Meet the adeboye family matters


meet the adeboye family matters

Prayer for Family with guiding scripture bible verses. into the right places as you seek to release God's anointing into all your affairs. .. And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. ambiguous situation as the state meddles in religious matters, for example, O. Akindayomi to the effect that He would meet the needs if [sic, of]. the church Fajemironku who first invited and encouraged the Adeboye family to join RCCG. PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE went to state house to meet the people of Benue, pray for The politicians have done their own but it's now time for family matters.

That was back then. I am still kind of in shock because I have this kind of images of what we saw back then. With that and we came to see this wonderful reception, I am left with the impression that these are different people and a different nation. I see much more elegance especially in Lagos.

When you go to the UK, the biggest churches there are pastored by Nigerians. The spirit of excellence is quite stunning and I am discovering more and more about Nigerian churches everywhere I go.

When we had the pastors conference in June this year, there were pastors from Nigeria and, to my shock, they were telling me they had opened churches in Dallas, Texas, New York, Miami and all over America. They are springing up everywhere. The first time I came it was very tough but, this time, I am blown away by the class, the excellence and the prosperity I see here.

You are a blessed people.

meet the adeboye family matters

I tell you what the Lord is saying. More than half the crowd were young people and, when the power of God hit them, it was like thunderbolt. They were so receptive and just like here in Warri where young people are very dynamic and hungry for the Word of God. I can say here that the Nigerian young people really want the Holy Spirit.

You know that in many places, the Holy Spirit has become unknown, and in some places, sadly, unwanted but not here in Nigeria. Here, they just hit it up. Last night meeting, I thought my skin was going to blow off. The first night, with about 6, pastors, when Sinach began to sing, I began to weep and when a young man called Martin began to sing about the Holy Spirit, I began to weep again.

Dynamic anointing and I am thinking, where did this anointing come from? So, what I think, prophetically, this new generation will soon shake the world.

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Amen May your anointing be with all people who will make use of your word and these prayer points. Our prayer point in this moment is to ask the Lord to go with our family. We want to pray that his presence would go with them wherever they are. We want to speak a covering over each one of them.

Name them, if you will. Father place a covering over my brothers, my sisters, my cousins, my parents and all in our sphere of influence. Raise us to be a people of prayer.

Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye Message_ MARRIAGE

Father I dedicate my family to you. From this day on, we dissociate from all affiliations with anything that is contrary to your will. We break all evil affiliations from previous generations, we break altars erected to other gods in past generations from my maternal and from my paternal side. This is your family Lord! By the blood of Jesus, we break any covenants made in our bloodline, with any God but you.

Father we stand against generational curses! We call our families blessed, in the mighty name of Jesus! Prayer for Vision in my family Proverbs The biggest threat for any family today is a lack of vision.

The scripture above shows that where this is the case, the people perish. This is the reason more and more families are seen to be perishing today. God forbid that this would be the case for your family. Father we pray that you would release vision into our fathers, into our mothers and into the rest of the family.

Pour vision into them for such a time of this. We come against all forms of stagnancy.

meet the adeboye family matters

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, Every new generations requires to be directed by those that have come before them. Even Jesus sat at the feet of Joseph, to learn carpentry. A crisis of leadership is another issue that our families are facing today.

meet the adeboye family matters

Without family prayer, we have no chance. We want to pray for the Lord to raise new leaders within our families. May he raise sleeping giants who have been dosing off on their job, men and women who have not stepped up into leadership roles.

Wherever there is a void Lord, raise a man or woman to fill it. Father we pray that there may never be times where there are no leaders in our families. Satisfy them with long lives, that they may pass wisdom to the younger ones. Use them to raise and equip new generations of leaders to come behind them. Where there is unity, God commands a blessing!

It is such a simple principle. Family members are pitting and plotting against one another. Our prayer point for the family in this regard is that, God would bless us with unity.

Father we come up against every deep seeded root of bitterness in our hearts. Teach us to forgive and to forget as you have done for us. Lord we ask that you would help us to let go of all hurt and offence that has been inflicted on us by family members.

Help us to release the grudges and hatred that have been passed down from previous generations. As you have given us a clean slate by the blood of Christ, give us the grace to extend that same love to others. Renew love that has been lost among us. We cast away all forms of pride and arrogance that may stand in the way of peace and unity.


Bless us, dear Lord! Call back those that have long been estranged from us. Prayer for Health in my family Exodus Above all else, we desire that our families would be blessed with good health. God forbid that we would perish. Our prayer point for the family today, is that of divine health.

meet the adeboye family matters

Dear Lord we ask that you would bless us with divine health. Where our spirits have become weary, revive us oh Lord! Prayer for the Children in my family Matthew We are to train them into the way that they are to go. Our prayer for the family in this regard is that the Lord would equip all parents, even now as we pray, to raise children the way that you would want them raised, oh Lord.

We come against all forms of earthly wisdom, wisdom that is sensual and demonic. Give parents divine wisdom to raise their children your way, oh Lord!

Father we pray for the childrenwe come against any hindrance, anything that would stand in the way of them coming to you!

I am amazed by what Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, others are doing – Benny Hinn

Father we pray that you would preserve our children, preserve their faith, maintain their purity in an impure world. We come against all snares of the enemy set to trap them. Surround them with good leadership and counsel. Amen Lord would equip all parents, even now as we pray, to raise children the way that you would want them raised, oh Lord.

Amen Prayer for my Parents: Family Prayer Proverbs Parents are the bedrock of any family. There is no clear game plan for parents to follow when raising our children. As you already know there are many methods and paths that we will take while trying to get to the same destination.

Unfortunately, a lot will fail to get there. We see this in our prisons, in our day to day interactions with children from all walks of life.