Meet the adesinas

meet the adesinas

The Family is back! Please give a warm welcome to the Adesina family from east London Visit for more details, and tune in to. So I got myself ready to meet the Adesinas, armed with some popcorn I felt the Adesinas did not and could not represent Nigeria, with her rich. The Family is a British fly-on-the-wall documentary series that aired from 17 September to . Series 3 followed the lives of the Adesinas, a Nigerian British family consisting of parents Sunday and Vicky, and their four British children - Ayo.

I get to meet them at their home in Hackney, London, where Sunday and Vicky are clear that they weren't interested in getting mixed up in a TV documentary.

They hardly watch any television, insists Sunday although he is watching the news as I arrive, and the sitting room is dominated by two outsize sets. It was all the children's doing. I get the impression the couple didn't take the idea seriously until the producers came to visit, and then they seem to have been flattered by the idea that, out of all the families approached, it was the Adesinas the producers wanted.

The production company was on the trawl for a family that was "different" from the white, middle-class Hugheses of the Bafta-nominated series one, and the Anglo-Indian Grewals of series two.

And we want characters, too — people viewers will be interested in and identify with and care about. And their narrative is fascinating, worthy of a plotline in a Zadie Smith novel. Sunday and Vicky, who still converse with each other in Yoruba, met in their native Nigeria, moved to the UK in the late s and married in Their four children were born here and grew up in the East End, helping out in the family takeaway that's now a profitable business Sunday and Vicky earn enough to send Ola to a Surrey boarding school and leading lives that are wholly western, but with Africa never quite out of the frame.

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It's Hackney meets downtown Lagos — you can see why Lambert couldn't wait to get his cameras in place. For their part, Sunday and Vicky are sanguine; this, in fact, is a big part of their appeal, both on and off camera.

Plenty of cutaways, for example, show Ayo puffing away on cigarettes on the doorstep — but until they saw the shots Sunday and Vicky, apparently, didn't even know he smoked. Similarly, when the couple head off to Nigeria for a friend's funeral, they have barely closed the taxi door when Ayo and Olu are bounding into the house shouting "Party time!

She defines her responsibilities as "peacekeeper, general dogsbody and keeper of all knowledge of where people have to be and where their belongings are".

Jessica is a stay-at-home mumbut a regular visitor to the Hughes household and describes the family as "loving, loud and food obsessed". Jessica and Pat get married at the end of the first series.

Emily Hughes 19 is the second daughter of Simon and Jane and sees herself as the headstrong, rebellious, trouble-making party animal of the clan. She works as a shop assistant.

meet the adesinas

Charlotte Hughes 17 is still at school and was once the district shot-put champion for the under 14 girls. Tom Hughes 14 is the baby of the family. He's a typical teenager whose hobbies are BMX'ing, skateboarding and reading comic books.

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He says his biggest role model is Batman. The Hughes also have a black cat called Ziggy, who is frequently seen in the series.

meet the adesinas

During filming he went missing for a few days, but later returned safe and well. The Grewals[ edit ] Series 2 followed the lives of the Grewals, a British Indian family consisting of parents Arvinderjeet and Sarbjit, and their three children - Mandeep 33Gurdip 32and Tejind 23 along with Mandeep and Gurdip's spouses - Gursharonjit 24 and Jitender 36respectively, who live in west London.

The format differed slightly from the first series in that micro-interviews with family members were interspersed periodically throughout the programme, commenting about the issue in the episode.

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Arvinderjeet Grewal 54 is the father of the household and is married to Sarbjit. Sarbjit Grewal aka Polly 55 is the mother of the household and is married to Arvinderjeet. Gursharonjit Grewal aka Shay 24 is married to Sunny and is Arvinderjeet and Sarbjit's daughter-in-law. Gurdip aka Kaki 32 is the middle child and daughter of Arvinderjeet and Sarbjit.

She is married to Jeet and gave birth to her and Jeet's second child during the Series 2. Jitender aka Jeet 36 is married to Kaki and is Arvinderjeet and Sarbjit's son-in-law. Tejind Grewal aka Tindy 23 is the youngest son of Arvinderjeet and Sarbjit.