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meet the applejack team fortress two

My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2 crossover fanfiction archive with over 61 stories. 8 - Follows: 4 - Published: Apr 10, - Applejack, Engineer, Spy - Complete There, they meet a member of the Story Crew and are taken into the fight. Applejack: Patient Dash, you've must need calm down. Tails will . Pyro has found his team and he want to meet Pinkie Pie for RED team. Смотреть Meet The AppleJack [Team Fortress] Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, MP4 p, MP4 p. Team Fortress 2 Meet the Scout.

And turning back is no longer an option. He then set them on the floor in a line in front of the eight ponies and one dragon. One of the 'cards' began to project what he called a hologram, which depicted a lean young man.

Early on in life, he learned how to solve problems with his fists, as did his brothers. Unfortunately, fights tended to end thanks to them before he could land so much as a hit, so he trained himself to run.

Eventually, he became so fast he can even do the double jump, in which he can jump once mid-air before having to land.

He may look like a cheerful guy, but he's just as much a killer as everyone else. His arsenal consists of a 'scattergun', a pistol, and a baseball bat. That doesn't make any sense, silly.

He looked a bit like Tasic, but his body was more muscular, and his jaw looked different too. So he made his own way to where it took place, taught himself how do use a variety of weapons, and embarked on a one-man rampage against his nation's enemies. He did not stop until four years after the war ended.

He's also very dim-witted and is far more concerned with killing than any sort of tactics. His arsenal consists of a rocket launcher, a shotgun, and a shovel. Only two things are known for certain about this guy: Fearsome, inscrutable, a maniac, and—for all anyone knows—may actually be a female or something else entirely.

His arsenal consists of a flamethrower which can—other than set enemies on fire—also shoot blasts of air, a shotgun, and an axe. A fierce temper, a fascination with explosives, and a terrible plan to kill the Loch Ness Monster—a fictional creature in this world—cost him his first set of adoptive parents at a young age.

In the orphanage he then ended up in, his bomb-making skills improved dramatically, but his disposition didn't and he also lost an eye. Word of his skill spread and it wasn't long before two visitors came to the orphanage; his real parents, who lovingly explained that all 'Demomen' were abandoned at birth until their skills manifest themselves, a long-standing, cruel, and wholly unnecessary tradition among the Highland Demolition Men.

His arsenal consists of a grenade launcher, a 'stickybomb' launcher, and a glass bottle of liquor. They proceeded to the next 'card', which showed a large man holding a large gun. Like a bear, he appears to be a gentle giant. Also like a bear, to confuse his deliberate, sleepy demeanor with gentleness will get you torn apart.

meet the applejack team fortress two

While he speaks simply and moves slow, he isn't dumb and he's isn't friendly. His arsenal consists of a minigun he calls Sasha and gets angry if anyone touches 'her'a shotgun, and his own fists.

Amiable, soft-spoken, loves barbecues, guns, and higher education. His natural curiosity, ten years as a 'roughneck' in the oilfields, and eleven hard science PhDs have trained him to design, build and repair a variety of deadly contraptions. His arsenal consists of a shotgun, a pistol, and a wrench for building and destroying. He can build a Sentry Gun, which attacks with a minigun and rocket launcher, a dispenser, which provides ammo, health, and resources for his team, and a teleporter, a pair of two buildings that do just that.

While he may be the team's healer, he is far from nice, and lacks compassion for the sick, respect for human dignity, and any sort of verifiable formal training in medicine. His arsenal consists of a gun that shoots syringes, a "Medi Gun" whose healing effect is actually secondary, and a saw that can cut through bone. The next 'card' showed an affable man with yellow shades and a brimmed hat. In his former life as a tracker of dangerous game in the unforgiving outback of his homeland, he would spend months by himself.

Prolonged isolation taught him that he doesn't have to rely on others if he never misses. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet. His arsenal consists of a sniper rifle, a submachinegun, and a forward-curved chopping blade.

He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue. A globetrotting rogue, lady killer, and mankiller. His arsenal consists of a revolver pretty much like a pistolan "Electro Sapper" for disabling an Engineer's machines, a knife for backstabbing with, a watch that can render the wearer invisible, and a "disguise kit" for impersonation.

meet the applejack team fortress two

This earned her some stares from the others, including Tasic. That suit has to cost a fortune compared to what his teammates are wearing.

The Scout's was a human's shoe with wings on its heels, the Soldier's a rocket, the Pyro's a flame, the Demoman's a bomb, the Heavy's a fist, the Engineer's a wrench, the Medic's a cross, the Sniper's a reticule, and the Spy's a knife. Simply take a card and you will assume that 'class'.

