re-issuing All Their Albums on Vinyl

And after a tour of this magnitude the band has got to get better still, "What this tour has done is give us the confidence in our ability to deliver, as opposed to feeling pressure of any kind I don't care where it is, I feel per cent confident to deliver.

I have absolutely no doubt that this band could take the stage anywhere and achieve FULL erection That's what it's all about. Whether they're feeling great or average, fully veined! I don't feel that we have to prove we're good, I think the band can now speak for itself.

Give us the opportunity and we'll kick people in the face. Metallica will have just about completed their South American gigs as you read this and will be crawling back to their homes for some rest. Theirs was a history-making 18 month tour where they stood out as the real thing.