I'll provide a week's practice so we can remove those issues you have against killing.

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I shall tell you more once you have made your choices. There was a minute of discussion amongst the nine; it was strange having to converse with Derpy, who usually isn't one one would expect to be able to have a coherent debate with. Suddenly, while everyone was conversing, Pinkie Pie trotted over to the Pyro 'card', put a hoof on it, and dragged it towards herself.

There were worried looks coming from everyone else and she noticed. However, when Pinkie pulled the 'card', she removed it from Spike's grasp with ease. She then let go of it. Now what's going on? However, it seemed to be stuck to the floor and, try as she might, she couldn't remove it. Twilight tried to take it using magic, but even when the 'card' glowed in her magic aura, she couldn't move it either.

Pinkie then decided to pick up the 'card' with her mouth…and did so with ease. Just then, there was a familiar squeak.

Eight heads turned to see that Fluttershy had picked up a 'card' and that it had already changed color; yellow. Quickly, Chronicle went over to see what she picked. He then sighed in relief upon seeing that it was the Medic 'card'. Why are you okay with that? They're hired mercenaries who kill for a living and enjoy doing it.

We represent the peaceful world of Equestria where friendship is magic. After a few minutes have passed, a couple more decisions have been made. Rarity selected the Spy not only because she admired the fashion choice, but—even if it's a difficult task—she's less likely to get dirty. Twilight Sparkle decided to go for Sniper as she felt close combat wasn't her forte. Rainbow chose the Scout simply because. Spike decided to go for Demoman, seeing it as the next best choice for reasons he refuses to tell.

Applejack went for the Engineer, claiming that her experience with farm equipment would give her an advantage. That left Derpy and Chronicle to choose between the Soldier and the Heavy. Besides, I know I'm not that good a thinker, and that—" Chronicle put a hoof to her mouth.

None of that matters now.

meet the applejack team fortress two

What matters is that we have to work together as a team if we are to make it back to Equestria. And that means even if we aren't on bad terms, we should get to know each other better, okay?

Meet The AppleJack [Team Fortress]

Which class do you wish to choose? Eventually, she made her choice; the picked up the Soldier 'card' and it turned grey a few seconds later. Personally, I would've chosen something with speed, but I can't be picky. Looks like I'll have to make do with this, not that I'm slow. Just then, Tasic returned and noticed that all the 'cards' have been picked up and selected. RED's about to come here soon. Eventually, they made it to a door leading to the outside.

However, as they reached it, they realized it was locked.

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Tasic then took out a handheld contraption and then pushed a button on it. All of a sudden, what they could only describe to be a portal appeared in front of them. One by one, everyone followed and on the other side they saw that they ended up in what seemed to be a warehouse that was less-than-adequately lit, had loads of boxes and barrels at the sides, three metal doors like the one back where they met, a wooden booth, a mine cart with a blue object of some kind called a Payload cartspeakers on some of the pillars, and a couple other stuff.

Near the wooden booth was a chain-link fence, and behind it were lots of other stuff, especially a doorway that had its steel door mostly down so that one would have to crouch to get across. However, access there was barred by the fence, and it seemed to reach too high to the ceiling for even Spike to attempt to climb and crawl over.

This earned her a few looks from the rest. Suddenly, the 'cards' then attached to their 'owners' and manifested straps that circled their bodies. However, not everything is all roses and rainbows.

T - English - Suspense - Chapters: Will consist of a series of related shorts leading up to something bigger. All credit goes to DrWolf and those involved in the project Rated: King Sombra has returned and has captured the Crystal Empire and enslaves all of the ponies there.

Now he's coming for the rest of Equestria. However after nine humans enter the world of Equestria, they vow to stop King Sombra and save Equestria from his wrath Rated: Will he save her, or will the normally logical defensive fighter fail to save a second daughter? You get Pony vs Machine. You also get shipping, shenanigans, and general silliness.

[SFM] Meet the Applejack v2 | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | Know Your Meme

All credit for the story goes to DrWolf and those involved in the project. This was his chance to pay back the one person who truly changed his life. Red Mann didn't give him this assignment, Red Sniper made this one himself.

The others will not help him on this, the skilled assassin decided this was a job he can only do himself. No other shall get involved, her life was his to save This is the gist: Friendship is Magic" are transported into the TF2 universe.

T - English - Chapters: Luna is sure they won't win this time. Celestia has a plan. She's hired nine mercenary creatures called humans to fight for them. They have a good reputation. But maybe, they're a bit crazy.